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Journey to Awakened Bellydance

@ VOL 13 ON JUL 18, 2017

Samantha Stubbs shares how bringing together different passions which shape her led to Awakened Bellydance.  She introduces briefly some aspects of Awakened Bellydance to awaken your curiosity and encourage you to embark on your own adventure of self-discovery towards freedom and authenticity, finding your own revelations.


A Film-Poem: Post Modern Love Story

@ VOL 13 ON JUL 18, 2017

She sees wild flowers growing between cracked paving stones. He hears music in the endless hum of alarms, pylons and traffic. They’ve never met, though they live only three streets away. Follow their journey through time, possibility and all the octaves of the human heart. Katie Greenbrown takes us on a journey of post modern love.

Words by Katie Greenbrown, Music by James Rotchell, Art by Peter Roman.


Community Led Housing

@ VOL 13 ON JUL 18, 2017

James Newton talks about his passion for a different approach to housing... As cofounder of YorSpace he outlines the groups vision to create low cost, cooperatively owned, environmentally sustainable homes that create and sustain community.


My Castle Gateway: Shaping the future through open conversations

@ VOL 13 ON JUL 18, 2017

Phil Bixby and Helen Graham introduce a new project, in collaboration with the City of York Council, to involve all interested in long term conversations to shape the future of Castle Gateway, an area which includes Fossgate, Walmgate, Piccadilly, Foss Basin and Castle area and Eye of York.


The Arts Barge Project

@ VOL 13 ON JUL 18, 2017

Hannah West and Christian Topman give an update on the progress of the project: Creating an arts venue for York on the rescued heritage river barge “Selby Tony”


Laugh Your Way To Health

@ VOL 13 ON JUL 18, 2017

Anna Semlyen of Yoga in York explains how laughter yoga is an easy and fun way to heal and connect 


Early Days: Building a Community Radio Station From the Ground Up - Progress.

@ VOL 13 ON JUL 18, 2017

Jez Russell brings you up to date with the developments of Two Rivers Radio - York's very own community radio station.  This includes a brief review of their first ever live transmission on FM  (87.7) at Staxtonbury Festival, and a look to the future as Two Rivers Radio seek new presenters, producers and team members. Keep your ears peeled as there will be much more news from Two Rivers over the coming months...


Everest Base Camp Trek

@ VOL 12 ON APR 11, 2017

Altitude sickness, nosebleeds, and some of the most incredible views are all part and parcel of the week-long trek to Everest Base Camp. Hannah Bungard tells us of her trek, starting with the terrifying flight into Lukla. The trip should not be undertaken lightly, as not all of her group made it to base camp. If you do brave the altitude, however, you stand to gain an experience of a lifetime.



Tick-tock Graphic Design

"His often illegible, unreadable spreads taught my generation to break all the rules."In "Tick-tock Graphic Design" from PechaKucha Night York's Vol. 9 event, “Inspired: What Makes York’s Creative Minds Tick”, Tony Beresford chronologically charts the things that have inspired him and the project he has cut his teeth on as a graphic designer as he has grown over time, starting with toxic crayons, to comic books, to album covers, to magazines and beyond. 

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About the City's Organizers

  • Ben Porter

    Plastic Fortune is a creative collective and city film platform based in York. We are artists, designers, film makers, photographers, performing artists, musicians and writers. We make films, put on events and exhibitions, and work with a lot of young people.

  • Hannah West

    The Arts Barge Project in York, UK is a not-for-profit, artist-led organisation working to convert a de-commissioned large-scale river barge into a floating arts centre for York City centre. The Arts Barge will provide performance, showing, participation and mentorship opportunities across the art and design modalities. We deliver arts events with a social focus because it's a great way to experience the arts, to raise profile and funds and to grow our artist network. We work in collaboration and partnership with local, regional and national organisations and artists.