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We haven’t scheduled our next PechaKucha Night yet, but in the meantime you can watch some presentations, look at our map to see if there are any scheduled PKNs in nearby cities, or have a look at the long list of upcoming events, to see if there’s one you can attend!


Dog Story

@ VOL 28 ON JAN 21, 2014

A couple of years ago, Danny Flynn became disheartened by our generation's uninspired use of photo-centric social media. He didn't think that people were exploring the comedic potential of instagram. He is enthusiastic about Toronto's dogs and their stories, so he started an instagram project.


Behavioural Economics

@ VOL 28 ON JAN 21, 2014

How can behavioural economics be used for social good? Tanya Bass believes in behavioural economics as an intersection between psychology and economics, and examines how everyday people make everyday decisions. She discusses how researchers and governments around the world have been using behavioural economics to re-design the environment to facilitate positive decision making. 




Maps for Advocacy

@ VOL 28 ON JAN 21, 2014

Visual storyteller Matthew Bambach believes maps are one established medium for communicating spatial information that can be used to help the community develop a stronger connection with a problem and its solution. Here he talks about participatory mapping, or the creation of maps by local communities for a social benefit. 


WISP - Weird Illuminated Sky Paintings

@ VOL 28 ON JAN 21, 2014

WISP or Weird Illuminated Sky Paintings is a collaborative project by three creative technologists, Brent Marshall, Partick Dinnen and Dre Labre. They want to capture the idea of whimsy or the first time you draw your name with a sparkler. 



Storytelling Through Patterns and Strings

@ VOL 28 ON JAN 21, 2014

String Theory is a partnership between two textile designers, Lysanne Latulippe and Meghan Price. The name String Theory is borrowed from a theory of physics that says the world is made of vibrating strings. As constructed textile designers, the two designers work with the math and physics of fibres, yarns, knitting and weaving to develop structure, pattern and texture. 



Doodling Through Life

@ VOL 28 ON JAN 21, 2014

Drawing is a conduit that carries thoughts and ideas into reality. Rather than describing things as they are, freehand drawing can describe them as they are thought of and remembered. As an artist and a designer, Becki Chan shares her thoughts about doodling. She demonstrates how ideas and inspiration come from everything and everywhere, and how her approach to drawing applies them to a design process.


The Importance of Play

@ VOL 28 ON JAN 21, 2014

Afer living in San Fransisco for three years, Christina Hug returned to Toronto and founded The Makers Nation, an organization to coalescing the art, tech, design, and maker communities in cities around the world to meet, collaborate, learn and make things. 

It took her by surprise when only kids showed up at "Battle Bot Royal", the first event she put together for adults to use machinaries to make moterized robots 

Since that expereince, she has a new mission - to encourage adults to play more.  She wants to offer the perspective that how work and play can complement each other. 

"Presentation of the Day" on March 18, 2014. 


Hand-Painted Signs in the 21st Century

@ VOL 27 ON NOV 05, 2013

Dougie Kerr is considered a Toronto legend, and he has been painting signs since the 60s. When he first moved to Canada in the 70s, his first job was painting totem poles. He is now one of the two only sign-makers at Honest Ed's, the most iconic department store in Toronto. He does a variety of in-store signage, sometimes producing 40-50 hand-painted signs a day. 



30,000 Foot View of Biology

Jarring thought: "We are as gods, and we may as well get good at it." -Stewart Brand
Britt Way, a radio documentary producer in Toronto, uses her background in biology, evolution, genetics and radio skills to talk about the development of biology today, especially concerning deextinction. As many of us know, we are headed towards a Sixth Extinction and our need to "play God" is more pressing then ever. In "30,000 foot View of Biology" from PKN Toronto Vol. 27, she shows solutions to right the wrongs that we have created in several interesting and unconventional ways. 

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