PKN helped the city Whangarei celebrate "New Zealand Sign Language Week" commemorating the recognition of Sign Language as an official language of the county. "Because of its visual nature, PechaKucha...is an easily accessible event for the deaf community." 


Thanks to everyone who came along last night to Bank St. Social Club for PechaKucha Whangarei edition 17. Another fantastic group of presenters from our diverse and vibrant community. And a lot of new faces in the audience. After costs we raised $95 for Food for Life Northland.
Thanks again to the following without who PK could not happen;
  • Damian our MC who held the night together (again)
  • Chris and Becs from Big Fish Creative who made the slideshows and drove the ship
  • Harri our sign language interpreter - first time at PechaKucha...and first of many more we hope 
  • Bank St. Social Club for setting everything up and giving us a new venue
  • the Sound Cave crew for the awesome PA
  • Maureen our promoter

Our fanstastic presenters were;

  • Rob Pollock – Spontaneous PechaKucha
  • Laughton King – Dyslexia Dismantled
  • Kate Lindberg - Whangarei Ranger Unit
  • Miriam Ritchie – DOC Dog Handler Ranger
  • Natalie Tate - Spontaneous Creativity After A Supernatural Encounter
  • Cameron Tukapua - Opening Up - A Healing Conversation
  • Streaming PK - Geeg Wiles - Ahab's Adventures
  • Andrew Garratt – The 15 Minute Sceptic
  • Piet Nieuwland - Kaleidoscope of Mirrors

We also had a couple of impromptu presentations from;

  • Hannie from SewGood the Whangarei community sewing collective
  • Alistair McGinn (Northland Rugby Union) about the importance of excercise, nutritrion and community


If you'd like details of any of the presenters please get in touch with us at pkwhangarei at gmail dot com or find us on facebook.


Thanks to everyone who came along to PK Whangarei #16 at the Old Library last night. A perfect mix of community, controversy, humour, spirituality...and chickens (you had to be there).

If you want to know more about a presentation you saw last night, email us at pkwhangarei dot gmail dot com and we'll put you in touch. Here's the running order;

  • Ash Holwell – Amsterdam Squat
  • Clare Swinney – Chemtrails
  • Gareth – Marine Boarer
  • Robbie Watts – Chickenshit
  • Peter Kageyama – For the Love of Cities
  • Renee Lee – Church Road
  • Ash Holwell & Chris Howell – Re-imagining Whangarei's CBD
  • Kaari Schlebach - Jam Tse Dhargyey Ling
  • Peter Larsen – Frank #2
  • Spontaneous PechaKucha - Trent (Northland Youth Theatre)


Thanks to Chris, Becs and the crew @ Big Fish Creative for putting together the slide shows, designing the poster and for their continued tech and creative help. We cannot do PK without them.

Thank you Damian Pullen - his intelligent, respectful wit makes the night.

Thank you Tania Davidson our sign language interpreter.

Thanks Maureen LyonsAdair for plastering the town with our posters.

And finally thanks to Peter Kageyama who shared his wisdom on loving your city and how you can make it the place you want to live in.

Next show looking like August 7th with another brilliant line up from our community.

See you there!

Thanks to everyone who came along last night to May Day PK in Whangarei at the Old Library. We had a fantastic and eclectic mix of presenters capped off with a spontaneous PK by the brave and comical Dean and Lutz from Northland Youth Theatre. If you want to know more about a presentation you saw last night, email us at pkwhangarei dot gmail dot com and we'll put you in touch. Here's the running order;

  • Michelle Elvy – New Encounters: People Past and Present In Aotearoa
  • Betty Nelley – The Kauri Museum
  • Fiona Douglas – Whangarei Youth Music
  • Kim Townsend and Christine Alford – It’s the Little Moments that Make Life Big
  • Matt Keene – An Ornithophobic’s Guide to Urban Chicken Ranching
  • Betty Hooper – Ritalin Is Not the Answer
  • Stacey Henderson and Lutz Hamm – Northland Youth Theatre
  • Melissa Gilbert – A Family’s Journey Towards Veganic
  • Samara Nicholas – Experiencing Marine Reserves
  • Spontaneous PechaKucha - Dean and Lutz Northland Youth Theatre


Thanks to Chris and the crew @ Big Fish Creative for putting together the slide shows, designing the poster and for their tech and creative help.

Thank you Mr Damian Pullen our dry and erudite MC who glued the night together.

Thank you Tania Davidson our sign language interpreter and to the 3rd year students in the sign language degree program who will hopefully make their public interpreting debuts at future PK nights. Big thanks to the deaf community for their support.

And finally thanks to Michelle Elvy our out-going co-ordinator for all her help and advice in handing over. Michelle is heading off on a blue water adventure with her family in 2 weeks. We're hoping Michelle will send us a PK from on the water that we can stream at a future show.

Next show June 12th with special guests Peter Kageyama and Michelle Bauer who'll do PKs on community development and grassroots engagement. See you there!

PKN Whangarei Vol. 4

And since we're sharing the new poster for the next PechaKucha Night in Whangarei, let's also take a look at this month's Vol. 4, courtesy of this report by organizer Kara Dodson -- and we do believe this is the first example we're heard of sign language interpretation happening at a PKN (especially as a regular thing). You'll find more photos in this Flickr photoset, and photos/posters from previous events in PKN Whangarei's Flickr photostream.

Our nights have become a real community event -- I suppose because we are really only a small city (75,000) all the arty lot all want an excuse to all get together and find out about each other more -- so, it's been really great. Everyone looks forward to them and we are trying to stick to one every six weeks.


Poster for PKN Whangarei Vol. 5

Flyer for PKN Whangarei Vol. 5

The next PechaKucha Night in Whangarei (Vol. 5) is set to take place at The Old Library on October 21. If you've noticed a trend in Whangerei's posters, there's a reason for that, as organizer Kara Dodson explains.

You might see a theme developing with our posters -- they are actually all from photos I took of cool graffiti in Buenos Aires and Rio a while back. They are certainly making everyone's head turn and brighten their days.

Poster for PKN Whangarei Vol. 4

Following the look at Whangarei's recent PechaKucha Night Vol. 3, time to start thinking about Vol. 4 -- it's already set to happen at The Old Library on September 1.

PKN Whangarei Vol. 3

As organizer Kara Dodson tells us, PechaKucha Night is rocking Whangarei, with lots of love coming from last week's audience at Vol. 3.

We had about 250 at the last one, complete with 2 people signing all of the presentations for those of the deaf community who were in the room. I did a presentation this time too -- very exciting. We also included one off the main website too -- which was excellent of course -- we chose Gary Cheng's "Transformer Apartment."


Flyer for PKN Whangarei Vol. 1

As we posted recently, Whangarei is having its third PechaKucha Night in just a few weeks (July 21), but we wanted to share a few more things from past events, including the flyer that was created for Vol. 1, pictured above. There are also plenty of photos online from the first two events on PKN Whangarei's Flickr account -- or you can go directly to photosets of Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.

Flyer for PKN Whangarei Vol. 3

Flyer for PKN Whangarei Vol. 3

It's still about a month away, but organizers of PechaKucha Night in Whangarei have announced that Vol. 3 will happen July 21, again at The Old Library.