Živá vila

@ VOL 2 ON MAR 18, 2016

In South Bohemian town Prachatice there is a house. Remarkable house. Really worth being house.

Nice funcionalist villa built 1931-32 - masterpiece only lonesome for last years... Local municipality plans to demolish the building and make there (un?)necessary ring road. Group of young people are against it and they created cultural active/ist formation Živá vila ("Living villa"). 

What everything they are doing there? Let´s see their presentation >>>


Sokol Vodňany

@ VOL 3 ON JUN 17, 2016

The Sokol movement (from Czech word for falcon) is an all-age gymnastics organization founded in Prague in 1862. It was based upon the principle of "a strong mind in a sound body." Another principle was also "neither gain nor fame" ("Ni zisk, ni slávu") - and this theme we took as the topic of our 2. Pecha Kucha Night (see our picturesque poster;).  

In the presentation the chief leaders of Sokol Vodňany will tell you that even after 147 years of existence in our town, it´s still now rrreeeealllyyyy moving / touching / living organization >>>