“We are nothing until we enact our destiny by doing something.”

Artist John Stephens is fascinated by nothing in particular, and in “Nothing Really Interests Me” from PKN Bedford Vol. 4 he tells us just what he means by that.

For the past few years John has been exploring spaces that have no particular significance to them, and photographing his results to great effect.

Just like we do on an almost monthly basis here at our Tokyo events, Barcelona has started the tradition of taking a big crowd shot at each of its PechaKucha Nights, and here's a look at the latest one, taken at November's Vol. 21.

This week again we highlight some event photos, this time for the recent PechaKucha Night Vol. 31 in Amsterdam, held at Trouw Amsterdam just before it closed its doors. You'll find more photos taken by Adam Nowek in this Facebook gallery.

For the City Focus this week we highlight a new series in Brunei, in the city of Bandar Seri Begawan. The first PechaKucha Night was held last month, and you'll find all of the presentations online.

“If you’re going to talk about life, it makes sense to reference death.”

Visual artist Krista Steinke speaks on her latest photography project based on a wooded region divided by a dirt road in rural upstate New York. In “Purgatory Road” from PKN Bryan Vol. 1 she speaks about the origins of her project’s name, and how the place itself has inspired a narrative that goes back several generations.

How can we rest and relax while enjoying Harajuku shopping?

Daniel Perujo, Ryosuke Minami, Adam Gries, and Samson Yee were given the daunting task of re-imagining one of Tokyo’s most fashionable districts: Takeshita Street.

In “Revolving Fashion” from a special Startup the Party Powered by PechaKucha event, the group describes the exhaustive experience that is shopping in Harajuku, and their innovative solution to shopping before dropping.

“In addition to the inspiration that comes from working around other people, I also started to work with other people — something very new for me.”

Simon Howe started out working behind the scenes in a film-based theater, but as technology caught up with him, he was forced to look to other avenues for work. In “Getting Out, Getting Animated” from PKN Melbourne Vol. 22, he speaks about his trials and triumphs, on working in a creative group, and his work animating.

We always love getting to see what PechaKucha Nights around the world look like, and so we're happy to see a few photos from Muscat's recent PechaKucha Night Vol. 6 -- visit the official event page to see a few more photos. From what organizer Sara Fida tells us, it was a fantastic evening, and even included a presenter who was aged 14!

“We came up with this when we were ice fishing — the idea was to pull artists up from below the surface.”

South Dakota natives Jeff Ballard, Mitch Torbert, and Hunter Murphy discuss their burgeoning zine project: The Local Artist. In “The Local Artist” from PKN Sioux Falls Vol. 11, they speak on their efforts to expose local artists to the public, and cultivate the growth of the creative industry in their home state.

As we shared here on the blog, Hong Kong recently played host to a special Swedish design edition PechaKucha Night at PMQ, and here's a Facebook gallery with photos from the event from the organizers, as well as another one with photos by Cheehaur Tan (the photo in this post is from that set). 



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