Waterloo Region Chapter is finally here!

Our team is happy to welcome everyone here for this new and exhilarating project.

Pecha Kucha 20×20 is a format that encourages brief, concise, visual presentations that keep the audience engaged. Each presentation includes 20 images, displayed for 20 seconds each. The images advance automatically and presenters talk along to the images, accumulating into a 6 minutes 40 seconds presentation.

Bringing together our satellite campuses from the University of Waterloo is key to our mission.

Over this 2014-2015 year and future years, you will see our community gathering and expressing a new sense of belonging that fun events such as the Pecha Kucha night nurture. Celebrating culture, art, innovation, technology just because "Ideas Start Here".

We are really excited to see our V.1 participants' presentations! While celebrating creativity on its own by its originality, this Pecha Kucha Night (TM) is also a way to celebrate works of art by architecture, engineering, and urban planning students, faculty, alumni and community members since it also closes the Engi-Tecture: Eccentricity art show that they had put together.

 So don't hesistate and come on down to visit us tonight!

Pecha Kucha: Creative Projects - Sat. July, 26th @ 7pm; 60 Main Street, Cambridge.

Society of Waterloo Architecture Graduates (SWAG) - BRIDGE - Graduate Student Association of the University of Waterloo (GSA)

PKN Waterloo Vol. 1

As we mentioned when we posted the event poster, Waterloo held its inaugural PechaKucha Night just last week, and have now posted a few photos from the event, as well as a visual peek at that evening's presentations (above).


Poster fro PKN Waterloo Vol. 1

PechaKucha Night made its debut in Waterloo last week, and because we like to keep track of these thinks, here's a look at the poster that was produced for the event.