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We haven’t scheduled our next PechaKucha Night yet, but in the meantime you can watch some presentations, look at our map to see if there are any scheduled PKNs in nearby cities, or have a look at the long list of upcoming events, to see if there’s one you can attend!


From Tokyo to the World

@ VOL 55 ON FEB 09, 2016

Astrid Klein & Mark Dytham, PechaKucha Founders, special guests from PechaKucha HQ, Tokyo

Mark and Astrid introduce the concept of PechaKucha  - in ten years this format of seminars has spread to over 900 cities. They have about 120 events every month, and around 500 000 people attend these events. 

PechaKucha is about being positive. Mark and Astrid speak about the positive outcome of the horrible earthquake in Tōhoku in 2011, where a million people were dislodged and 7000 people lost their homes. To help restore the community, architect Toyo Ito built a new kind of community center called The Home For All – a place where people can meet each other, a place to hang out and a place for kids to play. 


The Snail - and all it entails

@ VOL 55 ON FEB 09, 2016

PechaKucha Hong Kong's Sonia Chow wants to step away from work and be seduced by the mundane and the unexpected things in life. Her PechaKucha is about snails, the enemy of gardens everywhere.

She found some snails in her newly planted garden that she decided to keep in her home. Sonia gives us a lecture in basic snail care, what not to do and how to keep your snails alive and well.

For instance, Chows PechaKucha informs us that snails are hermaphrodites. Both partners get pregnant, and their act of love lasts about 15 hours. This piece of information came across Chow as she found herself with tons of new snail babies.  


The difference between smart and intelligent

@ VOL 55 ON FEB 09, 2016

Tobias Berneth, Founder of Things to Be, discusses the question "Why can't smart technology be smarter?" he challanges this question by comparing technology. What is the difference between smart and intelligent products? We have smart products – products that can store, and deliver information. The intelligent product would be able to recognize redundancies and patterns of information.

Smart products await your input. Do you loose time by using smart products? By using intelligent products, would you be given time, as the product is constantly changing after your needs?

Berneth compares these intelligent products to making new friends. He asks, "How do you design something that collects your data?”. It’s like making friends, make products that people can communicate with in a human way and that can understand how you do it.


100 days of need and greed

@ VOL 55 ON FEB 09, 2016

Kristina Schultz, Designer, 100 days of need and greed

Kristina needs us to change things and step up for the planet.

Schultz speaks about the material dream we're upholding, not knowing what our actual human needs are. She challenges this and makes a groundbreaking change in her everyday life. By emptying her apartment she starts to produce material things, driven by the need for them. By doing this she makes room for reflection - reflection over needs and greed. 


The randomness of nature

@ VOL 55 ON FEB 09, 2016

Jin Kuramoto, Design director of Jin Kuramoto Studio, tells us about some of his furniture project. He calls them Udon-furniture. “Udon” comes from a traditional style of Japanese boat making - the Udom-boat.

His new project Phantom, launched on the 8th of February, is a what Kuramoto calls “a small-things organizer” or “vide poche” meaning empty pocket in French.

He also introduces his new project of for OFFECCT, where he uses organic shapes as an oath to the beauty and randomness of nature. 


Färg & Blanche

@ VOL 55 ON FEB 09, 2016

Fredrik Färg, Designer, Färg & Blanche speaks about his and Emma Marga Blanche studio Färg & Blanche in Stockholm. They work with furniture and art projects - projects concerning crafts and innovation. They're pushing the limits of what you can do with differnet materials.

Fredriks presentation is about sewing machines. Färg & Blanche wanted to do something new, something that the industry didn’t do. They used their hands and the making of the hand. They did something that nobody belived they could manage, to stitch in wood. 



@ VOL 55 ON FEB 09, 2016

“To understand nature, naturalists found out early that it made sense to put things into systems.”

In Primitiva from PechaKucha Night Stockholm’s 55th Volume, speaker Katrín Ólína discusses her new project Primitiva. She embarked on a journey to find herself, but instead found something that belongs to everyone. By creating a language of shape, Katrín discovers a diversity of human conditions.

This was "PechaKucha of the Week" on Thursday, April 7th, 2016. 


What you pick, you order

@ VOL 55 ON FEB 09, 2016

Emma Bergqvist, Weleda and Daniel Jonsson,
Skillebyholm, speak about the importance of the aspect of sustainability when you chose your skincare products. 




"Every now and then, something extraordinary occurs." 

In Moonhouse from PechaKucha Night Stockholm Vol. 50, Johan Molin shares an inspiring project by Swedish artist Mikael Genberg aimed at building a tiny red house on the surface of the moon. The project is more that is seems at first glance, tackling ideas about how we can fulfill our dreams and goals. If we are willing to strive for something, we can do anything, even if that anything is beyond our most truly wild imaginations. We just need to stop asking if our dreams are possible and start asking how to make our dreams possible.


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