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PechaKucha Night (PKN) Roanoke is at 16 West Marketplace every other month (odd numbered months during 2014) — sometimes with a theme.
Next up: PKN Roanoke #10, the theme is HEAT. (Think: intensity of feeling or reaction - especially of anger, passion or excitement; being hot as in temperature; police as in "Man, the heat's flashin the blues and reds!"; a hot place or situation; a single continuous effort as in a single round of a contest; abuse, criticism as in "He took heat for his mistakes"; guns as in "You packing heat?"; HEAT as in High Explosive Anti Tank missile; and more!)

If you're interested in presenting, send an email to contact@silverseaspr.com

Speakers (not in order of presenting)

Frazier Hughes

Bryan Brown Hornet Hancock

Quigg Lawrence

Deaduri Gales

Amy Cofield Williamson and Scott Williamson

Ben Lilliendahl

Denise Yopp

Entertainment: Laker and ONTBG

Host: River Laker

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About the City's Organizers

  • River Laker

    The first time I came across PechaKucha Night I loved it! The expression of creativity within the parameters of 20 x 20 brings a tonne of inspiration and fun. It's an honor and pleasure to be organizing PechaKucha Night Roanoke!