PechaKucha will have a big presence at this year's London Design Festival (September 13-21), with multiple "Powered by PechaKucha" events, many of them hosted by PechaKucha co-founder Mark Dytham. On September 16, the TOTO London Showroom will hold an event event on "Toilet Architecture," with a lineup of presenters that so far includes Professor Barbara Penner (Senior Lecturer in Architectural History at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL), Alex Mowat (Founder and Creative Director at Urban Salon), Carolyn Trevor (co-founder of Trevor Lahiff Architects), Philippa Turrell (Editor of Kitchen and Bathroom News), and Floyd Case (Specification Manager TOTO UK). Visit the event page for more details.

The latest and greatest from PechaKucha Night Williamsburg can be found here in the form of a great write-up of the Historic Triangle's Vol. 9 event, just held on August 16. Organiser Dale Weiss was quoted within saying: 

The synergy between the audience and presenter makes for a much more enriching experience, he said, as well as ignites the spark of conversation and encourages guests to meet each other.

Presentations, speaker info, and photos can be found on the PKN Williamsburg Vol. 9 event page, and their Vol. 10 is scheduled for the 20th of September!

As we covered the other day, Brooklyn recently saw the launch of a new PechaKucha Night series, and here's Technically Brooklyn with some coverage of that first event.

PechaKucha started in Tokyo eleven years ago and has spread to 774 cities. Usually, there are more than 100 events each month. A new branch just opened up in Dumbo at the Galapagos Art Space last Thursday, though there has been a branch in Manhattan for a while. (This wasn’t quite Brooklyn’s first such event, but it was the first official event, with more to follow.)

The latest PechaKucha Night in San Antonio gets some coverage from Texas Public Radio.

“Talk about something you’re passionate about, and have it be lightning speed," she said. "No death by Powerpoint! What I love about it is how it introduces you to so many fascinating people that are living in your city."

Creativity and imagination create the possibility of science and technology; not the other way around.

Lezley Davidson speaks on the absolute necessity of the arts in our daily lives. In "The Roots of Innovation" from PKN Markham Vol. 3, she makes the argument that most science and mathematics would have never seen the light of day had inventive individuals not been creative thinkers to begin with. The roots of innovation therefore can be found in the creative arts. 

84 days on an airplane. Buying Ferraris after lunch. The life of one architect.

Mike PfefferAIA Chicago member and winner of the 2014 national AIA Young Architect Award, has spent almost three months in the air flying between Chicago and China in the past six years. In "Balance in the Life of an Architect" from a special 2014 AIA Convention edition of PKN Chicago, Mike talks about what this entails in his job as Managing Director of SOM in Chicago.

This week's "City Focus" travels to Atlanta, Georgia, where a look at the city page reveals a growing archive of fantastic presentations, assuring that the city's creative scene is properly celebrated. Atlanta's PechaKucha Night Vol. 23 is set for August 24.

Last week saw the debut of a new PechaKucha Night series in Brooklyn, and here's a photo of the organizing team, along with PKN Chicago organizer Peter Exley (second from left), who MCed the event -- his daughter, Emma Exley (far left), is the main PKN Brooklyn organizer, and the three to Peter's right are Anne Dudek, Eylül Wintermeyer, and Jared Hatch, who coincidentally are all alumni of PKN Chicago. Like father like daughter! We hope to see more photos and the presentations from the event online soon, so keep checking the official event page.

Change can be pretty scary. But you know what's even scarier? The words "I wish I had". 

Ben Rawson speaks about his experiences working under-appreciated for various companies until he decided to take a big leap and follow his passsion. In "Leaping into Freelance Photography" from PKN Nottingham Vol. 4, Ben shows us that he is now a freelance photographer, and here he tells us about the work he has done and what he hopes to do in the future.

You don't have to be in Montana fishing trout to go fly fishing!

Raymond Poff knows that there is more to fishing than just catching fish. It is also about the experiences, the gear, and the people you are with. In "Fly Fishing: More Than Fish" from PKN Bowling Green Vol. 4, Raymond speaks on tying flies, netting catches, and teaching members of the community how to catch a fish.