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Don't miss our May edition of inspiring and creative bonanza, taking place on Wednesday, May 31 at SuperDeluxe. 

Doors open at 19:00 (7pm), presentations begin 20:20 sharp! (8:20pm) Entrance is ¥1000 -- no need to pre-order -- just come down on the night!

The lineup of presenters will be updated over the coming weeks, and make sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter, or our Tokyo blog for all the news, and more info on the presenters.



Perception of Places

@ VOL 146 ON APR 26, 2017

武蔵野美術大学大学院で建築を学ぶ大瀧悠人さん。 垂直方向にも高く深く拡大する都市生活の中で、 人間の位置情報への知覚を意識し、 巧妙に設計された駅の提案を紹介してくださいます。


OmoshiRussia - Charms of the Latest Russia -

@ VOL 146 ON APR 26, 2017

ウラジオストック出身のTamara Soykinaさんは、 まだまだ日本では「恐ロシア」のイメージが根強いロシアのの魅力を広めるために、 日々熱心に活動しています。 オシャレでクリエイティブに溢れる最新ロシアのカルチャーや建築デザインをはじめ、沢山の「オモシロシア」を紹介してくださいます。


The Nomadic Life of an Artist

@ VOL 146 ON APR 26, 2017

Niky Roehreke left New York in summer 2014. Since then she lived in the woods in a camping car on Orcas island , in an apartment in Berlin, in a van across Japan, in a village in India, in the amazon jungle in Peru and recently returned to Japan and is working on her book about humans, nature and what happiness is.


The Power of Flower


Nicolai Bergmann Flowers & Design is Tokyo’s premier florist whose work is focused as much on contemporary design as it is on flowers. Established by the Danish floral artist, Nicolai Bergmann Flowers & Design has introduced a unique style of floral design to Japan; one that mixes European floral design principals with Scandinavian style sense and Japanese sensitivity to detail. Here he shares some of his beautiful work, and how it will be highlighting Japan and Denmark's celebration this year of 150 years of relations.


My Own Publicness

@ VOL 146 ON APR 26, 2017



West of Japan, East of Europe

@ VOL 146 ON APR 26, 2017

Bruno Taut (4 May 1880 – 24 Dec 1938) was a prolific German architect who has written three influential book-length appreciations of Japanese culture and architecture. “West of Japan / East of Europe“, a collaboration between Architect Marcos Capitanio and photographer Dave Clough, is devoted to exhibiting the only existing project that Bruno Taut realized during his three-year stay in Japan, Hyuga Villa (Kyu Hyuga Bettei) in Atami, built in 1936. Both exhibition and exhibit hallmarks a sincere cross-cultural exchange achieved through the deep ponderings of spatial proportions, sentiments and materiality!


30 Days of Loops

@ VOL 146 ON APR 26, 2017

Animator James Curran has been staying in Tokyo for 30 days, making a new looping animation every day inspired by things that he's seen during his stay. He'll talk about how he got started with making loops and why he'll never stop.


DERIVE: The Impossible City

@ VOL 146 ON APR 26, 2017

DERIVE means to drift through the world, to experience the urban landscape and neon fantasies of the city. Cody Ellingham uses reflection and unique perspectives to explore the world's first cyberpunk city, Tokyo.



Transformer Apartment

Gary Cheng has lived in this 32sqm apartment from the age of 14. 30 years later, he is still living there in the heart of Hong Kong. This is an incredible story of how his home has transformed over the years, and still continues to transform.

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About the City's Organizers

  • Mark Dytham

    Little did we know that a one-off event in Tokyo, based on a simple format we came up with to stop architects from talking too much, would grow into a truly global celebration of creativity - if we did we may have named the event something a little easier to pronounce and spell!

  • Astrid Klein

    Astrid Klein was born in Italy to German parents, schooled in France, educated in Britain, and since 1988 has lived and worked in Japan. She is, therefore, thoroughly international, right down to her bones. Traversing disciplinary and cultural boundaries has been a way of life for Astrid. An artistic family background has ballasted her sense of identity, while the compass of design has guided her professional career. A Masters degree from the Royal College of Art in London exposed her to the diversity of creative endeavor and developed her talent. A thirst for the exotic led her to Japan, a hunger for the new kept her there. After working for Toyo Ito in Tokyo, she and her partner Mark Dytham established KDa in 1991. The work of KDa has been the subject of numerous publications and an exhibition of their work was held at the Architecture Association in London in 2005. Astrid is a frequent guest at international conferences on design and architecture and has lectured or held teaching positions at universities in Japan, the UK, the USA, Australia and throughout Europe.

  • Brian Scott Peterson

    Brian Scott Peterson is a one of those jack-of-all trades kind of characters who re-invents his entire world every few years. He's worn a load of different hats, from writer and photographer, to musician, to entrepreneur, to NPO founder. He's happily funnelling his imagination into PechaKucha at HQ in Tokyo. Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, he's travelled the world extensively. Since 2004, Brian, with his wife and two children, call Tokyo home.

  • Netta Egoz

    From Lyttelton, NZ to Tokyo. Ex-lawyer now working for Pechakucha HQ- spreading the PK love across the globe!

  • Mariko Yokogi

    My background is studying architecture and I love multidisciplinary creative fields! Through experiencing many projects of space design, graphic design, publishing, coordinating, and so on, I have joined PechaKucha Global HQ. Really excited to meet awesome talents all over the world!