Located in Italy's northern Lombardy region, the global capital of fashion and design, Milan is under the spotlight of this week's City Focus! Known for its' rich culture and high-end fashion scene, Milan is bound to reawaken the artist within at PechaKucha Night Vol. 15! Check out what Milan has in store at the lovely Talent Garden Calabiana Milano on May 25th! See you there!

 Tanja Schell shows how powerful one of our most ignored senses is. We live in a world of scents. And we are influenced by them 24/7. All those scents influence our mood and our wellbeing, all of them. Even those we are not aware of. Scent is a hidden but powerful dimension which adds a strong sense of place to the urban space, it makes cities more attractive and more safe. After ages of reducing and controlling odour emissions in the city, time has come to develop a positive policy to use this invisible power.

As a passionate traveller, reader and haiku writer – Pavel Janšta shares his amazing journey from Vodňany to Japan as he created deep connections with the people he met along the way. As a part of Pavel's exhibition, he created Japan's infamous paper cranes with complete strangers in hopes of spreading the message of peace from one part of the world to the other.

Our PechaKucha People spotlight this week lands on one of the many unsung heroes of PechaKucha, the man behind PKN Aalen's always legendary posters - graphic designer Klaus Schlichter! We salute you Klaus and all the artists who've dedicated their creativity to one of our most favorite aspects of PechaKucha - The Posters!!!"

Kyoto-based researcher, and Syrian national, Rodi Alkader, has been drawing his thoughts on paper for years, but as the crisis unfolded, his drawings became a profound way for him to deal with his emotions. 

A software developer and organizer for PechaKucha Night AshevilleJay Hill gave this brief history of the Voynich Manuscript in "The Most Mysterious Book in the World" at PechaKucha Night Asheville Vol 8: "The Art of Science."

"Every now and then, something extraordinary occurs." 

In Moonhouse from PechaKucha Night Stockholm Vol. 50, Johan Molin shares an inspiring project by Swedish artist Mikael Genberg aimed at building a tiny red house on the surface of the moon. The project is more that is seems at first glance, tackling ideas about how we can fulfill our dreams and goals. If we are willing to strive for something, we can do anything, even if that anything is beyond our most truly wild imaginations. We just need to stop asking if our dreams are possible and start asking how to make our dreams possible.


Liz Williams discusses the importance of traveling and the empowerment and unique experiences that happen when you travel alone. 

In this week's City FocusBlue Mountains is celebrating their 20th volume at PechaKucha Night Blue Mountains Vol. 20! With their mesmerizing scenery and picturesque location at the ever-charming Carrington Hotel, the wonderful folks of Blue Mountains are awaiting your presence at PechaKucha Night Blue Mountains Vol. 20!

This week's stellar City Focus highlights the stunningly beautiful Kalispell located in the arid mountains of Montana! Having celebrated their very first PechaKucha Night, we'd like to applaud their motivational presentations which showcase their valiant efforts in protecting the enchanting landscapes of Kalispell! Keep up the amazing work and we all look forward to seeing you all at Volume 2!