"LAM" Best Chair Designs of 20th Century


Pecha Kucha Night Tehran is coming back with another exciting event called "LAM". At "LAM" night there will be presentations around chair, sitting, the meaning of sitting and seating places.

"LAM" Pecha Kucha night is happening at the same time as "LAM" exhibition which is a three-day event about evaluating design and manufacturing process of "the best chair designs of 20th century". The "LAM" exhibition is organised by Mohammad Reza Masoumi Azar and is supported by Industrial Design faculty of the University of Art and Tehran University Society for Science.

"LAM" Pecha Kucha night will be held at the Farabi Hall, The University of Art, Tehran at 27/09/2016 @5pm local time. Please join us to make this event more special.


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Tehran Pecha Kucha night Organisers





Tehran recently held a momentous cluster of PechaKucha events for their Tehran Design Week festival. The celebrations included Volumes 5, 6, and 7 and featured over 20 presenters, started on February 26, finshed up on March 3rd.

PKN Tehran has given a description of the goings-on for this special string of evenings:

The basic idea for Design Week is quite simple; a range of partnership organizations agree to stage an event or series of events around the same time frame to create collaboration and synergies within that period; it will provide an exciting snapshot of a very eclectic Tehran design scene. Design Week is an umbrella brand and works in partnership with a wide network of design organizations and representative bodies. These range from professional design organizations, not-for-profit design agencies, design companies and studios, design colleges, and suppliers to the design industries. And we'll show this event in PechaKucha Night format.

To see more photos from these PechaKucha happenings, check out Tehran's Vol. 5, Vol. 6, and Vol. 7

The new volume of PKN will be presented in the very first "Tehran design week". these series have different perspective in design and happens for 3 days ( Vol 5 , Vol 6 ,Vol 7 ). the most significant point about these series is that the university instructors are presenting along students.

continue reading for more information http://tehrandesignweek.com/

tehran design week's manager : Mohammadreza Masoumiazar 

Poster designe by Marjan Akhbari Azad



Tehran Pecha Kucha night Organisers



PKN Tokyo Vol. 96 Presentations Today, another set of presentations from last week's Tokyo Designers Week edition PechaKucha event (PKN Tokyo Vol. 96). As the title declares ("What's Wrong with Japanese Big Corporation's Product Design?"), this presentation (in English/Japanese) by the Yo!jimbob duo is a call to arms for what they find lacking in that particular field. Takao Sakai (AZURER) took to the stage to share (in Japanese) art like you've never seen, inspired by a very special ingredient indeed: red bean paste. Kouichi Okamoto (Kyouei Design) has been surprising us consistently with his innovative -- and oftentimes whimsical -- products and installations, which he shares in this presentation (in Japanese). PKN Tokyo Vol. 96 PKN Tehran Vol. 3 Posters Today's addition to the Tumblr blog is the poster for tomorrow night's PKN Tehran Vol. 3 -- you'll find the list of presenters with links on the official event pagePKN Derby Vol. 6 PKN Derby Vol. 6 Photos PKN Derby Vol. 7 may have just passed us by, but here's a photo gallery [Flickr] for the previous event (Vol. 6), held earlier this year. Calendar Here are your five PKNs for tonight (November 6): PKN Usti nad Labem Vol. 4, PKN Norrkoping Vol. 21, PKN Dundee Vol. 4, PKN Guildford Vol. 10, and PKN Cape Town Vol. 21.  Tomorrow night, we have the following six events: PKN New Haven Vol. 14, PKN Bozeman Vol. 5, PKN Helena Vol. 3, PKN Toronto Vol. 18, PKN Austin Vol. 15, and PKN Tehran Vol. 3.

PKN Tehran Vol. 2 The second PechaKucha Night in Tehran was held towards the end of November, and here's a look at a few photos from the event, courtesy of organizer Soudeh Farzmahdi -- you'll find the list of presenters on the event page. We think you'll all agree that using Cafe Gallery Iranshahr as a venue made for some striking imagery, as seen above. More...

Poster for PKN Tehran Vol. 2 Yes, we do have a PechaKucha Night series in Tehran, and the city's Vol. 2 is set for November 26, at Cafe Gallery Iranshahr -- you'll find the list of presenters on the official event page.

Poster for PKN Tehran Vol. 1 The very first PechaKucha Night was held in the city of Tehran this past weekend, and it was a terrific event, according to organizer Soudeh Farzmahdi -- "Young designers met each other, old friends saw each other after months/years." Here's a look at the lovely poster that was produced for the event, and Soudeh will hopefully get some photos to us, so that we can share on the blog. You'll also find the list of presenters on the event page.