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08 DEC


Twaalf opvallende, creatieve sprekers, een gezellig bar, een glas gluhwein en de gezelligheid die hoort bij de laatste maand van het jaar. PechaKucha Night Utrecht #24 belooft een fijne avond te worden!

De bar van Het Huis is om half 8 open, en om 20.20 uur zal onze eigen, vaste presentator Roel het podium betreden om de eerste spreker aan te kondigen. Je tickets koop je via de website van Het Huis!


The Wildlife Air Service

@ VOL 20 ON NOV 26, 2015

What if you could help protect the wildlife and other endangered species by air? What if you thought of a completely new way to protect forrest and sea? Speaker Wietse van der Werf wondered if he could set up a network of pilots to help from above. And as it turned out, he created a worlwide network of citizens who wanted to help him protect there local nature en envorinment. Now he and his Wildlife Air Service are an imortant partner for large environmental organizations.


About the City's Organizers

  • Nynke van Spiegel

    I'm a journalist writing for magazines in The Netherlands. So I get to meet a lot of cool people. Utrecht is a great city with a lot of really creative people working in all art forms. With PKN Utrecht we bring them on stage. Hopefully with a lot of collaborations as a result.

  • Yente Sierksma

    Yente likes to invite people to get to know the possibilities that art has.... To get to know: beauty ugliness material light darkness society people developments love yourself the other fear happiness life death