"'Business-speak' is used to alienate us and I believe language should be used to unite us, and here are 18 words to help." 

Business speak got you confused? Turn the tables with these 18 words born on the corporate front lines. In Jargon for the Rest of Us from PechaKucha Night San Francisco Vol. 62, writer for Google brand studio, Jason Bice shares some clever words to get us all out of a pinch and bring us together with a chuckle. Jason's been a waiter, an art dealer, a stand-up comic, and is currently trying his hand at being a dad.

The one and only San Francisco deserves this week's City Focus spotlight, with their ... wait for it ... 60th PKN! A standing ovation to them for working so hard to bring the PechaKucha spirit to the Golden Gate City! Check out their archive and stay tune for what will undoubtedly be a great night of presentations! 

"With the growing population of SF ... one solution is to look at an offshore/floating city approach."

Architect Elizabeth Ranieri of Kuth/Ranieri Architects shows off a few fascinating projects that could dictate the way San Francisco looks in the future. In “Building Massive Sustainable Infrastructure” from PKN San Francisco Vol. 53 we see that from floating cities to solar-power-enhanced bridges, her firm looks to take on large-scale problems head on with radical solutions.

After a bit of a hiatus, one of our longest running series is back in San Francisco, and so we celebrate with a "City Focus." If you're in town, make sure to check out this week's PechaKucha Night Vol. 54 on March 26 -- you can visit the official event page for all the details.

Top 5 Presentations in October 2013

Time just carries on with its tireless march forward and -- wow, just like that -- it's November! You know what that means: we have a fresh, steaming, stuffing-filled cornucopia of presentations for you (with a side of cranberry sauce)!

Here are the Top 5 Presentations of the Day for the month of October 2013: 

"Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time" by Kate Garmey.

"Introversion" by Caleb Keller.

"Human Trafficking" by Ali Weiner.

"Fear. Pain. Humor." by Mark Rickmeier.

"The San Francisco of Tomorrow" by Craig Scott.

The San Francisco of the Future

As if the Bay Area weren't futuristic enough!

In today's Presentation of the Day, "The San Francisco of Tomorrow" from PKN San Francisco Vol. 53, architect Craig Scott proposes ideas for putting three of San Francisco's abandoned buildings to new and innovative new uses.

Old silos are transformed into a gigantic 3D printer, a decrepit crane is turned into a digital technology innovation lab, and an unused stadium is turned into a greenhouse.

Whether it be built of glass, poured-in-place concrete, or steel I-beams, the big bad whole may huff and puff, but he'll never blow these structures down. These are the top 5 PechaKucha 20x20 presentations related to buildings, construction, and architecture. 

First, we hear from Gary Cheng, whose tiny Hong Kong apartment has innumerable transmutations. (Transformer Apartment) Then we listen to Bob Berkebile's experiences with failure, and how it drove him to improve upon the architectural status quo. (Failure)

Filipe Balestra discusses the importance of placement when constructing public works projects in urban villages. (Acupuncture Architecture, Urban Villages) Emma Brooke then takes us on a tour through the harsh, unfeeling (yet somehow beautiful) world of brutalist architecture. (Brutalism)

And as a bit of a crossover with last week's top 5 of the animal kingdom, Roland Hagenberg describes the construction of a house meant for humans and a feathered friend. (Storkhouse)

PechaKucha San Francisco organizer Paul Jamtgaard is helping to promote a design competition in Salt Lake City, and he's got all the details right here:

Who doesn't love zip lines? We've proposed a rooftop PechaKucha surrounded by the Salt Lake City downtown skyline with millions of stars above!  Other interventions: new arts and performance spaces and parking-structure-rooftop sustainable farming in the area are all connected by a network of zip lines making everyone feel like a Superman/woman.

For more details on this competition, check out the SixtyNine | Seventy Project. (photo credit: Trevor Muhler Photography)

This being our anniversary week -- PechaKucha is 10 years old! -- our "Presentations of the Day" will feature some of the most popular presentations we've had on the site. How could a man witness the fatal failure of a bridge in the Hyatt Regency Hotel, which killed 114 people, designed by his own firm, and then become one of the founders of the US Green Building Council, and have a profound impact on how our buildings impact the entire planet? The theme for this presentation is "failure."

In April 2009, this was a theme everyone was confronting in one way or another. Bob Berkebile came to this event fully aware of how failures -- some his own, others he merely witnessed -- have the potential to shape lives for the better. During the course of his 20 slides, he expresses in a very uniquely personal way the mindset and imagination necessary to see failures as the opportunities for insight that they can be.