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Join us on Wednesday, July 30 for our last PechaKucha Night of the summer! That's right, since we take a break in August, this will be your last chance before the end of September to take in an evening of fun and inspiring presentations, including a new "PechaKucha Mix" improv presentation, and of course some cool and refreshing Tokyo Ale!

The lineup of presenters will be updated over the coming weeks, and make sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter, or our Tokyo blog for all the news, and more info on the presenters.
7/30は、この夏の最後のペチャクチャナイトを開催します!(8月はペチャクチャナイトはお休みします)暑い暑い夏でも、いつもどおり、とびきり刺激的なプレゼンテーションが行われますのでお楽しみに! もちろん冷たい東京エールも忘れずにね。 

Featured Presentation


Mai Akiyoshi

Software Engineer

Mai Akiyoshi describes her time in the city of Ishinomaki in Miyagi after it was devastated by the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami in 2011. Through helping the locals renovate and revitalize their shops and businesses, she fell in love with the relentless strength of the city's community.


Games as Interactive Art

@ VOL 114 ON MAY 28, 2014

Artist, game designer, and author Chris Solarski speaks on the points where video games intersect with classical art, film, and animation. He discusses the interactive aspect of games, and how this element fundamentally changes the way we engage with images. 


An Infectious Epidemic of a Game

@ VOL 115 ON JUN 25, 2014

Alex Aniel shares his long-lived passion for the games series Resident Evil (titled Biohazard in Japan) and how he relates to it. Take a look at his presentation for some insider facts about the production and evolution of the game's graphics!


Overcoming the Prejudice Against Vegetables

@ VOL 115 ON JUN 25, 2014

Maiko Amemiya has worked in restaurants in Japan, Turkey and the United States, and is currently a freelance chef in Tokyo with a published recipe book. Although vegan food is a growing trend, it is not yet common in Japan, where many consider it to be rabbit food. Maiko is determined to spread the love of vegetables and fruits through her catering and muffin business, which combines a twist of NYC, London and Istanbul!


Material Knowledge

@ VOL 115 ON JUN 25, 2014

After discovering leftover material from Kikutake's 1970 Osaka Expo tower, architectural researcher Nick Bruscia and his students began experimenting with textured stainless steel sheets to create a system of woven face frames. Its reflection of sunlight and resistance to winde make the installation's specular quality and the structural integrity one in the same. Nick comments that he is trying to create knowledge about materials, rather than implement knowledge. 


Internet Babies: Kawaii Happy and Fruity Free

@ VOL 115 ON JUN 25, 2014

Ideal Corpus are a French DJ duo who define themselves as visual artists in the post internet age. Their philosophy is radical enthusiasm, encouraging people to always find happiness and positivity even through hardships. They utilize the internet, and of course dancing, as a way to connect people.


Rope Art

@ VOL 115 ON JUN 25, 2014

(in Japanese)


I use rope to express "connections." The connections with nature, the hearts of people, earth, mother, our memory in DNA, our favourite things, and friends. I am here because of these connections.


SuperDeluxe for July 2014

@ VOL 115 ON JUN 25, 2014

Ryu Konno presents his monthly recap of past events and highlights some of the upcoming events at SuperDeluxe in Tokyo, the home of PechaKucha Tokyo nights. (in Japanese)


La Carmina

@ VOL 115 ON JUN 25, 2014

La Carmina is a travel TV host and blog writer, who travels the world seeking out the off-beat subculture of each city she visits. However, Tokyo is her favorite city because she finds something for everyone- from monkey taverns to Victorian dollhouse cafes, come and check out what La Carmina has discovered within Tokyo!



Saya Takahashi

Saya Takahashi is a new architect at Klein Dytham architecture, and at Wednesday's PechaKucha Night Vol. 116, she will share with us her love for one of Japan's most famous characters, Doraemon.
Saya TakahashiKlein Dytham architectureの新しい建築家として、水曜日のペチャクチャナイトVol.116にてドラえもんと一緒に語ります。


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About the City's Organizers

  • Don Kratzer

    A creative director based in Tokyo, he also produces vinyl toys and collaborates with artists through his Fig-lab brand. His latest project is the "Finger Five" series, made up of short vinyl figures that you can place on your fingers. He also helps run the PechaKucha Night series in Tokyo, which is held on the last Wednesday of every month.

  • Jean Snow

    Executive Director of the PechaKucha organization, he also helps run the PechaKucha Night in Tokyo -- please get in touch if you are interested in presenting at a future event. For a more intimate salon-like discussion group, join him at his monthly PauseTalk event. A longtime resident of Tokyo, he lives and breathes design, pop culture, and gaming, sustained by an unhealthy addiction to magazines and frequent visits to his favorites cafes. He has reported on these obsessions for various online/offline publications, including the following: Time, Inside (Australian Design Review), Gizmodo, Gridskipper, Kotaku, 1UP, Tokyo Q, Superfuture, OK Fred, Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel, I.D. (International Design), Metropolis, Azure, MoCo Loco, Kateigaho International Edition, Wired's Game|Life, PingMag, CNNGo, Phaidon, and The Japan Times.

  • Johnny Linnert

    Johnny is always thinking of new ways to help PechaKucha grow -- both online and offline. He manages, edits, and curates content on PechaKucha.org, PechaKucha Global's social networks, and dabbles in IT for both the PechaKucha Global organization and Klein Dytham architecture. He works as a liaison to over 750 PechaKucha City Organizers -- assisting them with licenses, content, and general inquiries. Johnny has also helped to cultivate partnerships with organizations, and develops campaigns to mobilize and leverage the PechaKucha network in new and exciting ways. --------- For PechaKucha's Global Night 2013, in collaboration with Google Japan, he lead the technical production of an 18-hour Global Hangouts event, where the PK founders and team got together with over 75 City Organizers in every timezone to chat about their City, PechaKucha Night, and the Global Night theme "Hidden Heroes". --------- Like many other total dudes from his home of Southern California, he digs design, Mexican food, architecture, tech, and most especially: video games. You can find him scouring Tokyo for killer cheeseburgers, burritos, sushi, and tequila. Righteous. Photo: (c) Michael Holmes