PechaKucha started in Tokyo, and considering our love of design, it's been important for us to take part in Tokyo Designers Week, with what ends up being our biggest events for the year in Tokyo. Don't miss this year's edition.

"Powered by PechaKucha" events are one-off events held separately from regular PechaKucha Night series, and we'd like to highlight the wonderful charity-minded presentations from the recent "BCCJ Community Hub" event in Tokyo.

The City Focus heads to one of our favorite cities, Chicago, to highlight yet more great presentations, most recently from the city's Vol. 30. A special "Chicago Artists Months" event is set for October 21.


“I’m not designing a package, I’m designing a conversation-starter.”

Concept Designer Takuya Kamibayashi takes us step-by-step through his design process.

In “Delicious Beans” from PKN Osaka Vol. 6, Takuya speaks specifically on the procedures behind rebranding a boring food product into something fun and visually delicious!

What is kendama?

Web Producer and Cultural Curator Shimpei Kimura introduces us to the oldest hot new trend: kendama.

In “What the Dama?” from PKN Tokyo Vol. 117, he shows us how this children’s ball-and-stick toy introduced to Japan in the 1800s is making a comeback in a big way, and how his design studio has re-imagined it for a fascinating exhibition.

The city of Pensacola in Florida is getting ready to host its very first PechaKucha Night, and here's the poster to prove it. The poster was produced as part of a project by the organizers to get a graphic design art class to create something for the event. You'll find details on the event -- which is set for November 8 -- on the official event page.

“Riding a bike in a car-dominated culture is an inherently political act.”

Cyclist by necessity Andrew Kurjata speaks about the danger of sharing space in a city full of giant metal road-roving vehicles.

In “How Riding a Bike Taught Me about Prejudice” from PKN Prince George Vol. 1, he shows us how his run-ins with automobiles on the road have given him a tiny slice of insight as to what it means to be discriminated.

The city of Broome in Australia is about to see its very first PechaKucha Night, and you can hear organizer Allison Stout talk about what this means to her in a radio piece on the local ABC affiliate, that you can listen to here. Pictured, the poster for the event, and you'll find more details on the official event page.

“In order to survive the orchestra needs to search for a balance between artistic tradition and economic reason.”

Director General and Artistic Director for the South Netherlands Philharmonic Stefan Rosu knows that the classical symphony orchestra is facing dramatic change in recent years.

In “The Orchestra in Transition” from PKN Maastricht Vol. 23, Stefan shows us that orchestras must adapt to survive, and he goes into depth on how it can do so without losing its essence in the process.

For our City Focus this week we head to Breda in the Netherlands, and its mix of presentations in Dutch and English, latest of which come from last month's Vol. 11 (and the city's Vol. 12 is set for November 27).


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