The Austrian city of Salzburg will be hosting their Vol. 16 this coming Thursday, the 21st of March and will feature 8 presenters.

The two-part poster for this PKN Salzburg event was made by Jan-Nahuel Jenny of JennyColombo.

To see more great posters from PechaKucha Nights all over the world, check out our Tumblr blog.

PKN Usti nad Labem Vol. 2 Presentations Bunnychow is a popular Durban fast food, and it's basically a hollowed out quarter loaf of bread filled with curry. It has become synonymous with Durban and the large Indian community that lives there. In this presentation (from PKN Durban Vol. 7), Luke Comins and Chris Shappe share their appreciation for this flavourful meal. You wouldn't guess by the series of lovely images that make up this presentation (in Czech, from PKN Usti nad Labem Vol. 2), but they were all produced by 13-year-old Elizaveta Gvozdeva, who talks about the work that has come out of her art classes. PKN Hong Kong Vol. 12 Posters We have two new posters and one flyer up on the Tumblr blog today, and they are for PKN Hong Kong Vol. 12 (pictured above), PKN Salzburg Vol. 14 (and take note that Salzburg's Vol. 13 is happening tomorrow night), and PKN Usti nad Labem Vol. 3.  PKN Tokyo Vol. 95 Photos We'll have more photos to share from last night's PKN Tokyo Vol. 95 taken by our official photographer, Michael Holmes, soon, but in the meantime here are two Instagram snaps to give you a feel for the event -- on the right, that's Nooka's Matthew Waldman giving his presentation.  Calendar How's this for a busy Thursday, with 10 PKNs on the agenda: PKN St. Louis Vol. 10, PKN Leeds Vol. 13, PKN Logrono Vol. 7, PKN Guatemala City Vol. 2, PKN Vigo Vol. 1, PKN Santa Barbara Vol. 5, PKN Varberg Vol. 3, PKN Vladimir Vol. 8, PKN Portsmouth Vol. 12, and PKN Hanoi Vol. 5. Not enough? Here are the 9 PKNs happening tomorrow night: PKN Salzburg Vol. 13, PKN Des Moines Vol. 11, PKN Gainesville Vol. 5, PKN Sao Paulo Vol. 11, PKN Wellington Vol. 16, PKN Toledo Vol. 3, PKN San Francisco Vol. 52, PKN Delhi Vol. 12, and PKN Geneva Vol. 9.

PKN Salzburg Vol. 12 Presentations Konstantin Ronikier is the organizer of PKN Innsbruck and in this presentation (in German, from PKN Salzburg Vol. 12) he talks about a new cultural center in the center of Innsbruck. Konstantin was in charge of renovating the previous building into a space where people could meet, discuss, and produce events. Richard Wilshusen is an archeologist, and in this presentation (from PKN Longmont Vol. 6) he explains the material culture of baskets and pots. He explores the idea that the functionality behind the basket evolved in the design of ceramic pots. PKN Gisborne Vol. 9 Posters and flyers Today's new poster addition to the Tumblr blog comes our way from Gisborne, with the city's Vol. 9 happening this coming Friday (June 22) -- the event will take place at the Dome Cinema. Flyer for PKN Tokyo Here's a peek at the new flyer series that we're launching here in Tokyo for our PKN series -- with our next event, Vol. 93, happening on June 27. The photography is by Michael Holmes, the design by Luis Mendo, and we plan on producing more flyers that follow the same "jump" motif. Calendar There's one PKN happening tonight (June 18), and it's a Vol. 1, in the city of Launceston. Tomorrow, you can look forward to the following two events: PKN Usti nad Labem Vol. 2 and PKN San Diego Vol. 15. 

Flyer for PKN Salzburg Vol. 12 The next PechaKucha Night in Salzburg will be the city's Vol. 12, and here's a look at the flyer for the event, produced as always by Jan-Nahuel Jenny. Flyer for PKN Salzburg Vol. 12

Poster for PKN Salzburg 2012

We just shared photos from last week's PechaKucha Night in Salzburg Vol. 11, and now here's a look at the poster that was produced by PKN Salzburg to share the dates for all the planned PKNs this year. Make sure to add these dates to your calendar!

PKN Salzburg Vol. 11 It was just last week that Salzburg held its PechaKucha Night Vol. 11, and here are a few photos from the event, with more to see in this Flickr photoset. The event was held at PKN Salzburg's regular venue, ARGEkultur, and all photos were taken by Cristina Colombo. Here was the flyer for the event. More...

Flyer for PKN Salzburg Vol. 11 PechaKucha Night in Salzburg Vol. 11 is coming up, with the event set to happen on March 15 at the ARGEkultur studio. Check the event page later as it gets updated with the presenter info. Flyer for PKN Salzburg Vol. 11

Flyer for PKN Salzburg Vol. 10 PechaKucha Night in Salzburg Vol. 10 happens this week on November 17 at ARGEkultur -- you'll find the list of presenters on the official event page. The flyer was designed by Jan-Nahuel Jenny. More...

Flyer for PKN Salzburg Vol. 9 The next PechaKucha Night in Salzburg (Vol 9) happens tomorrow (October 6) at the ARGEkultur studio, and here we have a look at the latest flyer, again designed by Jan-Nahuel Jenny. Flyer for PKN Salzburg Vol. 9

Flyer for PKN Salzburg Vol. 8 The next PechaKucha Night in Salzburg (Vol. 8) will take place June 16 at ARGEkultur Studio. Since the previous volume was held before our Inspire Japan efforts started, this edition will be collecting donations and sharing updates on what has been accomplished so far. The flyer was designed by Jan-Nahuel Jenny. More...


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