"I found out that it was so much more interesting in doing everything wrong and developing a style and aesthetic that way, rather than getting things right the first time."

Karan Singh is an Australian artist, illustrator, and animator and living in Tokyo. In his presentation "You Can't Draw, But Nobody Can Draw Like You" from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 136, he shares some of this vibrant and impactful works, representing a modern interpretation of optical art, conveying pattern and depth through minimal palettes. Despite having a decade of work under his belt, he confesses that he doesn't know how to draw. Have a look, and join us in begging to differ on that point.

“A lot of clients ask me for the WOW factor in their homes. Well, what is it? Quite simply, it’s a physical reaction to what you see.”

In How To Create The WOW Factor in Interiors from PechaKucha Night Cambridge Vol. 5, Interior Designer Yasmin Chopin shares some of the theory behind what makes an ordinary home extraordinary. Discover the styles, colours, tones and influences that make a home more than just a home.

“How can I get [students] away from the computer, pull them out of the screen, and how can I get them to think with their hands and to approach things outside of a pixel?”

In Plastic Printing from PechaKucha Night Honolulu Vol. 27Rob McConnell shares the technique of printing typography and designs using LEGO pieces. As a Graphic Design Professor at Brigham Young University Hawaii, he is interested in exploring all the possible learning experiences that this technique allows. This presentation covers how he came upon the idea and some of the plastic printing work that we have produced in the past year.

"'Why on earth ride a bike in this city ?' This is the way I started my graduation project thinking of the reasons why I would ride a bike or anyone would also ride a bike."

In ABCycling in Beirut from PechaKucha Night Beirut Vol.24Siwar Kraytem shares her passion about design and cycling. As part of her final year project, she created this guide to cycling in one of the least bike-friendly cities, Beirut. Beautifully illustrated and filled with a wonderful sense of humor, this guide will help you get on your two-wheels in any concrete jungle.

"I'll be concentrating on one aspect of my art making, practice, which is small-scale sculpture, models, miniature landscape."

In Bringing it Down to Size from Pechakucha Night Beacon Vol.5Brian Higbee talks about his series of sculptures that use scale models to provide wry political commentary on the larger world.

Help Mariánské Lázně celebrate their 10th volume of PechaKucha Night with this mind-blowing poster! This Bohemian outpost in in western Czech Republic is surrounded by green mountains, a mosaic of parks, and endless spas, making it the prefect place for the inspiriation in their always beautiful posters! 

"Keep Calm and PechaKucha!" says the capital of this week's City Focus, London. Having taking a short hiatus, PechaKucha Night London is back on the map and in full effect, so much so that PK co-founder, and once Londoner Mark Dytham joined their recent Vol. 11. Stay tuned for presentations coming soon! 

"For me, dancers represent freedom, while salarymen represent something opposite. I like to create this interaction". 

In Dancing in the Office from PKN Tokyo Vol. 136, photographer Yulia Skogoreva found herself on an interesting and unexpected path that took her from linguistics, to dance, to photography. In her latest project she juxtaposes two completely opposite elements of society, busy salarymen and dancers, and the results are delightful. Have a look! 

Photographer, Architect, and this week's PechaKucha People, William (Bill) Helm calls El Paso his adopted hometown - having lived there for most of the past 20 years. Bill was first introduced to PechaKucha at a lecture Mark Dytham gave while finishing his architecture thesis at the University at Buffalo in 2006. Shortly thereafter he gave his first 20x20 presentation at PechaKucha Buffalo Vol 2 before returning back to his beloved city of El Paso to continue the conversation. In 2008, with the help of a few friends in the local design community, Bill launched PechaKucha Night in El Paso in a land that was thirsty for the level of creative discourse that PechaKucha Night had to offer. In the years that have followed, Bill started In*Situ Architecture — which has grown over the past four years to be one of the leading design firms in the city. He has grown PechaKucha partnerships in the El Paso community over the subsequent years as well to include collaborative events across the national border with PechaKucha Juarez. Bill and his community partners are currently planning for PechaKucha El Paso Vol 13.

Off to the City on the Water, we put the poster spotlight on PKN Vodnany for this Escheresque design for their 3rd volume! There are always great new PechaKucha Night posters to check out on our PKN Poster Tumblr. Go check it out and be inspired to make a poster for your next PKN!


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