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11 MAY


This time we will travel a few kilometres from the Strakonice city centre and in cooperation with Volyne v dolyne we invite you to a former carservice (and further in past a leather factory) by the river Volyňka.

We will present you ten personalities connected to Volyne and Sumava highlands, from literature, visual art and architecture, to music and sport.

There will be three exhibitions during our 5th Pecha Kucha and as an after party will occur Tygroo band :)


Jindra Černá / book Krásy Šumavy

Michal Hořejší / linguist, musician

Míra Růžička / visual artist, curator

Vojta a Ivan Pelíškovi / Pellwood

Míra Bečka / architecture

Aleš Palán / publicist, book Raději zešílet v divočině

Vladimír T.Gottwald / actor

The Smackouns / Volyne Smack fest

František Vávra / Buď sob!

Adéla Bočánková / student prize winner




First Pecha Kucha in Strakonice

First Strakonice Pecha Kucha Night has ended and we have to say it was wonderful evening full of interesting people from our region and the whole CR + one Czech-Geran director. Thanks to nearly 200 visitors, 11 presenters and 16 head team, it was such a pleasant time to spend.
David Zabransky, writer, talked about his works and his favourites. Rene Nekuda, writer and creative writing lector presented his book-project, Hakuna Matata, Michaela Heckova, cultural manager an coordinator presented her new book O městech a lidech (Of cities and people), Jindra Bromova told us a story of ressurection of synagogue in Čkyně, young architect, Alzbeta Blahova showed her interesting projects of mobile theatre or reusage of solar panels and another young architect, Tomas Petermann talked about the former cinema Hraničář and its contemporary function - multicultural centre in Usti nad Labem. The third presenting architect, Jan Zakostelecky amused us with his graphic jokes. Photographer and curator Jan Freiberg presented gallery "Na shledanou" in Volyne cemetery. Stepan Kovar, teacher and orientalist, introduced new alternative school "Volynka". Supersladak, the superhero, talked about hard job of a superhero in interactive gallery Sladovna in Písek. Rena Dumont, Czech emigrant living in Germany talked about her job of actress and director.
Thanks to all visitors, coworkers and presenters! Looking forward to next Strakonice Pecha Kucha in June!  :)

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About the City's Organizers

  • Martin Vadlejch

    Non profit cultural activist, local patriot, ecological activist. Always doing, creating, makeing something. Organizer of different kinds of events - localy and all around country. Made mobile cinema and cruising around villages where is lack of oportunities for locals to meet. Made already two theatre gipsy wagons. Always busy with creating different objects, interactive units for kids interactive exhibitions, and other theatre docorations as well...

  • Michaela Sykorova

    Life - maternity leave, Jsme Strakonice - volunteer, Artwall Strakonice - former curator, Sunshine Cabaret - project coordinator