PKN Lausanne Vol. 8 Presentations Can Yücel Metin's presentation (from PKN Istanbul Vol. 14) is all about a comedy TV series called Aye, Thanks! that airs Friday nights in Turkey. He is an actor on the show, as well as a writer. Presented as part of a special PechaKucha Night that was themed on "schizophrenia," Philippe Conus is a psychiatrist who used his presentation (in French, from PKN Lausanne Vol. 8) to cover all aspects of the disease, debunking many aspects that are mistaken by many. PKN Azores Vol. 3 Posters Today's additions to the Tumblr blog include posters for PKN Azores Vol. 3 (above), PKN Sunshine Coast Vol. 10, PKN Victoria Vol. 4, PKN Norman Vol. 2, PKN Melbourne Vol. 15, PKN Perth Vol. 10, and PKN Buenos Aires Vol. 17, 18, and 19. PKN Toledo Vol. 2 Photos and video Here's a small photo gallery [Flickr] for last June's PKN Toledo Vol. 2 -- above, a look at the venue (Toledo Public Library). We also have a video to share, in the form of this teaser video for the upcoming PKN Guatemala City Vol. 2 (set for September 27). httpv:// Calendar Tonight's (August 29) PKNs are the following: PKN New Haven Vol. 13, PKN Tampere Vol. 7, and PKN Providence Vol. 41. Tomorrow, it's a big Thursday with these 5 events: PKN Sevilla Vol. 13, PKN St. Petersburg Vol. 21, PKN Christchurch Vol. 15, PKN Xalapa Vol. 12, and PKN Nashville Vol. 8.

Poster for PKN Sunshine Coast Vol. 9 PechaKucha Night in Sunshine Coast Vol. 9 was recently postponed (now set for April 4), and here's more info from organizer Sue Davis, as well as a look at the poster that was produced for the event -- you'll also find the full list of presenters with links on the official event page.

Sunshine Coast PKN #9 was washed out last week when torrential rain caused flash flooding and several of our presenters were flood-bound. We have reschedule for next Wednesday. 4 April and have a great line-up including filmmaker and motivational speaker Toni Powell -- who founded the 'Heart of Gold' film festival and more recently the 30 day gratitude challenge. We also have producers for the online music sensation balconytv, artists, poets and more. Graphic design created by Evangeline Cachinero, a local visual artist and graphic designer.

Flyer for PKN Sunshine Coast Vol. 7 PechaKucha Night on the Sunshine Coast Vol. 7 is coming up next week (Tuesday, August 2) at The J (Noosa Junction), and as the poster reveals, the theme is "Green Love" -- you'll find the full list of presenters with links on the official event page. Here's a bit more on the event from organizer Susan Davis:

We are excited to feature some amazing presenters at our 'Green Love' PKN next week on the Sunshine Coast. We have an Aboriginal presenter, Samantha Martin, who is a great ambassador for her culture, as well as permaculture designers, green art practitioners and more. We were overwhelmed with expressions of interest for this one -- it seems that folks are certainly keen to share the (green) love!

Flyer for PKN Sunshine Coast Vol. 6 PechaKucha Night in Sunshine Coast Vol. 6 is happening tomorrow night (June 14) at the Nambour Civic Centre -- you'll find the full list of presenters with links on the official event page. Here's more on the event from organizer Susan Davis:

Following on from the global PKN Inspire Japan campaign, the Sunshine Coast (Aust) will continue with the 'Inspire' theme for their PKN #6 this Tues June 14. It's been a tough year for so many this year, beginning with torrential rain and floods in Australia to earthquakes in NZ and Japan with ongoing flow on effects. Some of our Sunshine Coast artists and creatives will share some of what inspires them and will hopefully provide some inspiration for others. Featuring Indigenous artist Jandamarra Cadd, landscape architect (and Japanese art lover) James Birrell, Empress of Weaving Rene Bahloo, sculptor and activist Greg Windsor, photographer James Ray, independent producer Kath Quigley, musician/artist Kari and Salt magazine editor Kate Johns.

PKN Sunshine Coast + Inspire Japan Sunshine Coast will be participating in the Global PechaKucha Day - Inspire Japan event on April 16, at The Jewellery Gallery at Carringtons -- see the flyer above for more details, as well as the official event page. The entree fee includes an automatic donation.

Poster for PKN Sunshine Coast Vol. 5 PechaKucha Night in the Sunshine Coast Vol. 5 is happening tomorrow night (March 29) at the Nambour Civic Centre's Centenary Square, and below are a few words from organizer Susan Davis -- you'll also find the list of presenters with links on the official event page. Please note that they will be accepting donations to reconstruction efforts (as part of our collaboration with Architecture for Humanity), and that they hope to do something on April 16, as part of the Global PechaKucha Day. The Sunshine Coast is a haven for creative enterprise but it takes a brave person to tell others about the ups and downs of their journey. Love, Luck and Loss – creative journeys to the here and now is the theme for presentations at the Sunshine Coast's next PechaKucha event at 5.30 pm on Tuesday March 29 at the Nambour Civic Centre. Presenters include artist andgraphic designer Evangeline Cachinero; music composer and producer Ralph Tyrrell, digital designer Wayne McFetridge, cultural facilitator Zoe Scrogings, chef and now photographer Alain Bouvier, creativity and innovation coach Michael Doneman, flamenco guitarist Andrew Veivers, cultural facilitator/artist Walbira Murray and community artist Florence Tiellet.

Flyer for PKN Sunshine Coast Vol. 4

Sunshine Coast's PechaKucha Night Vol. 4 was held last night -- you can see the list of presenters who participated on the official event page -- but we still wanted to share the flyer that was produced for the Halloween-themed event where, as organizer Sude Davis tells us, they asked "creatives to share the 'tricks' of their trade or 'treat' us to their success stories and achievements." The design is by Gary Cobb.


Sunshine Coast's PechaKucha Night Vol. 2 happens tonight (March 23) at The J, with presentations kicking off at 18:30. The full list of presenters (with links) appears on the official event page.

Flyer for PKN Sunshine Coast Vol. 1

As we mentioned yesterday, PechaKucha Night in Sunshine Coast Vol. 1 happens tonight (October 27) at Villa Noosa -- have a look at the flyer above for the list of presenters.

Noosa Journal

Sunshine Coast's inaugural PechaKucha Night is all set to happen tomorrow night (October 27) at Villa Noosa. Organizer Sue Davis sends in a scan of an article from the Noosa Journal covering the launch.


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