The Salaryman Project Presentations In October 2006, as he was taking photos of nature in the forest near Kawaguchiko, a salaryman with a suitcase appeared on the track. Ever since that day, Bruno Quinquet has tried to investigate the mysteries of office work in Japan through photography. He has exhibited this series -- which is the topic of his presentation (from PKN Tokyo Vol. 92) -- in Japan and abroad. Last month, he launched a crowdfunding campaign to support the production of the "Salaryman Project Business Schedule 2013." These are not the cakes you are used to seeing. In this first presentation (in Italian) from PKN Pisa Vol. 1, Alessandra Pacini -- a cake designer -- shares some of the amazing cakes she's produced over the years. Cake design is an interesting form of art, in which anyone can make a professional-looking cake, with no limits to imagination -- although using only edible materials is key. PKN Portsmouth Vol. 11 Posters We have quite a few new posters up on the Tumblr blog today, including two from Kosice (for last week's Vol. 18, and the upcoming Vol. 19), a well as for PKN Okayama Vol. 14, PKN Orlando Vol. 6, and PKN Portsmouth Vol. 11 (above), which continues that city's elemental theme for the year (first was fire).  And speaking of Portsmouth, here's a great video that was produced after the city's Vol. 10, that acts as a peek at that event, as well as a teaser for the upcoming Vol. 11: PKN Tel Aviv Vol. 13 Photos and report What does a crowd of 4000 look like? It looks like what you see pictured above, from last week's PKN Tel Aviv Vol. 13 -- and there are more photos to see in this Flickr photoset. Also, we have the following report from PKN Tel Aviv organizer Anat Safran:

We had another great PKN here at Tel Aviv, with 4000 people in the house. As usual the demand for tickets was huge and we were sold out in minutes... Me and my partner Itay were happy to host 9 presenters, all great and crazy, just the way we love them. We started the evening with a presentation by Liat Segal, who is running a studio for art and technology. Her projects are always fun and beautiful and involve music, paint and robots. Than came on stage Ofer Grunewald who is a young Bonsai artist. He shared his passion and explained the satisfaction of sculpting with a living material as trees. Mushon Zer Aviv (designer) and his wife Galia Ofri (painter) talked about their first common project that aims to illustrate wikipedia. With great drawings for esoteric articles and some very interesting questions about sharing knowledge -- these were a fascinating 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Artist and representative of the slow food movement in Israel, Rafram Hadad took us on a lovely journey in his different fields of creation, mixing visual arts and food in all middle eastern countries. A whole different experience was the one offered by brain researcher Moran Cerf, who is working in a very special lab in L.A. where experiments are made on live human brains. He can map the brain and than "read" one's thoughts or even allow handicapped people to control a robotic arm with their thoughts. Than came Ohad Zlotnik, a graduate student in visual arts, who presented his very smart project of 3D typography, with Hebrew letters that became real objects. Daniel Dover is a street artist who told us his short and so funny history trying to fit in the world of design, and what has finally brought him to do his street art interventions.  Oded Ezer is a well known typographer who has presented his work in the first Tel Aviv PKN back on 2007. We were happy to invite him once again and discover his super intelligent projects. Oded told us about a typographic tattoo project, a graphic flag project, a social Skype-typo project, and more. The last show of the evening was by director Yair Kedar, who presented his current project, a documentary about Yona Wollach, one of Israel's most well known poet. His presentation ended with a live song by local singer Karolina whose big warm voice filled all our hearts with joy and emotions, with anticipation for our next PKN.

Calendar Tonight (June 4) you'll want to catch PKN Stockholm Vol. 34, which we hear is going to be quite the event. Tomorrow, PKNs are happening in the following cities: PKN Louisville Vol. 8, PKN Chicago Vol. 22, and PKN Sydney Vol. 21. Please note that the PKN Hong Kong Vol. 12 that was scheduled for tomorrow has been postponed.

Poster for PKN Okayama Vol. 13 Okayama will have its "lucky" PechaKucha Night Vol. 13 this coming Wednesday (April 11) at the series' regular venue of Yebisu Ya Pro. There are a few presenters now listed on the official event page, and more will be added soon.

Poster for PKN Okayama Vol. 12

PechaKucha Night in Okayama Vol. 12 is coming up, with the event set for February 7 at Onsaya. You'll find a partial list of presenters with links on the official event page, with more to be added later.

Flyer for PKN Okayama Vol. 11 The next PechaKucha Night in Okayama is coming up, with the city's Vol. 11 set for December 14 at the series' regular venue, Yebisu Ya Pro. Keep checking the official event page as presenters get added over the days to come.

Flyer for PKN Okayama Vol. 9 Okayama is readying its 9th PechaKucha Night, coming up next week (August 10) at the usual Yebisu Ya Pro venue -- see the official event page for presenters and more details.

PKN Okayama Vol. 8 The last PechaKucha Night in Okayama (Vol. 8) was held in early June, and here's a little peek at one of the presentations from the event. Please note that the next PKN in Okayama (Vol. 9) is set for August 10, to be held at the regular venue of Yebisu Ya Pro.

Poster for PKN Okayama Vol. 8 Another Vol. 8 to mention today, this time for the city of Okayama, with its next PechaKucha Night set for June 8 at Yebisu Ya Pro -- you'll find more details in Japanese on the PKN Okayama blog.

Poster for PKN Okayama Vol. 6 The next PechaKucha Night (Vol. 6) in the city of Okayama is coming up, set for this coming Wednesday (March 9) at Yebisu Ya Pro -- see the official event page for the list of presenters with links. Although the poster for the event is in keeping with the others, this time organizer Namie Kuwata asked us to include the teaser image your see below -- if this is anything to go by, it looks like you can expect an interesting evening.

Poster for PKN Okayama Vol. 6

PKN Okayama Vol. 4

We never get to see much from Okayama's PechaKucha Nights, which is fair enough -- we're big here on putting the emphasis on the physical events, as a way to bring people together, and that's really what PechaKucha Night should be all about. But here's a tiny peek at one of the presentations from the city's recent Vol. 4 -- you'll find the list of presenters with links on the official event page. We're not quite sure what we're seeing, but we'd like to see more.

Poster for PKN Okayama Vol. 5

Organizers in Okayama have announced the date for their next PechaKucha Night (Vol. 5), and it will be held January 12 at Yebisu Ya Pro, with doors opening at 19:30. There's only one presenter listed so far, so keep checking the official event page in the coming weeks to get a fuller list of what to expect.