The Power of PechaKucha

We were quite pleased while watching the video for the "Sa" umbrella project on Kickstarter to hear the two creators mention (at about 2 minutes in) that they had both met at a PechaKucha Night in Tokyo! That's the power of PechaKucha, bringing people together. Also, make sure to watch Matthew Waldman's presentation from a couple of years ago -- in fact, we wouldn't be surprised if that was the event where the two designers met.

PechaKucha Barcelona co-organizer Mitch Micenmacher shared with us this great video report that aired on the local TV program Barcelona Televisió. The piece gives a taste of what the events in Barcelona are like.

“There are 800 million people who lack access to water, and 2.5 billion without a toilet.”

Shilpa Alva co-founded and directs Surge: an organisation focused on bringing safe water and sanitation to those in need. In “Providing Safe Water” from PKN Chicago Vol. 30 Shilpa speaks on the creation of Surge, the plight of those without clean water or plumbing, and how she and her colleagues are enacting positive change.

“At the moment our culture doesn’t really allow us to talk about sex.”

Katie Cowan wants us to talk more about sex. And in “I Want to Talk about Sex” from PKN Christchurch Vol. 20, she goes into depth on reasons how sex can be a great thing, and how open and frank discussions about sex can only help bridge the void between men, women, and their partners.

PechaKucha started in Tokyo, and considering our love of design, it's been important for us to take part in Tokyo Designers Week, with what ends up being our biggest events for the year in Tokyo. Don't miss this year's edition.

"Powered by PechaKucha" events are one-off events held separately from regular PechaKucha Night series, and we'd like to highlight the wonderful charity-minded presentations from the recent "BCCJ Community Hub" event in Tokyo.

The City Focus heads to one of our favorite cities, Chicago, to highlight yet more great presentations, most recently from the city's Vol. 30. A special "Chicago Artists Months" event is set for October 21.


“I’m not designing a package, I’m designing a conversation-starter.”

Concept Designer Takuya Kamibayashi takes us step-by-step through his design process.

In “Delicious Beans” from PKN Osaka Vol. 6, Takuya speaks specifically on the procedures behind rebranding a boring food product into something fun and visually delicious!

What is kendama?

Web Producer and Cultural Curator Shimpei Kimura introduces us to the oldest hot new trend: kendama.

In “What the Dama?” from PKN Tokyo Vol. 117, he shows us how this children’s ball-and-stick toy introduced to Japan in the 1800s is making a comeback in a big way, and how his design studio has re-imagined it for a fascinating exhibition.

The city of Pensacola in Florida is getting ready to host its very first PechaKucha Night, and here's the poster to prove it. The poster was produced as part of a project by the organizers to get a graphic design art class to create something for the event. You'll find details on the event -- which is set for November 8 -- on the official event page.


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