"I never felt that I could be an artist, but somehow doodling opened the door for me. It was a way to do art without expectations, and from there I gave myself permission to belong in the category of artist. That was freedom for me."

In A Theory on Doodling from Williamsburg Vol. 12, Pam Woodson finds herself drawn to doodling in a couple of very specific situations. Not considering herself as an "artist", she initially used doodling as a door to create art without expectations. Pam found her path to becoming an artist. Through Pam's doodling research we could all learn self-improvement through doodling.

Pen and paper please.

If we can strip to our true essence, we can embrace our own story.

Using images of painted bodies, and a talk laced with quotes by famous people of wisdom, Tirza Shelton shows us how self-enriching it can be to shed the layers we have all been cloaking our true selves in since Adam and Eve first tasted the fruit of knowledge. In “The Naked Truth” from PKN Williamsburg Vol. 9, find out what is at your core.

For this week's "City Focus" we go to Williamsburg, Virginia, a city that is less than a month away from its next PechaKucha Night (its Vol. 10, on September 20), with a city page that is already home to a fantastic archive of presentations, latest of which are from this month's Vol. 9.

The latest and greatest from PechaKucha Night Williamsburg can be found here in the form of a great write-up of the Historic Triangle's Vol. 9 event, just held on August 16. Organiser Dale Weiss was quoted within saying: 

The synergy between the audience and presenter makes for a much more enriching experience, he said, as well as ignites the spark of conversation and encourages guests to meet each other.

Presentations, speaker info, and photos can be found on the PKN Williamsburg Vol. 9 event page, and their Vol. 10 is scheduled for the 20th of September!

"This image has no context, and absent context it has no meaning or at best arbitrary meaning."

In "Context, Scale, Meaning, Place" from the PKN Williamsburg ArchEx sessions, architect Charles Piper admits that the title of his presentation may seem engineered and pretentious. And though he makes this statement, he points out that the showy title just an excuse to take us to some of his favorite locations; locations that are sure to make you acutely aware of context, scale, meaning, and place.

Crowdsourcing has become a buzzword in recent years, and now it's spreading through the tip of your pencil.

In "Crowdsourced Sketchbooking" from PKN Williamsburg Vol. 8Dale Weiss shows us various avenues where crowdsourcing is being used in sketchbooking, and how it can result in both the beautiful and the bizarre.

A while ago, someone told Ahmed Hassan that he needed therapy, so he bought a motorcycle.

Now his therapy sessions consist of drives through the countryside where he discovers the beauty and art in rusted treasures. Lucky for us, he carries a camera. In "Garage Art" from a special Archex Session edition of PKN Williamsburg, Ahmed delves into the world as seen through his lens, as well as the on-the-road culture of freedom it embodies. 

Lulú De Panbehchi promotes the idea of crowdsourcing as the latest trend for launching campaigns, getting projects off the ground, funding new ventures, or to just be creative.

In "Crowdsourcing Poetry" from PKN Williamsburg Vol. 5, she verbalizes her "Williamsburg Poems" created by crowdsourcing her friend's words. You'll learn how fun, creative, and comical this style of poetry can be!

Does money lead to happiness? Totally!

There is no secret to happiness, at least not after you hear Stephanie Paul speak. In "Deciphering Happiness" from PKN Williamburg Vol. 5, using sublimely simple slides and undeniable reasoning, Stephanie will convince you that you are already happy, once you recognize what your this concept is. So come on, be happy!

"Give me your reality TV, your trailer parks, your clustered pigskin aficionados..."

Reese Williams takes the liberty of celebrating America and showing her patriotism by comically creating 20 different versions of the Pledge of Allegiance. In "I Pledge Allegiance..." from PKN Williamsburg Vol. 5, she speaks of the American flag, pick-up trucks, star-spangled polo shirts, and nationalist beer displays. Join Reese and learn 20 different new ways to honor the Spirit of America. 


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Friends of PechaKucha