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14 MAY


Welcome to an evening of thinking and drinking!
A series of Creative Speakers will present themselves for 6 minutes and 40 seconds. 20 images get 20 seconds each - it never gets boring, only inspiring!



Doors open at 7.30pm - first presenter on stage at 20.20pm sharp!


Max Valentin, VD of Fabel Kommunikation

Paul Wilkson, Sound Maker
"Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow! My Analog Synthesizers"

Claes Olson, Music Entrepreneur, Owner of COMEDIA and founder of Indie Sweden
"Silence and Sounds, 1+1 = 3"

Chiara Carucci, Lighting Designer

John Paval, Manager of EU Arts Live

Produced by Svensk Form (www.svenskform.se) and Leigh Fitzjames (facebook.com/leighfitzjamespage)


PechaKucha 20×20 is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically and you talk along to the images. PechaKucha Nights are informal and fun gatherings where creative people get together and share their ideas, works, thoughts, holiday snaps– just about anything, really – in the PechaKucha 20×20 format. Svensk Form is an ambassador for PechaKucha in Sweden. PechaKucha was created by the architect duo Klein-Dytham in Tokyo in 2003.

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How to Write

@ VOL 62 ON MAR 07, 2018

Jonas Fredén, journalist, teaches us how to write. To summarize his PK: keep it simple!

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The Courage Report

@ VOL 62 ON MAR 07, 2018

Jane Ruffino, Content designer and content manager at the digital agency Daresay, talks about courage and what differs courage from bravery and recklessness. Also, her point is that pizza is an essential ingredient for success!

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Proximity Value

@ VOL 62 ON MAR 07, 2018

Digital worker Jesper Åström on how distance actually matter when we value things. The same goes for ideas. The further away you are from an idea, the less you need to know to find it interesting.  Perhaps that's why we have such troubles loving the thing which is the closest to us - ourselves.

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Death Riders in India

@ VOL 51 ON JUN 02, 2015

Swedish photographer Carl Hjelte takes us on a journey in India. Motorcycles, death riders & snakes!

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Brutal Charm in Stockholm

@ VOL 56 ON APR 21, 2016

Architectural historian Martin Rörby shows the best the city of Stockholm has got in terms of brutalism! Get to know another side of Stockholm, and it's definitely charming.

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From Ingrid to Alicia

@ VOL 56 ON APR 21, 2016

Pia Lundberg & Andrea Reuter from The Swedish Film Institute give a film history lesson, taking the audience from Ingrid Bergman to Alicia Wikander, who won an Oscar 2016 for her Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her performance as Gerda in The Danish Girl.

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Disturbing Objects

@ VOL 59 ON MAY 18, 2017

Sara Sjöbäck, designer, tells her story from her childhood in Sjöbo to her current life. She recently graduated from Beckmans College of Design and was in Milan in April, during the design week there, to participate in the Prototypa workshops arranged by For Us with love.

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Sveriges Formhus

@ VOL 59 ON MAY 18, 2017

Fanny Jiseborn & Lovisa Roegind, architecture students, present their grad project from Lund University. It's about a design center in Stockholm and it's beautiful. Their ideas will inspire many!


About the City's Organizers

  • Ewa Kumlin

    Ewa Kumlin, was appointed as Managing Director of Svensk Form in December 2004. Prior to her appointment at Svensk Form, she was running her own company for cultural production since 1991. She always focused on creating meetings between people from various fields of contemporary culture, and she has an extensive network of international contacts. Through her husband's work as a diplomat, she has lived in Paris, New York, Brasilia, Athens and Tokyo. During the postings abroad she has arranged a number of cultural projects, mainly within contemporary culture, design and literature. In Tokyo, in 1999 she initiatied “Swedish Style in Tokyo”, a Swedish promotional event aimed at a young Japanese audience, featuring contemporary Swedish culture and life style, which has now become a yearly event in Tokyo, run by the Swedish Embassy. Upon her return to Sweden, Ewa arranged a continuation in "Tokyo Style in Stockholm” of contemporary Japanese Culture in August 2004 Originally Ewa Kumlin studied at the Royal College of Arts in Stockholm to become a Fine Arts Teacher, after a few years with the Foreign Ministry. She also has been writing articles for Swedish art and design magazines and published a book on her family story. In the early 90's she helped to coordinate two large literary cruises in the Baltic and the Black Sea with writers and translators from over forty countries.

  • Emma Olofsson

    Work with communications at the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design since 2015. Adore the PechaKucha concept!