What does Armenia’s contemporary cultural voice look like?

Media and content manager Karine Vann speaks on how her master’s dissertation on music in the Soviet Union. In “Yerevan Underbelly” from PKN Yerevan Vol. 19 she speaks about her thoughts on Armenian nationalism, the Armenian underground scene, giving alternative voices a say, and the ingredients that make up culture.

PKN Dayton Presentations Today's two presentations come your way from Koszalin and Dayton. The one from Koszalin is by none other than PKN Koszalin organizer Gall Podlaszewski, and was done as part of our Global Cities Week. So follow Gall as she talks about her city (in Polish), PechaKucha-style. From Dayton, we get beer afficionado Max Spang who in "What the Hell Is Beer?" will go to great lengths to prove just how much he loves beer (and he's not alone). PKN Yerevan Vol. 16 Posters On the poster front today, we've added three new ones, including posters for the upcoming collaboration between PKN Istanbul and PKN Yerevan (which this time, is an invitation-only event -- pictured above is the poster from the Yerevan side), and the poster for tonight's PKN Taos Vol. 6, celebrating "the remarkable women of Taos."  PKN Panjim Vol. 2 PKN Washington Vol. 17 Photos We've started sharing more and more event galleries on our official PechaKucha Night Flickr account -- in the past it was only used for our Tokyo events -- and here are the latest photosets that have been added. Above, a shot from this month's PKN Panjim Vol. 2, followed by a look at PKN Washington Vol. 17.

That Toronto set only has 2 photos, but the accordion player you see pictured is Ben Harvey, and he has performed at both Vol. 14 and Vol. 15. Below is a video of Ben in action (recorded/edited by Circuit Bent Media). httpv:// Calendar It's looking like a great Friday, with 5 PechaKucha Nights in the calendar for tomorrow (May 18): PKN Zurich Vol. 11, PKN Varberg Vol. 2, PKN Singapore Vol. 4, PKN Lodz Vol. 8, and PKN Hakata Vol. 2.

PKN Istanbul Vol. 12

PKN Istanbul Vol. 12 Here's a first report from the recent collaborative PechaKucha Night between Istanbul and Yerevan, courtesy of PKN Istanbul organizer Nurten Meriçer.

Istanbul and Yerevan organised PechaKucha İstanbul Vol. 12 and PechaKucha Night Yerevan Vol. 10 as a joint event on November 8, Tuesday in Yerevan. 12 presenters addressed an audience of 100 or so in The Club, the venue for PechaKucha Nights in Yerevan. Presentation subjects ranging from architecture to social responsibility were of course interesting for the audience, but probably not as much entertaining as the Comedy Night X. But Can Yücel Metin ve Boghos Yeghyazar, final presenters, had a little surprise for the audience. Please follow the journey of group of 16 composed of Pecha Kucha Night Istanbul Team, presenters and media members to Yerevan and full story of the Night here.

Update: And here's a video, also shared by Nurten, with a bit of singing that accompanied one of the presentations.

Poster for PKN Yerevan Vol. 10

Poster for PKN Yerevan Vol. 10 And as promised, here's a look at the Yerevan poster for the joint PechaKucha Night with Istanbul taking place tomorrow night (November 8) -- more details in this post.


Poster for PKN Istanbul Vol. 12 Tomorrow night (November 8) is a special PechaKucha Night collaboration indeed, with the cities of Istanbul and Yerevan teaming up for a joint event -- PKN Istanbul Vol. 12 and PKN Yerevan Vol. 10. We'll share the Yerevan poster in a separate post, but here's a look at the Istanbul one, as well as some details from PKN Istanbul organizer Nurten Meriçer (the list of presenters with links appears on the official event page).

Yerevan-İstanbul, Close Creative Encounters Although our digitalized world preaches the opposite, nothing compares to face-to-face communication. That is what makes our amazing 450 city PechaKucha family the biggest physical global network of designers and creative people in the world. PechaKucha Night Yerevan and PechaKucha Night İstanbul take it to the next level and organise (probably the first) a joint PechaKucha Night together at Yerevan on November 8, 2011. 10 presenters from various creative fields coming from Yerevan and İstanbul will share their works and projects. Organisers 34solo and the Club expect this joint PechaKucha Night to create new opportunities for presenters and audience to communicate, network and cooperate. PechaKucha Night Yerevan-İstanbul is made possible by Eurasia Foundation. The journey of 34solo team, presenters and media members to Yerevan and daily diary of the event can be followed here.

Poster for PKN Yerevan Vol. 1

Poster for PKN Yerevan Vol. 1

The first PechaKucha Night in Yerevan was actually held last week, but we just found the poster that was produced for the event, and so thought we'd share it. All together now: PKN in EVN!