httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skYvH1jEKiU Here's an old video teaser that the city of Porto produced before it held its very first PechaKucha Night, back in 2008. Appropriately enough, the video is 20 seconds long. You can also see all who presented on the official event page. The city unfortunately no longer has an active city, but you never know when it might start up again.

PKN Porto Vol. 5

As you'll be able to tell from the photos included in this post, the recent PechaKucha Night in Porto Vol. 5 included a 3-D component, courtesy of a presentation by Ivo e Matilde, two young architects from Porto. And as the organizers tell us, they also had a Japanese presenter -- Ren Ito, an architect -- who explained to the crowd the meaning of "PechaKucha" (the short answer is that it's the sound of "chit chat").


Flyer for PKN Porto Vol. 4

PechaKucha Night in Porto Vol. 4 happens this coming Saturday (March 13) at the Biblioteca Publica Municipal do Porto. We're including the flyer for the event, where you'll find more details in Portuguese.


PKN Porto Alegre Vol. 7

Porto Alegre hosted another successful PechaKucha Night this past Saturday at StudioClio, and now we get to see a few photos from the Vol. 7 that was -- there's more to see in this Flickr photoset.


Poster for PKN Porto Alegre Vol. 7

PechaKucha Night returns to StudioClio in Porto Alegre this Saturday (August 15) for Vol. 7. The poster was illustrated by Matheus Grimm, an architect and artist who lives and works in Porto Alegre -- he will also be a presenter at Vol. 7, on behalf of his studio Unidade Criacio.

Flyer for PKN Porto Vol. 1

PechaKucha Night returns to Porto on Thursday (May 28), this time to be held at Largo da Bouça. Pictured above, the flyer for the first edition -- hope the person living there got the message!

PKN Porto Alegre Posters

PKN Porto Alegre Posters

Continuing in our series highlighting posters from global PechaKucha Night events, pictured above are two posters from PKN Porto Alegre -- you can see all of their posters here.