Past Savannah Event: VOL 2



April 29, 2009
@ Structured Green

An all ages event * Wednesday, April 29, 2009 * 8pm-10pm
Structured Green * 620 East 35th Street
Between East Broad and Reynolds.
(It’s a big warehouse on the north side of the street).
Devised and shared by Klein-Dytham Architecture, Pecha Kucha Night is a party. It's an art salon. It's a night of show and tell. Through word of mouth, it's now in over 180 cities around the globe.
The Talent:
Know your bow from your stern? Join Rigel Crockett, musician and writer, on a pirate-safe trip around the world in a tall ship.
Orlando Montoya from Georgia Public Radio shows the history of public radio.
Landscape architect Erin Salzer Hannah shares her recent Garden Expo design.
Sculptor Andrew F. Scott proves with his computer-fabricated sculpture that bytes and code can add up to serious beauty.
Chef Robbie Wood shares his passion for sourcing and creating "clean food."
Hold on to your snacks! Ben Bublic paints everything--what is in your hand could well become part of his next work.
Artist and museum curator Harry DeLorme takes us to the southern hemisphere to check out the roadside shrines of northwest Argentina.
Artist Craig Drennen shares work based on Timon of Athens, a deeply misanthropic character from Shakespeare.
Old Timey Ron Dacosta, tattoo artist extraordinaire, will make you think ink.
Matte Wagner turns a concept album inside out and presents a narrative in collage.

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