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28 OCT


PechaKucha Night Tokyo Design Week 2015 Special

For the 4th straight year, PechaKucha will have a huge presence at Tokyo Design Week with our biggest PechaKucha Night of the year in Tokyo taking place on Wednesday 28th October. It’s going to be another amazing celebration of creativity. We have an amazing line up of presenters to match the occasion, from a Pritzker Prize winning architect to a designer who makes prosthetic limbs fit for superhero’s. Make sure not to miss it!

The lineup of presenters will be updated over the coming weeks, and make sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter, or our Tokyo blog for all the news, and more info on the presenters.

You can watch past presentations from our TDW editions at the Tokyo Design Week Channel.





Featured Presentation


Duncan Shotton

Designer in Tokyo

No Strings on Me


"I didn't really want to do that, so I decided on a slightly different format"

British-born and Tokyo-based product designer Duncan Shotton shares a handful of his highly imaginative and off-beat projects including Cloud Key Holder, Real Boy Push Pins, Rainbow Pencil, Pup-Up a Tree Shop, and others. No shortage of originality in Duncan's creations, ever clever and always inspiring a smile. Somebody definitely to keep your eyes upon!

This was "Presentaton of the Day" on Friday, August 14th. 


Faster than Light

@ VOL 128 ON SEP 30, 2015

"Although neutrinos are the smallest particle...they may be the reason the universe exists at all."

In 'Faster than Light" From Tokyo Vol. 128, Particle physicist Euan Richard works at Super-Kamiokande, a particle detector about a kilometre underground in the Gifu Mountains in Japan, studying for the mysterious sub atomic particle, the Neutrino. The Neutrino is fundamental particle meaning it can't be divided into anything anything smaller and exists everywhere in the universe, including a trillion in our own bodies. Very little is know about the particle, but it has been suspected that it has the power to turn anti-matter into matter, preventing the universe from collapsing on itself, thus its properties challenge and inform our current understanding of the universe. In an attempt to continue updating our understanding of the ever expansive universe, Euan and his team push the envelope of science, focused on one of its smallest components.

This was "Presenatiosn of the Day" on Friday October 9th, 2015. 


Made in Brunel 2011


"Be prepared to take risks, work hard... switch your phone off, don't fall off the stage."

In 2008, Duncan Shotton graduated from Brunel University, West London, with a BA in Industrial Design and technology. On the 9th June 2011 at the bargehouse, London, Duncan was invited to present in pechakucha style to an audience at an event organised by madeinbrunel.com. In this presentation Duncan recounts his early experiences as a fresh-faced graduate.




Living with Horses at Nambu-Magari-Ie

@ VOL 127 ON JUL 29, 2015

建築家の高池葉子さんは伊東豊雄建築設計事務所勤務時に、 震災復興支援施設「みんなの家」プロジェクトに奔走されました。当時のプロジェクトを進める過程で目覚めた建築と地域のあり方について実現すべく、独立後の現在は、岩手県釜石市でその地域独特の建築「南部曲がり家」の再生を通じて、馬と人との共生文化の復活に力を注いでいます。馬と住む曲がり家が、地域活性化の拠点として果たす新しい可能性について語ります。東日本大震災から4年を経た今、意義ある必見のプレゼンテーションです。


Architecture and Seeing People Part 3

@ VOL 127 ON JUL 29, 2015

長谷川匠さんが昨年パリで出会った数々の世界的著名人。 建築家、ファッションデザイナー、ミュージシャン、フォトグラファーなど、彼らとのセルフィーで綴る飽くなきシリーズ第三弾。 思わず笑ってしまう中にも、クリエイターとして必要な「攻め」とは何か、に気づくことができるかもしれません。


SuperDeluxe for July 2015

@ VOL 127 ON JUL 29, 2015


SuperDeluxe's creative director Ryu Konno takes us on his monthly tour of events at the venue, reviewing the last few events, and offering up a preview of what's coming up. As always, he kicks things off with a few images describing what he's been up to of late. (in Japanese)


Mountains of Support for Nepal

@ VOL 127 ON JUL 29, 2015

"The media has long since moved on from Nepal...but if I can get one thing across to everyone here today it would be that if do want to do something, you haven't missed the boat."

In Mountains of Support for Nepal from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 127, International Disaster Relief Coordinator for NGO PeaceBoat, Robin Lewis, shares his passion of being a humanitarian aide worker, hoping to raise awareness through his experiences working in areas hit by disasters, most recently Nepal. Here is discusses the situation on the ground in Kathmandu and in the outlying rural areas, highlighting the various response initiatives he and his team have conducted, and the challenges still faced by the Nepalese people living there.

To learn more about Peace Boat's efforts in Nepal, and to get involved yourself, visit their website.

This presentation will be added to our PechaKucha Inspire Nepal Channel. Have a look and be inspired to share your story of Nepal!

This was "Presentation of the Day" on Friday, August 7th, 2015.


Ordinary Arts

@ VOL 127 ON JUL 29, 2015

日々の暮らしの中で感じる事象を 絵画で表現している、おおさわようすけさん。webデザイナーから画家への転身後、絵を描くことで実直に自分や社会と向き合っています。真摯な姿勢で描かれたこれまでの作品からは、おおさわさんが考える社会での人のあり方、関係性などが言葉として伝わってきます。


Multidimensional Sustainability

@ VOL 127 ON JUL 29, 2015

"Truth is, sustainability can only ever be a wish, or a hypothesis. It can never be a definition of a product, or a design, or even a city and why? Because first to know whether or not something is sustainable it actually takes some time so we can observe whether or not that prediction holds true."

Architect, Planner, Researcher, Consultant … Idealist and Futurist, Naomi C. Hanakata from FUTURE CITIES LAB, ETH Zurich in Singapore explores the notions of sustainability and our shared future on earth, by first taking a step back from the now ever so ubiquitous and increasingly hollow word itself in an effort to persuade us to re-imagine the idea for a truly better future together. Hanakata touches on a multi dimensional sustainability index that would allow humanity to make decisions based on a more holistic and comprehensive idea of sustainability.

This presentation looks far forward and runs deep and positions us to better tackle the challenges of a shared future.

This was "Presentation of the Day" on Friday, August 27th, 2015. 




About the City's Organizers

  • Mark Dytham

    Little did we know that a one off event in Tokyo, based on a simple format we came up with to stop architects from talking to much, would grow into a truly global celebration of creativity - if we did we may have named the event something a little easier to pronounce and spell!

  • Don Kratzer

    A creative director based in Tokyo, he also produces vinyl toys and collaborates with artists through his Fig-lab brand. His latest project is the "Finger Five" series, made up of short vinyl figures that you can place on your fingers. He also helps run the PechaKucha Night series in Tokyo, which is held on the last Wednesday of every month.

  • Johnny Linnert

    As PechaKucha Nights reach a total of 1000 cities represented and the year 2020 approaches, the overarching mission of PechaKucha to bring out and unite creative peoples of all backgrounds becomes ever refined. It is Johnny's responsibility to always be thinking of new ways to help PechaKucha grow, and then find solutions to allow for these ideas to become reality. Johnny works to to cultivate partnerships with organizations, corporations as well as small businesses globally, and develops campaigns to mobilize and leverage the PechaKucha network in unique and exciting ways. --------- Along with team members Yuko Yoshikawa and Jean Snow, Johnny planned and executed PechaKucha's first ever "Pow Wow" -- a global summit aimed at bringing PechaKucha City Organisers out to Tokyo to discuss the state of the organisation, the global proliferation of creativity, and the direction of PechaKucha going forward. Seventeen cities were represented, with over 30 City Organisers and team members in participation. PechaKucha worked with Airbnb to provide accomodation for those coming in from out of the country. The three-day event was a great success, and the next PechaKucha Pow Wow is planned for March 2016. --------- He has managed, edited, and curated content on PechaKucha.org, PechaKucha Global's social networks, and still dabbles in IT for both the PechaKucha Global organization and Klein Dytham architecture. He worked as a liaison to over 800 PechaKucha City Organizers -- assisting them with licenses, content, and general inquiries. --------- In Winter/Spring 2014 he worked to partner PechaKucha with the New Cities Foundation. The goal was to reach out to the PechaKucha global creative network to locate talented "Urban Innovators" -- those working in their local community to enact social and technological change. The selected innovators from this campaign were flown to Dallas, TX for New Cities Summit, a gathering for world leaders, to speak on how their projects could be implemented, promoted, and scaled to benefit the urban landscape of any city, worldwide. --------- For PechaKucha's Global Night 2013, in collaboration with Google Japan, he lead the technical production of a nearly 20-hour-long Global Hangouts event, where the PK founders and team got together with over 75 City Organizers in every timezone to chat about their City, PechaKucha Night, and the Global Night theme "Hidden Heroes". --------- Like many Americans native to California, he has a weakness for avocados, burritos, and a well-made cheeseburger. On his bucket list is the goal to become a certified helicopter pilot. Photo: (c) Michael Holmes

  • Astrid Klein

    Astrid Klein was born in Italy to German parents, schooled in France, educated in Britain, and since 1988 has lived and worked in Japan. She is, therefore, thoroughly international, right down to her bones. Traversing disciplinary and cultural boundaries has been a way of life for Astrid. An artistic family background has ballasted her sense of identity, while the compass of design has guided her professional career. A Masters degree from the Royal College of Art in London exposed her to the diversity of creative endeavor and developed her talent. A thirst for the exotic led her to Japan, a hunger for the new kept her there. After working for Toyo Ito in Tokyo, she and her partner Mark Dytham established KDa in 1991. The work of KDa has been the subject of numerous publications and an exhibition of their work was held at the Architecture Association in London in 2005. Astrid is a frequent guest at international conferences on design and architecture and has lectured or held teaching positions at universities in Japan, the UK, the USA, Australia and throughout Europe.

  • Brian Scott Peterson

    Brian Scott Peterson is a one of those jack-of-all trades kind of characters who re-invents his entire world every few years. He's worn a load of different hats, from writer and photographer, to musician, to entrepreneur, to NPO founder. He's happily funnelling his imagination into PechaKucha at HQ in Tokyo. Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, he's travelled the world extensively. Since 2004, Brian, with his wife and two children, call Tokyo home.

  • Mariko Yokogi

    My background is studying architecture and I love multidisciplinary creative fields! Through experiencing many projects of space design, graphic design, publishing, coordinating, and so on, I have joined PechaKucha Global HQ. Really excited to meet awesome talents all over the world!

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