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Pecha Kucha Seattle and Design in Public are proud to present PKN SEA vol. 72: "Invent Together": Perched on the uppermost edge of the contiguous 48, Seattle has had an outsized impact on our global and national culture from its inception. From William Boeing to Jeff Bezos, from Jimi Hendrix to Octavia Butler, from Kurt Cobain to Sir Mix-a-Lot, from Tracy Rector to Storme Webber, from Tom Kundig to Johnpaul Jones, Seattle’s culture of innovation defies easy categorization, transcending beyond the work of any one person, company or institution. What is it that makes Seattle truly unique? What are the cultural, political and technological implications at play as we work alongside each other in our increasingly dynamic metropolis? Looking across the next ten years, where will be as a collective community? What challenges will we define and which will define us?

Produced in partnership with Design in Public, “Invent Together” will feature leaders from across Seattle’s political, scientific, design, technology & art communities to share the people, work, vision and inspiration that are shaping our city, exploring the ways in which we come together as a community to create a culture of invention, possibility and promise that is uniquely Seattle.




About the City's Organizers

  • Ana Maria Pinto da Silva

    Ana Pinto da Silva serves as a Principal UX Design Lead for Amazon. Ana’s work synthesizes her interests in design, storytelling, architecture and emerging technologies with her deep passion for creative collaboration. Ana’s previous experience includes immersive technology envisioning, game development, architecture, and interactive media. She has lead design envisioning across a wide array of projects including healthcare, education, civics and workplace productivity. Her work has garnered several awards including the Al Falah from U.C. Berkeley in 2002 and a Webby Worthy Award in 2003. In addition to her media work, Ana has been an instructor at San Francisco State’s Multimedia Studies Program developing and teaching courses on the history of interactive media and portfolio development. Ana is deeply committed to serving the creative community. She is the founder of the Seattle Pecha Kucha speaker series, one of the longest running PK city series in the world. She currently serves on the board of directors for 4Culture, and most recently as board Vice-President for Design In Public and adviser to the Seattle Waterfront Design Oversight Committee. Ana received her B.A. in Architecture from U.C. Berkeley and her MDesS from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University. She is a graduate of Seattle’s Leadership Tomorrow’s serving as class valedictorian in 2009.