PKN Surabaya Vol. 2

As you'll see from the following report by organizer Adhiatma Gunawan, it was a stunning showing for PechaKucha Night in Surabaya Vol. 2.

The event was held on November 25, 2009 at Matchbox (Bigbox complex) Surabaya, a cafe complex with a capacity of 350. But PKN Surabaya has so many fans, and they exceeded our expectation -- we rocked Surabaya that night with more than 550 people coming to the venue. The ushers told us that it actually reached 600 people, but some of the audience went back home because the venue was overcrowded.

In the afternoon we had more than 10 local and national media in our press conference, and PKN Surabaya got very positive reviews in a few blogs and newspapers. At night, PKN Surabaya Vol. 2 started at 7:10 PM, and 9 outstanding presenters shared their ideas following the theme "I Love Indonesia," and it was totally awesome! Most of the audience stayed until the very end of the event, hypnotized by all the presentations.

We also tried something different. We had no MC, but some of PKN Surabaya Vol. 1 alumni were outstanding in taking up the role of the MC. One audience member said: "They are even much better than the real MC, because they have the PKN soul!"

The day after, we received a lot of compliments, most of them saying "we just cannot wait for upcoming the PKN Surabaya Vol. 3!"

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Flyer for PKN Surabaya Vol. 2

Following our previous post on PechaKucha Night in Surabaya, here's a look at the flyer for tonight's Vol. 2, a specially themed edition where presenters will share their passion for their native country.

PKN Surabaya in the News

PKN Surabaya in the News

PechaKucha Night in Surabaya gets some nice press this week in the biggest regional newspaper, and organizer Adhiatma Gunawan sends in this quote in English, describing what is planned for tonight's Vol. 2:

Finally after a few months, PechaKucha Night Surabaya is coming back soon, and the Vol. 2 will be held on 25 November 2009 at Matchbox (Bigbox Complex), Jalan Sumatera 40, Surabaya.

After the success of more-than-300 people coming to the very first event, Adhiatma Gunawan (as PKN Surabaya License Holder) and his team are quite confident that the upcoming Vol. 2 will repeat and even achieve bigger success. PKN Surabaya Vol. 2 will bring a special theme, "I LOVE INDONESIA," where 9 outstanding presenters will share their ideas and passion about the spirit of nationalism in today's era.

PKN Surabaya Vol. 1

PechaKucha Night kicked off in Surabaya with an amazing crowd of 300, and as organizer Adhiatma Gunawan tells us, with attendees exclaiming the words everyone behind the operation is sure to be happy to hear: "We can't wait for PKN Surabaya Vol. 2!"

We've included a few photos from the event in this post, but there's more to see on the PKN Surabaya Flickr photostream.


Poster for PKN Surabaya Vol. 1

Poster for PKN Surabaya Vol. 1

PechaKucha Night debuted in Surabaya this past Saturday, and while we wait for a report from the city, here's a look at the poster that was created for the event. If you visit the city page, you can already see a stream of photos covering the preparations for the big night.