The PechaKucha Night series in Mexico City has been on a tear since its successful relaunch last year (following a rather long hiatus), and as you'll be able to see from the following pair of embedded videos (or watch them directly on Vimeo here and here), these events are turning out to be fantastic outings. 

The poster you see here is also part of the fantastic series that has been produced since the relaunch, with each edition being done by a different designer/illustrator.

How many of you can say you feel comfortable in the skin you're in?

Jo Rowley talks about her various series of sculptures and how it expresses themes of identity, conformity, joy and peeking behind the curtain in reference to society. In "Thin/Second/Onion/Fish" from PKN Honolulu Vol. 17 she delves in to alter egos, and how her second self has allowed her to traverse in and out of differing states of being.


"We want to 'whale-cast', we want to predict where they're we can manage human use of the ocean to minimize impact on endangered species."

Ben Best is an analyst for the Ocean Health Index, a research project housed at UCSB's downtown ecology center. For him, the ocean has long been a source of spiritual sustenance, vigorous play, wondrous discovery, and intellectual curiosity. In "Oceans of Data" from PKN Santa Barbara Vol. 10, he discusses using data to map out plans for marine conservation. 


Aliens, ghosts, vampires, zombies, assassins, never a dull moment in the world of comics.

Comic artist Durwin Talon has worked on several series and anthologies, including DC's "Batman," "Skinwalker," "Bonds," and "Beautiful Scars." In "Creating Worlds of Limitless Possibility" from PKN Richmond, BC Vol. 3, he discusses the creative process that goes into his art, and truly believes that with the power of a pencil, paper, and the ability to share your ideas, the world will be a much better place. 

For our "City Focus" this week, we head to Nishinomiya, Japan, a city that celebrates its 20th PechaKucha Night on April 18. For more details on the event, as well as a look at the full list of presenters, please visit the official event page.

Pizza and pie are like siblings separated at birth, caught up in an endless rivalry. 

Elliana Krandel and Hannah Altshuler know everything there is to know about pizza and pie. In "Pizza and Pie" from PKN Chicago Vol. 29, they share the endless varieties and technicalities of these foods, and what they have learned over their friendship of seven years. Pizza and pie are not just delicious foods but also a means of bringing people together. 

Genevieve Hume and her husband Kevin run a goldsmithing and jewelry business in Vancouver which has her working with artisanal and small scale miners. Mine collapses, mercury poisoning, child labor, and militia violence are among the threats to this industry, and in "Chipping Away at Mining Policy" from PKN Vancouver Vol. 28, Genevieve tells us how she and her husband started an organization to certify, support and train these laborers.

A dilemma that has plagued mankind for thousands of years is on the verge of a breakthrough:

Miho Ota speaks on a universal issue that experts the world over have been trying to resolve for years: a cure to hangovers. If you have ever experienced the painfulness of a hangover, then Miho has several solutions from friends and family that she has personally experimented with that could help in the future wild nights out. In "The Cure for Hangovers" from PKN Tokyo Vol. 112 discover the secrets within.

If dihedral doors, carbon-fiber chassis, and airbrakes rev your engine, this one is for you:

With the need for speed and style, no doubt you're in need of a Britsh sports car -- at least in Nick Groombridge's opinion you are. In "British Sports Cars: Why I Always Need Another One" from PKN Garrison Vol. 5, Nick showcases four British cars in his collection and talks about them individually; explaining how they are made and what makes them unique.

For our "City Focus" this week we go to Oslo, a city that hosts its PechaKucha Night Vol. 30 on April 10. For more info on the event, and for the full list of presenters and a look at the flyer, please visit the official event page.