PKN Sendai Vol. 2 Ilana Ben-Ari is a toy designer and social entrepreneur from Montreal. In this presentation (from PKN Toronto Vol. 14), she shares the challenges she has faced while trying to navigate her way through the TTC (Toronto Transit System). In this presentation (in Japanese, from PKN Sendai Vol. 2), Natori city assemblyman Yohei Arakawa talks about what he has been doing for the city and its citizens after the 2011 earthquake.

PKN Toronto Vol. 16 Presentations The Design Walkin -- a project created by Zahra Ebrahim ( and Ken Chong (The Baitshop Inc) and presented at PKN Toronto Vol. 16 -- is a drop-in clinic created to make design and design advice accessible to the general public. ‪ In this presentation (in Japanese, from PKN Sendai Vol. 2), Kazushige Monou talks about his Tsurezure Dan project, in which he tries to produce fun and creative activities in the Tohoku region, with the hope of sharing them with others. PKN Springfield, IL Vol. 8 Posters There's only one new addition to the Tumblr blog today, and it takes the form of the poster you see above, for next month's PKN Springfield, IL Vol. 8. PKN Kingston Vol. 3 Photos Today we'll point you to this Flickr photoset from last week's PKN Kingston Vol. 3 (pictured above), and what a night it was. "Our heads are still spinning from the event," says PKN Kingston organizer David Cuthbert. "It went really, really well, and we had our largest event to date, over 200+ (totally unplanned)." We'll share one more photo today, this one in a series that our PKN Tokyo photographer Michael Holmes has been taking for our event flyers (see the first one here). A lovely hovering photo taken near our venue, SuperDeluxe, just before the start of last month's PKN Tokyo Vol. 93. PKN Tokyo Vol. 93 Calendar Here's what you can expect in terms of PechaKucha action this weekend. Tonight (July 13), we start with PKN Chattanooga Vol. 11 and PKN Moscow, Idaho Vol. 2. On Saturday we have the following trio of events: PKN Tulsa Vol. 1, PKN Ostrava Vol. 8, and PKN Nara Vol. 3. Since Monday is a holiday here in Japan and so we won't be updating the blog, take note that PKN Leeds Vol. 12 is taking place on that day, and then on Tuesday you can look to Jacksonville as it celebrates its Vol. 20. 

PKN Sendai Vol. 1 We should have more photos to share soon, but here's a first peek at this past Saturday's PechaKucha Night in Sendai Vol. 1, which had both Mark Dytham (with his arm raised in the photo above) and Astrid Klein (to Mark's right) in attendance, as well as a few representatives from Architecture for Humanity, our Inspire Japan partners. Sendai is in one of the regions hardest hit by this year's earthquake and tsunami, and that first PKN was actually supposed to happen back in April, but was postponed because of the ongoing recovery.

PKN Sendai Calling Sendai was the hardest hit region during the Japan Earthquake, and as we've mentioned before on this blog, it took a while before we were able to get any news from the PechaKucha Night in Sendai team. Here then is a presentation by the team, part of the Global PechaKucha Day - Inspire Japan event.

PKN Sendai + Inspire Japan

Sendai was the hardest hit area when the first big earthquake hit -- and it took us a while to get news from the PKN Sendai team -- but we're very happy, and even amazed, that it will also take part in the Global PechaKucha Day - Inspire Japan event on April 16. You'll find all the details for the event -- in Japanese -- here. This will be the city's first PKN -- it had joined the PK city count just a few weeks before the earthquake hit -- and it also happens to be on the exact date they were originally looking at for their Vol. 1.

It took a while, but we've finally gotten word from the organizers of PechaKucha Night in Sendai -- the hardest hit area following the March 11 quake -- and they are all safe. Led by Daisuke Suzuki of Hiroto Suzuki Architects & Associates, we've been told that all the people who work at the office are safe, but some of them have lost their homes. The damage to the city is not as bad as near the coast, but there are many damaged buildings and homes. In a coincidence that we still have a hard time believing, they told us that they went to view a potential venue just two days before the earthquake, and that they were planning to have their first PKN on April 16, which is the day we are holding our Global PechaKucha Day - Inspire Japan event. The PKN Sendai team is hoping to participate in the global event somehow, although for now finding a venue is of course an issue. We'll keep everyone posted as we find out more.