Where is My Mind

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 04, 2016

Leah Simmons is a graphic designer by day and roller derby player by night! Her passion for art and graphics is something that she carries through all aspects of her life, from volunteering her talents to local charities to her most recently creation of her own freelance design business, Sugar Skull Design. Just over a year ago, Leah suffered a traumatic brain injury during a roller derby game that not only challenged her perception of the world around her, but also art as a tool of self reflection and healing. 



Manufacturing Territories

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 04, 2016

Timmithea Chan teaches upper level architecture courses at South Dakota State University. She has taught Professional Design Studio, Whole Building Studio, Urban History and Building Technology classes. Timmithea earned her Masters of Architecture degree at Rice University, Houston. She is the principle of a young architecture research firm, the AURR Projects.  Her interest in the synergies between architecture, urbanism, infrastructure, and technology has led way to her body of work. Systematic approaches to design generate intelligence and complexity. Every motive for a project is an action-reaction stemming from an observed phenomenon in our ever-evolving social, political and built world. Timmithea always looks for opportunities for architecture in unsuspecting scenarios, envisioning it to take on unexpected narratives. Her family is from Hong Kong, and currently lives in Toronto. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, photography as well as spending time with her fiancé and her fluffball of a dog, named Momo.



The Big Dream

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 04, 2016

Anelis Cristina Coscioni was born and raised in Brazil where she graduated from a veterinary school. After finishing her Doctorate, she married Jorge Luna, moved to California, Idaho, Mexico and finally to Sioux Falls. Anelis was actually “made” here. When she arrived in Sioux Falls, she couldn’t work because of her Visa restrictions. She started volunteering and discovered a new, fantastic world in Non Profit. With the support of her husband and the help of a good friend, Charlie Day, she discovered that she could use her gifts doing what makes her really happy - helping others. While being a stay at home mom to the almost 4 years old Anita, Anelis, together with her Soroptimist club, started a free Toy Lending Library and, that, was when she started thinking big 



Permanent Sentiments and Exploration of Modern Tattooing

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 04, 2016

Tim Jewell is a tattoo artist from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He has been tattooing for the last fourteen years and painting for the last seven. When looking at Tim's work the viewer can expect to see the influence of 14 years of tattooing, as well as inspiration from tattoo heroes such as; Sailor Jerry, Bert Grimm, Percy Waters, and Amund Dietzel. You can expect bold, bright and straight forward art with very little nonsense. "For me, painting is a way to perfect my craft, to get traditional American tattoo designs into the public eye, and to release some of the ideas I have floating In my head" Tim tattoos at Ink and Iron Tattoo Parlor in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.



Hanging by a Thread: Keeping Traditional Arts Alive


As an artist Ashley Rieck continually tries to maintain balance in her life. Spending most of her adolescence in South Dakota and the Midwest, she was fortunate to have a few special women that were willing to teach her traditional arts. From baking bread to cross stitch and embroidery, Ashley is fascinated with everything. Ultimately drawn to cross stitch and string art as it allows her to really focus on the task at hand and makes her use the analytical side of her brain. Over the years she has experimented with different ways to express herself through string.


Objects are Greater than They Appea


Justin Enger is a avid consumer of material culture, who lives in Harrisburg SD with his long suffering husband, Travis, and their three dogs Eva, Otie and Cadet.



Knock on Wood


Josh Rieck began studying the art of lutherie (stringed musical instrument making) in 2002 at Minnesota State College – Southeast Technical in Red Wing, MN. After graduating with honors from the Guitar Repair and Construction course he moved back to his hometown, Aberdeen, SD and started String Theory Musical Instrument Repair and Custom Construction, performing guitar repair for local musicians while also beginning to build various acoustic and electric instruments.

Due to local needs, Josh also began to work with violin family instruments while studying double bass performance at Northern State University. Double bass studies continued in 2007 at the University of South Dakota at which point the business also moved to Sioux Falls.

After completing his masters in 2009, Josh went full time as a luthier in a new location in Sioux Falls. Though he did return to academia in 2012-2013 while studying the history of musical instruments at the National Music Museum.

Since beginning in lutherie, Josh has built over 40 instruments and repaired thousands. As of 2015, the focus of his business has shifted toward J. Rieck Lutherie - the instrument making side of his endeavours.

He also plays with The Union Grove Pickers; sits on the board of the SD Friends of Traditional Music; is co-founder of Different Folk Records, and is a member the Guild of American Luthiers and the Ukulele Guild of Hawaii.



20 of 82,725


A believer in community and adventure, Ashley Thompson is married to a brilliant architect and a mother to two delightful children. She would not separate her personal and professional live, she would rather combine everything and enhance the community we live in while raising children that believe that they are not only capable of - but compelled to change the world. Ashley is the Director of Development for EmBe and is passionate about empowering women and families in our community.


The Space Shuttle Challenger - What Went Wrong?!


"The problem was they had already had failures previous to this, and they kept launching when they shouldn't have."

In The Space Shuttle Challenger - What Went Wrong?! from Sioux Falls Vol. 14, former Nasa technician John Kolander talks about the tragic Challenger disaster that occurred January 28th, 1986 and his perspective while working from the Launch Control Center at Vandenberg Air Force Base. In this stoic presentation, Kolander recollects that heavy moment, systematically breaking down in simple terms the chain of events that when wrong.

Revisit the tragedy that broke our hearts but not our spirits, and reflect on the those that gave their lives in our ongoing reach for the stars and beyond.

Revist the tragedy that broke our hearts but not our spirits, and reflect on the those that gave their lives in our ongoing reach for the stars. 

Married 40 years to his wife Barbara, John and his family have lived in Sioux Falls for almost ten years and this is now home.


Prints & Repeat


Allyson Bousema is a graphic designer living in the heart of Sioux Falls. She enjoys trying to make it to every art show on First Fridays and loves connecting with the creative and brilliant people who support this city like she does. She made a lot of artist connections at her last job and misses working with them. It's because of those connections, that she decided to start her own large format print shop, Prints & Repeat.

She wants to share her story and the path that led her to where she is now. She dreams of inspiring at least one other person to invest in their passions as well. There is something in her brain that wasn't there before. The confidence that she has earned now motivates her everyday to do things even when she thinks she can't. She's Allyson Bousema, and she is here to help.


Feminine Attempts


Klaire Pearson is a painter who lives in Vermillion, SD, and she creates representational portraits of women with oil on canvas. Klaire enjoys using the human form as a vehicle to communicate the agency of her subjects with viewers. In addition to addressing femininity and feminism within her artwork, she enjoys incorporating humor. After she graduated from South Dakota State University, she was a K-12 art teacher. Klaire is currently a graduate student at the University of South Dakota where she studies painting and teaches foundation classes.


Swamp Thing: Collecting for a World Record

@ VOL 13 ON MAR 06, 2015

John Boylan is an illustrator and graphic designer at Fresh Produce. He is a lifelong comic book enthusiast and has been a collector for most of his life. John finds great pleasure in researching, hunting and cataloging his findings. His collection and catalog of all things Swamp Thing is recognized as a valuable reference tool. Over the past year, Swamp Thing fans from around the world have reached out to John regarding his online catalog at


Boylan’s entire collection of over 800 items—books, memorabilia, toys, and more—will be on display from 1:00PM to 5:00PM at the Sioux Falls Design Center in Downtown Sioux Falls. The collection will be authenticated by legendary comic book artist and creator Phil Hester (Marvel, DC, and more), local purveyor of all things collectible John Nordstrom (Rainbow Sports Cards and Comics) and Sioux Falls business owner and comic enthusiast Andy Howes (Howes Oil, Local Zip). Boylan promises the event will be “a celebration of fandom, fanaticism, and all things Swampy.”


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