Past Des Moines Event: VOL 12

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A Night of Gluttony

@ VOL 12 ON DEC 13, 2012

Consultant Alan Feirer shares one of his favorite personal traditions, the annual night of gluttony, a night of eating and drinking he embarks on every year with one of his closest friends. Over the course of the night, the pair both eat and drink more than an entire day’s worth of calories, in a tradition which Alan uses to stay in touch with his carefree, irreverent side.

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Pancake Love

@ VOL 12 ON DEC 13, 2012

One of the co-owners of Saturday Manufacturing, Brian Sauer, explains the roots and logic behind his company’s fascination with pancakes. He explains exactly what a pancake is, where the recipe originated, how it evolved, and the art of making a proper American pancake.

"Presentation of the Day" on March 5, 2013.

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Nights with the STARs

@ VOL 12 ON DEC 13, 2012

Jessica Dunker, president and CEO of the Iowa Restaurant Association, recounts her “Nights with the STARs,” a series of events in which she works with refugee children. The children are international refugees who cannot be repatriated, and the charity works to acclimate the refugees to American society, and on Wednesday nights volunteers come out to socialize and play with the refugees in an attempt to help them bond and truly become a part of the society.

Brian Sauer
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Alan Feirer
Trainer, Consultant, Group Dynamic in Des Moines
Jessica Dunker
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Rachel McClung
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