PKN Kyiv Vol. 7 Presentations Tatiana Guryeva's presentation (in Ukrainian, from PKN Kyiv Vol. 7) is based on recollections of her childhood. You'll see the Kyiv of the 70s and 80s, or at least how it has remained in her memory, as well as Pechersk, the area where she grew up, and Podol, the area where she currently lives.

Art’s task is to Save the Soul of Mankind, and that anything less is a dithering while Rome burns. Because if the Artist, who are self-selected to be able to journey into the other... if the Artist cannot find the way, then the Way cannot be Found. 

Adopting this Terence McKenna quote as his mantra and accidentally stumbling into what he calls "Thought Structure" through his art, blakeArt® (aka Matt Blake), with all his might and good intent, attempts to do just that: find a way for All. We are all "One" in the "Same," and he expands on that idea in this presentation (from PKN Chicago Vol. 18). PKN Guimaraes Vol. 3 Posters New on the Tumblr blog today are posters for PKN Guimaraes Vol. 3 (pictured above), PKN Springfield, Ohio Vol. 5, and PKN Cape Town Vol. 19.  PKN Buenos Aires Vol. 21 We've also added a few posters and flyers from PKN Buenos Aires that we hadn't come across in the past, including the flyer you see above, for the city's Vol. 21. PKN Buenos Aires Vol. 25 happens tonight. PKN Barcelona Vol. 16 Photos and video We have a few photo galleries to share today, including from the recent PKN Barcelona Vol. 16, which is what you see above. After the link, you'll also find a great video round-up from the event -- we sure love that "20th Century Fox" intro done PK-style.

Calendar Tonight (June 26) your PKN satisfaction will come from the following two events: PKN Amersfoort Vol. 7 and the previously mentioned PKN Buenos Aires Vol. 25. Tomorrow, on top of PKN Tokyo Vol. 93, you'll find PKN Kingston Vol. 3 and PKN Providence Vol. 39. 

Poster for PKN Springfield, OH Vol. 3 PechaKucha Night in Springfield, OH Vol. 3 is taking place tonight (Friday, November 4) at The Westcott House -- you'll find the list of presenters with links on the official event page.

PKN Springfield, OH + Inspire Japan The city of Springfield, OH celebrated its very first PechaKucha Night just over a week ago, and as you'll notice from the poster above, it was also in support of our continuing Inspire Japan efforts. Below, a few details on the participating presenters, courtesy of organizer Marta Wojcik.

1. Karen Severns and Koichi Mori -- Filmmakers living in Tokyo, with message recorded from Tokyo about some effects of 3.11 2. Cara Armstrong -- illustrator/writer, on the Japanese influence on Frank Lloyd Wright and her own illustrations from "Moxie. The Dachshund of Fallingwater" 3. Ruby Daily -- recent Wittenberg University alumni, with a talk on the artist Banksy 4. Tanya Maus -- Wittenberg East Asian Department, on the work of Hiraga Gennai 5. James Luckett -- photographer and artist, on his own work inspired by his time in Japan 6. Marta Wojcik -- reminiscing on an exhibition by Junko Yamamoto and a music performance by SOFT (from Kyoto) in Springfield, OH