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19 APR


REGISTRO >>> https://welcu.com/pechakuchasantiago/pechakucha-santiago-vol-5

¡PechaKucha Santiago está de vuelta!

💪 Retomamos con el VOL. 5 para hablar sobre Comunidades, Tecnología y Emprendimiento.

⏰ PechaKucha 20x20 es un formato de presentación donde los ponentes comparten su charla mostrando 20 imágenes en 20 segundos cada una. 

🌟 ¡Pronto más información sobre las 6 personas que estarán participando en esta edición!

Diseño de afiche: Natilustra

REGISTRO >>> https://welcu.com/pechakuchasantiago/pechakucha-santiago-vol-5



Fun and Photography, Improvising to eBay Items, and Photos from Santiago

Vikram Jammula sure loves photography, and in his presentation (from PKN Hyderabad Vol. 9) -- featuring some fantastic visuals -- he hopes to make us all understand why.

This presentation (in German, from PKN Augsburg Vol. 1) is made up of random selections, forcing Dominic Antritter to improvise to images he has never seen. The slides are all strange and funny -- and real -- eBay auctions that needed some explaining.

Today's addition to the Tumblr blog is a poster for Osijek's upcoming Vol. 1, set for October 5 -- you'll find the presenters listed with links on the official event page

We were big fans of the poster for PKN Santiago Vol. 3, and now have a photo gallery [Flickr] to share from the event itself. 

Here's what to look for tonight (September 13): PKN Ottawa Vol. 6, PKN Burlington Vol. 8,PKN Perth Vol. 10, PKN Bordeaux Vol. 8, and a special edition PK event in Amsterdam at the Stedelijk Museum. Tomorrow, we have the following: PKN Brighton Vol. 16, PKN Kuching Vol. 1, PKN San Jose Vol. 8, PKN Cadiz Vol. 1, PKN Denver Vol. 14, and PKN St. Petersburg Vol. 22. 

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