Can graffiti create value in the city it’s located?

The artist DAAS speaks about the issue of graffiti, and some great ways to revive the dreary cityscape around us. In “Concrete Jungles of Color” from PKN Osaka Vol. 7 he discusses Art OH! a program bent on involving the community with the goal of creating large-scale works of art around the city.

The word Islam comes from salam, which means “peace” and “safety.”

Abulelah Alalsheikh seeks to help others better understand Islam. In “The Truth about Islam” from PKN Osaka Vol. 7, he retraces the history of Islam and debunks some misconceptions about this religion.

For this week's "City Focus" we're back in Japan to highlight the PKN series in Osaka. The city's presentation archive is filling up nicely, with the latest batch coming from last month's Vol. 8.

“I’m not designing a package, I’m designing a conversation-starter.”

Concept Designer Takuya Kamibayashi takes us step-by-step through his design process.

In “Delicious Beans” from PKN Osaka Vol. 6, Takuya speaks specifically on the procedures behind rebranding a boring food product into something fun and visually delicious!