"Anybody who has a story to share about Nepal can make a presentation, record it, send it to us, and we can put it on our PechaKucha Inspire Channel."

At PechaKucha Tokyo's Vol. 126, co-founders Mark Dytham and Astrid Klein re-launch their disaster response initiative, "PechaKucha Inspire", this time for the heavily earthquake-hit Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. 

Building on their experiences with the ongoing PechaKucha Inspire JAPAN effort, where an ever-growing collection of Japan inspiring presentations made at PKN around the world, are being added to, shared, and viewed nearly 100,000 times through the PechaKucha website, PechaKucha Inspire NEPAL will be more nimble, allowing anyone to make a presentation and send it directly to us to upload on the Inspire NEPAL Channel.

PechaKucha's simple and accessible format combinined with a tried and tested worldwide network of creativity proves again how we can rally together to truly make a difference in the world. Be inspired by compelling presentation to share YOUR story and inturn inspire Nepal back to it's beautiful self! 

To share your story, send us a mail at

Thank you!

PechaKucha recently launched Inspire Nepal initiative, a project that aims to weild the creativity of the PKN community to inspire disatser-hit Nepal back to its majestic self. PechaKucha is encouraging people to share their stories about and love for Nepal in the 20x20 fomat either at their local PechaKucha Nights or in more nimble "table-talk" gatherings that can take place around a kitchen table or meeting room. This way there is nothing holding back people sharing and inspiring Nepal. 

"This the what Nepal taght me and inspired in me, and I want to share this story and inspire other people to share their stories about Nepal."

Brian Scott Petersons takes the lead direct from PechaKucha HQ in Tokyo offering what will hopefully be the first one many more "table talks. Here he shares the trip he made half way around the world to, in his words, "the mystifyingly scenic", country of Nepal. In a wonderlust quest for "adventure of most epic proportions", Peterson set off from age-old city Kathmandu, long-hauling across treacherous trail to the Himalayan kingdoms highest peaks, to the remote mountainous village of Langtang, a journey against all others after would be measured.  

Heartbroken to see the recent devastation and disastrous loss of the place that forever changed his life, he offers this emotional tale of his sojourn there, simply as a starting point.  

No stranger to disaster response, Peterson hopes to eventually repeat in Nepal his successful volunteer effort from Japan, the family photo rebuilding project Photohoku

Finally he asks, "How can the tried and true creativity in the greater PechaKucha community rally to share stories and support for Nepal?"

To share you story about Nepal, shoot us a mail at!

PechaKucha Inspire Nepal

After the events of the April 2015 Nepal earthquake, the worldwide PechaKucha community has come together to "Inspire Nepal". The road to recovery is a long one, and you can help inspire regrowth by sharing your story of Nepal here. Get in touch with us via

This week we turn some much needed attention to Nepal's capital, the historical city of Kathmandu for this week's City Focus. After being ravaged by the 7.8M Gorkha earthquake in April, which killed more than 8,800 people and injured more than 23,000, Kathmandu and the rest of the country is getting back on its feet. But our collective focus in needed. Check out our PechaKucha Inspire Nepal initiative to learn how to get involved and stay tuned for PKN presentations coming out of Kathmandu after they host their 13th Volume of PechaKucha Night later this week. 

"Our mission is to dispel this myth that Tokyo is this crazy expensive place." 

In The Best Things in Life are Cheap! from Tokyo Vol 125, tech entrepreneur Chris Kirkland shares how from humble beginnings, his website, Tokyo Cheapo, a travel and culture guide dedicated to life in Japan on a budget, has grown to a monthly readership over 150,000. From getting to and fro, to staying in rock-bottom-priced accommodation, even to finding love, Tokyo Cheapo covers it all on life in Tokyo on the cheap!


"The problem was they had already had failures previous to this, and they kept launching when they shouldn't have."

In The Space Shuttle Challenger - What Went Wrong?! from Sioux Falls Vol. 14, former Nasa technician John Kolander talks about the tragic Challenger disaster that occurred January 28th, 1986 and his perspective while working from the Launch Control Center at Vandenberg Air Force Base. In this stoic presentation, Kolander recollects that heavy moment, systematically breaking down in simple terms the chain of events that when wrong.

Revisit the tragedy that broke our hearts but not our spirits, and reflect on the those that gave their lives in our ongoing reach for the stars and beyond.


"Being the only Asian in the Math Rock crowd has it's perks; the bands recognize you."

In Musical Mathematics: DIY Musical Criticism from Bandar Seri Begawan, Vol. 3Jay Johar shares the story of his love for Math Rock, a genre of experimental rock with rhythmically complex time signatures. He explains how writing about Math Rock landed him a place on the music blog Musical Mathematics in Leeds, UK, a site where musicians submit their never-before-heard music for review and exposure. Upon returning to Brunei, Johar attempted to bring back this passion for writing, and the idea of creating something big, new, and special to Brunei's creative scene. 

Don't worry. You can put your calculator away.  

"I love tools."

In The Tool Librarian from Blue Mountains Vol. 11. Justin Morrissey proposes the idea of "Toolo," a lending library for tools and equipment that services the needs of various community interests.  The library hopes to have a small functional space where visiting members, who wouldn't use a particular tool frequently enough to warrant purchasing it, can not only borrow it from the tool library, but also receive assistance from experts on how to best use it. What a brilliant idea!

Time to get your library card!


It's no accident that the town of Accident, Maryland, population 325, takes the City Focus this week. Their recent PKN Vol. 3 produced some fascinating presentations, some of which are also featured this week as Presentations of the Day! Check out their archive and follow their lead on hosting an excellent PKN, no matter the size of your community!

We really have to hand it to St. Neots for the all the jubilation that went into their festive poster this week. Despite it only being their second instalment of PKN, they held back no creativity in proclaiming the PechaKucha spirit here! Well done, St. Neots! Check out our official PechaKucha Poster tumblr, full of imagination, maybe even enough to inspire you to make a poster for your city's PechaKucha Night!


Friends of PechaKucha

Friends of PechaKucha