"For this project, I particularly looked at the things that those children could do instead of what they couldn’t." 

In Human Centered Design from PechaKucha Night Shanghai Vol. 26Bas van Hoeve explains what inspires him when he's designing: people. He doesn't design just to create something nice or beautiful; he hopes his products actually help people. Don't just focus on the best paying customers, also pay attention to those most in need of specialized design.

“Maybe eventually in the one route left, you will find new continent of possibility.”

In How Restraint will Fuel Your Creativity? from Pechakucha Night Shanghai Vol.27, seemingly contradictionary, Pierrick Calvez makes the case that restraint can actually give you more freedom. He backs this up with relevant examples from various artists. Our conclusion: Think outside of the box, but putting yourself in a(nother) smaller box!

PechaKucha Night Shanghai's poster for their upcoming Vol. 26 takes us back to a time when the city was know as "The Paris of the East, the New York of the West." While evoking a nostagia for Shanghai's Grand Period of the 30's and 40's, this PechaKucha Night is bound to inspire more golden days of creativity ahead! Check out more posters over at our official PechaKucha Night Poster tumblr and be inspired to design one for YOUR city's next PKN! 

New Year's resolutions should by definition start on January 1st. But the resolution I am writing about actually sprung into life a few months ago.

Have you ever found yourself in a conversation with friends saying: "I would love to see more interesting events in my city"?

On October 24th, while walking home from Barcamp 2015, the thought arose that Shanghai needed more non-profit events where people could share their ideas, work, and stories.

And if you love to see something happen, then why not make it happen? Long story short: aforementioned thought quickly grew into a resolution that we would organize new PKNs in Shanghai.

I am delighted to write that we just sent out our newsletter to announce PKN Shanghai Vol 26! With the help of the fertile ground created by the previous 25 PKNs, we expect to grow many more such events.

Best wishes for 2016. We hope you come and see the first result of our New Year's resolution on January 14th.

Every week we add a new photo at the top of the front page (the sliding images) from one of our PechaKucha Nights around the world. This week's addition is the photo you see here, from Shanghai's PechaKucha Night Vol. 25.

Top 5 Delectably Culinary Presentations

Think no one can make you do anything?

Well, we bet we can make your mouth water! That's right, we're playing with your involuntary actions like Pavlov played with his pups (well, kind of).

Here are five meaty, food-related presentations ready for your consumption:

"From the Kitchen to the World" by Aram Reed

"Designing Cakes" by Mhairi Wild

"The Savory Month of Ramendan" by Jed Schmidt

"Molecular Gastronomy" by Nik Mavromatis 

"8 Things Designers Can Learn from Baking Cakes" by James Stockdale

In this edition of Presentation of the Day (from PKN Shanghai Vol. 21), Jesper Larsson applies his previous ideas for turning Gothenburg into "The World's Best City When It Rains" to Shanghai, asking how to turn the city’s smog problem into a benefit. He looks at using lasers and UV lights to put a unique spin on everything from tai chi to punk rock, and suggests that using plants and urban gardening could turn parts of the city into clean air havens.

In this edition of Presentation of the Day, Godert van Hardenbroek discusses (at PKN Shanghai Vol. 21Dian Racing: a collaborative, Tongji University student-run group tasked with the challenge to build the future of electric racing vehicles. Godert explains some of the history behind alternative energy in cars, how he co-founded the Formula Zero racing class (for fuel cell vehicles), and how he's brought together student engineers and designers from all over to construct the ultimate zero-emission racer. 

Crowded in Shanghai

PechaKucha Night in Shanghai Vol. 14 was held earlier this month, and if this photo found on Flickr (by user triplefivechina) is anything to by, it was nicely attended. You can see streaming photos of previous PKNs in Shanghai by visiting the city's official page on the PK site.