Did you know that hitting a heavy bag for 60 minutes will burn over 1000 calories per hour?

Sheila Molloy believes that boxing is a sport well-suited for anyone: moms, dads, kids, even grandmothers. In "Suburban Boxing" from PKN Winnipeg Vol. 15 she shares some fun and creative techniques that she hopes will help get the world to enjoy the healthy benefits and well-being that comes from hitting a heavy bag. 

In the endless battle between heart and mind, who wins out most for you?

Tannis Zimmer is a massage therapist, dancer, drummer, explorer, and earth builder...but what's in a label? She shares the story of how she quit her lucrative day-job as a masseuse, and began her journey learning how to build mud-huts. In "Of Heart and Mind" from PKN Winnipeg Vol. 16, Tannis speaks poetically of the internal conflict her decisions caused her, and the conclusions she's drawn from her experiences. 

Do you talk to yourself? Well as long as you don't answer back, we think you're okay. 

Artist-of-all-sorts Ray Fenwick speaks to a crowd and to you (if you listen) about talking to one's self. In "Talking to Yourself" from PKN Winnipeg Vol. 16, he points out the fact that our voice is a huge part of our identity, but in many cases we don't acknowledge that it is the embodiment of our thoughts while still remaining a function of our body. Because our voice is at the crossroads of our psychological and physiological being, it can be surreal and disconcerting to practice, but Ray encourages us all to see what comes out!

Finding passion always seems to occur when we least expect it. 

Alex Krosney went to her first roller derby bout in April of 2011 –- it was love at first whistle. In "Getting Down and Derby" we see that through a year of blood, sweat, tears, and track burn later Lex Go was born. A member of the Winnipeg Roller Derby League, Alex tells us (at PKN Winnipeg Vol. 16) how he became a skater on the All-Stars travel team and the captain of the home team that wins all the afterparties, the Valkyries’ Wrath.  Alex illustrates, through her roller derby exploits, the transformative power the sport can have on any one -- especially for those in a period of transition.

After years of taking portraits and noticing a lack of diversity in his portfolio, photographer David Lipnowski embarked upon a personal project that would consume his professional life for an entire year.

In "Portrait 365" from PKN Winnipeg Vol. 16, he tells us how began taking a single, unique portrait daily as of January 1, 2013 and continued his task until the end of the year. 

"Who stole the soul?"

In today's Presentation of the Day, "Fear of a Black Planet" from PKN Winnipeg Vol. 9, DJ, producer, and promoter Tim Hoover raps (quite literally) on his greatest passion: hip-hop music.

He shows us how the Public Enemy album Fear of a Black Planet changed his life, led him to tour the world, and grew into a career in audio engineering.

Most of us can say that, at one point or another, we've had to look for a job -- it's such a drag, right?

Looking for inspiration is much more fulfilling, and that's exactly what Sarah Michaelson encourages us to do in her presentation from PKN Winnipeg Vol. 14. After losing her job, Sarah watched a whole lot of Golden Girls and got to thinking about how to adjust to the lack of outside forces pushing her to be productive. Hear how she recalibrated, and developed her theories on "De-working". 

PKN Posters: Winnipeg Vol. 14

From Winnipeg's City Page:

It's that time of the year when the weather is warm enough for you to stroll leisurely (and without toques) over to the Park Theatre, perhaps stopping for a Slurpee on the way. Once you arrive, PechaKucha Night Winnipeg Vol. 14 should have the perfect solution to thaw your brain freeze. 

This evening's poster was once again designed by the talented Jeope Wolfe, who whipped up a few words on its design and put a nice dollop of 'em on his blog

On March 7, PechaKucha Winnipeg's 13th installment took place at the Park Theatre. We are all in agreement that this may have been one of the best ones yet! Although to be honest, we probably say that every time.

Certain themes seem to evolve out of PechaKucha Nights. It's an organic thing; the presenters don't create idea cartels ahead of time. This time the ideas were diverse but kept circling back to (as one member of the audience put it) how design and visual communication can power physical and social change.

The 11 presentations were all remarkable in their own ways: some poetic, some more visual, and then there was the musical finale. Our presenters were:

Matt Henderson (Teacher and Activist) 
Andrew Yankiwski (Partner, Precursor Productions) 
Blair Helgason (Designer) 
Brian Kelcey (Writer, Speaker and Policy Consultant) 
John Johnston (Freelance Photographer) 
Nicole Barry (Co-Founder, Half Pints Brewery) 
Wendy Sawatzky (Artist), Matt Brooks (Graphic Design, RRC Student) 
Howard Gurevich (Owner, Gurevich Fine Art) 
Joseph Ranseth (Purpose-Driven Marketer) 
Erin Propp & Larry Roy (Singer/Songwriter).

The GDC Manitoba Chapter is proud to present PechaKucha Night and to be part of the worldwide phenomenon. To read more about the presenters, please visit the event page at

Karen Niedzwiecki, CGD has written a recap of the event on her blog, karenia.

Carson Samson, CGD has also compiled notes ("snippets," he calls ’em) of each PKNWPG Vol. 13 presentation. You can read his account at

If the coolness of a poster dictates how well a PechaKucha evening goes, we suspect Winnipeg's Vol. 13 will be a real doozy. PKN Winnipeg's next-in-line will be held Thursday, the 7th of March.

The designer of this here affiche -- as they say -- is not only a craftsman of color, typography, and form, but also a bit of a wordsmith. He goes by the name Jeope Wolfe, and has this to say on the topic of PechaKucha:

As [PKN Winnipeg's] poster designer, I considered visual connections between Winnipeg and the greater, global PechaKucha 'movement'. We're a city hundreds of kilometres and hours away from the next city and as such we have a unique ability to entertain ourselves, and thrive at doing it. Winnipeg is diverse yet tight-knit, and with winters as long and dark as they are, creative up the wazoo. We take the lemons we're given and make high holy lemonade.

For a more panoramic view of Jeope's thoughts on PKN, poster-making, and more, check out his blog