Worcester's PechaKucha Night Vol. 6 was held last night, and although we don't have any photos from the event to share yet, leading up to the event organizer Cynthia Woehrle was posting profiles for each of the presenters which are certainly worth a look. The video in this post is for artist Don Hartmann.

Flyer for PKN Worcester Vol. 5

The next PechaKucha Night in Worcester happens this Sunday (April 25) at Clark University's Razzo Hall. See a partial list of the presenters with links at the official event page.

Presenters for PKN Worcester Vol. 3

PechaKucha Night in Worcester Vol. 3 is happening this coming Sunday (January 24) -- you may remember that we recently shared the poster for the event -- and over at the PKN Worcester blog, organizer Cynthia Woehrle has been posting profiles of presenters who will participate. Pictured above (from left), professor Ellen Perry, photographer Nicole Connolly, and artist Antonio Fonseca.

Poster for PKN Worcester Vol. 3

PechaKucha Night in Worcester Vol. 3 happens later this month (January 24), to be held at the Worcester Art Museum. Organizer Cynthia Woehrle sends us the poster for the event (pictured above), and also points us to a review of PKN Worcester Vol. 2 that appeared in the November/December issues of Artscope Magazine -- you can read a scan of the article here.


Last week we shared the special greeting video that was produced during PechaKucha Night in Providence Vol. 7, and now here's the greeting exchange from the other city, Worcester, created during last month's Vol. 2.

Jeff Warmouth

PechaKucha Night in Worcester Vol. 2 was held this past Sunday, and while we wait on some photos from the event, here's a look at one of the presenters, photo artist Jeffu Warmouth.


Poster for PKN Worcester Vol. 2

Poster for PKN Worcester Vol. 2

PechaKucha Night in Worcester Vol. 2 is coming up (September 13), and here's a first look at the poster for the event. For those planning on attending, note the new venue, this time at 55 Pearl (G.A.R. Hall).

Lennie Peterson

PechaKucha Night in Worcester Vol. 2 is coming up in a few short weeks (September 13), and one of the presenters set to take part is Lennie Peterson, a musician and artist loves to mix the two. One of his recent projects involved collaborating with guitarist Kaki King -- see her perform on the Late Show with David Letterman here. City organizer Ciney Woehrle posts a write-up on the project at the PKN Worcester blog.

PKN Worcester Vol. 1

PechaKucha Night in Worcester kicked off with a bang, enjoying a packed house for that city's inaugural PKN, with organizers, presenters, and attendees all enjoying an exciting evening of creativity. Co-organizer Scott Zoback fills us in.

A huge, huge, huge thank you to all of the presenters, volunteers, and attendees of Worcester's first ever PechaKucha Night, as well as gracious host Bocado -- you all made it a captivating success.

The night was at once inspiring, hilarious, educational, and silly. We were in awe of the incomparable collection of "creatives" under one place, all sharing interesting ideas, networking, drinking, and having a good time.


PKN Worcester Debuts This Week


PechaKucha Night launches in Worcester this coming Sunday (June 14), and one of that city's organizers, Cynthia Woehrle, has posted the video above in which she goes over the presenters and talks about what PKN means to her.

Here's a quote from an interview done with Cynthia at Worcester Magazine:

What are you hoping will come from such an event in Worcester? Bring the art community closer? Inspire artists?

I am looking to integrate artists of all types of media ( writers, filmmakers, scientists, painters, musicians, designers, good will doers,) and bring them to a format where they can share ideas, projects and inspirations on the same playing field. As well as give the community an opportunity to to hear perspective from creative thinkers. We are not looking to only inspire artists but inspire anyone. As much as I want to promote the local arts community this event reaches beyond that and connects Worcester to an international network of 200 cites in the Pecha Kucha organization. Ultimately my hope would be that new and exciting projects will be born out of connections made or ideas shared that would cultivate the creative community here in Worcester.

PKN Worcester is also following in the footsteps of previous city exchanges by partnering up with PKN Halifax -- its Vol. 2 is happening the same night -- to share some video greetings.

Below, the flyer for the PKN Worcester Vol. 1, designed by Todd Rawley.

Flyer for PKN Worcester Vol. 1