“Methanogens once ruled the earth — until the great oxygen catastrophe.”

Former science teacher and practicing artist Justin Davies delves into the mythical “will-o’-the-wisp” atmospheric ghost lights seen at night over bogs and swamps. In “Fire from the Breathless Muck” from PKN Honolulu Vol. 22, Justin gives us a scientific history of methane, oxygen, and carbons.

"Some doors pique our interest, some are non-descript and forgettable, some are daunting, scary, and even impossible."

Joanna Kwan reminisces about the turning point in her childhood when she became aware of her power to open doors of her own choosing, and how, while battling her self-doubts with hard work, one such door led her to one of her biggest achievements yet. In "Opening Doors" from PKN Bandar Seri Begawan Vol. 2, Joanna shows us the power of her will. 

“The space of the Global Rainbow is inclusive…it is reflective and meditative.”

Artist Yvette Mattern speaks on “The Global Rainbow”, a large-scale ongoing public artwork. In “Rainbow Seen Round the World” from PKN Cleveland Vol. 23 Yvette tells us of the responses her work has elicited.

“I believe in using design as a lens to take things apart, and then put them back together.”

Prolific graphic designer Ian Lynam speaks about his new book on design and culture: Parting it Out (now on Kickstarter). At PKN Tokyo Vol. 122 he describes what he feels are the main motivating factors behind great design.

There are always a lot of great new PechaKucha Night posters to check out on our PKN Poster Tumblr, the latest of which comes to us from Chicago (view the full poster here), for this week's Vol. 33. Top o' the world!

It always makes us happy to see our series around the world get some great media coverage, and we'd like to highlight this New York Times piece, "The Creativity of Almost Anything," that takes a look at the PKN series in the Hamptons.

For this week's "City Focus" we head to Germany, where the city of Erfurt has a young series that is already building an impressive presentation archive. The city's next PechaKucha Night is set for June 26.

“Creating a sense of security and safety for this little bear was absolutely imperative.”

Mammal Curator for the Louisville Zoo Jane Anne Franklin tells the story of a little orphaned polar bear’s journey from Alaska to captivity. In “A Little Polar Bear’s Big Journey” from PKN Louisville Vol. 8, Jane tell us how she was thrust into the role of surrogate mother for this little polar bear, as well as how she’s struggled and triumphed in helping the bear grow.

Did you know? 75% of the world’s food comes from 12 plant and 5 animal species!

Trent McBride and Tao Romera Martinez introduce to us a service they’ve developed to expose people to real home-cooked cuisine. In “Tadaku” which happens to also be the name of their service, from PKN Tokyo Vol. 121, we hear not only about home-cooking, but also some fascinating facts about food from all over the world.

“Few months back, he had a really hard time, I saw him breakdown, and I realised everyone has ups and downs.”

Designer Pathum Egodawatta delves into the graphic designs that have inspired him. In “Friends, Strangers, and other Stories” from PKN Colombo Vol. 3 he goes through his design work and the inspiration behind them.


Friends of PechaKucha

Friends of PechaKucha