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11 AUG


Lie to me

Well, at least tell me a story.  This August's event's premise is storytelling, and the idea that every story has at least a hint of a lie, the stretching of the truth, the bending of the recollection. All good stories are either baldfaced lies with a tincture of truth, or an actual event that has been sweetened by a well placed lie. It's not so much what actually happened, it's how the tale gets told that makes it interesting.  Makes it entertaining.

We're assembling a group of storytellers, and this promises to be our most diverse set of presenters yet. 

We'll update you here as we assemble the crew, and if you'd like to be a part of that, message me directly through the site.

And we'll be bringing back audience participation PowerPoint Karaoke (no singing required) for your early enjoyment.

Still free (donations are appreciated, all the money goes back to the Pecha Kucha mothership in Japan).

Arrive early for the best seats.

Doors open at 6 with food and drink available from our hosts, Cafe Stritch. 
Cafe Stritch 
374 S 1st St, San Jose, CA 95113 
(408) 280-6161

Please honor the host by planning your dinner from their excellent menu of inexpensive comfort foods and crafty libations.

See you there!

Ric Bretschneider 
Founder, San Jose Pecha Kucha Night



End of 2013 - Updates/Announcements


End of 2013 - Updates/Announcements


First, thanks to everyone who came to our show this week. We had an incredible turn-out for any show, but to combine that with the audacity of holding it on Thanksgiving week (some said we were cRazY!) made the capacity crowd at Cafe Stritch all that much more satisfying.Second, thanks to our amazing presenters who brought it Tuesday night.Third, thanks once again to Steve and Max Borgenhagen of Cafe Stritch for once again making us feel at home in their awesome club. If you don't know Stritch yet, you're missing out. Go there for great jazz, great people, and a really cool place to hang out.OK, now the big announcements:Our next show will be on February 25th at Cafe Stritch! We've got two presenters anxious to participate already, so if you're interested, get in touch!Shortly after that, we'll be doing another special show in conjunction with the San Jose Museum of Art. That's already booked with presenters who are relevant to the exhibition on food (don't worry, I'll come up with the actual name shortly.) Our prior event at SJMoA was a really cool event with some great speakers, and museums make for neat places to hold Pecha Kucha so you'll want to mark your calendars now for Thursday, March 20th. Details will be forthcoming in December.Finally, we'll be pulling together videos from this week's event sometime next week. Again, watch our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/PechaKuchaSanJose for more details.




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  • Ric Bretschneider

    Ric Bretschneider is a technologist, trouble maker, and problem solver whose interests outstretch his available time by a significant magnitude. Professionally he splits his time between a love of software design and development, and attempting to raise the quality of business communications, particularly presenting. At Microsoft, Ric spent 17 years designing and molding the program that became a juggernaut in business communication. The list of features he worked on while there is really too long to list here. He tried to give PowerPoint a face and voice by creating the Microsoft PowerPoint Team blog. Years after leaving MSFT he still has more entries there than any other blogger. In his spare time Ric founded the San Jose California branch of the Pecha Kucha presentation event, and can occasionally be heard on his Presentations Roundtable podcast, promoting excellence in design and technique through interviews of industry professionals. He blogs infrequently, only when he feels there's something he can say that actually contributes to insights or solutions. He deeply wishes more people had similar restraint.

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