Nostalgic for Kyiv, the Thought Structure of the All, and 20th Century PechaKucha

PKN Kyiv Vol. 7 Presentations Tatiana Guryeva's presentation (in Ukrainian, from PKN Kyiv Vol. 7) is based on recollections of her childhood. You'll see the Kyiv of the 70s and 80s, or at least how it has remained in her memory, as well as Pechersk, the area where she grew up, and Podol, the area where she currently lives.

Art’s task is to Save the Soul of Mankind, and that anything less is a dithering while Rome burns. Because if the Artist, who are self-selected to be able to journey into the other... if the Artist cannot find the way, then the Way cannot be Found. 

Adopting this Terence McKenna quote as his mantra and accidentally stumbling into what he calls "Thought Structure" through his art, blakeArt® (aka Matt Blake), with all his might and good intent, attempts to do just that: find a way for All. We are all "One" in the "Same," and he expands on that idea in this presentation (from PKN Chicago Vol. 18). PKN Guimaraes Vol. 3 Posters New on the Tumblr blog today are posters for PKN Guimaraes Vol. 3 (pictured above), PKN Springfield, Ohio Vol. 5, and PKN Cape Town Vol. 19.  PKN Buenos Aires Vol. 21 We've also added a few posters and flyers from PKN Buenos Aires that we hadn't come across in the past, including the flyer you see above, for the city's Vol. 21. PKN Buenos Aires Vol. 25 happens tonight. PKN Barcelona Vol. 16 Photos and video We have a few photo galleries to share today, including from the recent PKN Barcelona Vol. 16, which is what you see above. After the link, you'll also find a great video round-up from the event -- we sure love that "20th Century Fox" intro done PK-style.

Calendar Tonight (June 26) your PKN satisfaction will come from the following two events: PKN Amersfoort Vol. 7 and the previously mentioned PKN Buenos Aires Vol. 25. Tomorrow, on top of PKN Tokyo Vol. 93, you'll find PKN Kingston Vol. 3 and PKN Providence Vol. 39. 

PKN Mendoza Vol. 3 Presentations Megg Evans is a Melbourne-based designer who co-founded Brolly Studios with Martin Heide and Stuart Webber. When she gave this presentation (from PKN Melbourne Vol. 19), her son Melvin was just 10 weeks old, and she brought him along and gave this beautiful 20x20 lullaby to her baby and the very impressed crowd. Fede Calandria's work could be described as a combination of art, design, and illustration. As he explains in this presentation (in Spanish, from PKN Mendoza Vol. 3), he finds inspiration everywhere, and likes to incorporate what he sees in his daily life, interpreting it in his own way. PKN Maribor Vol. 9 Posters We end the week with an explosion of posters on our Tumblr blog, with the following events being represented: PKN Guimaraes Vol. 3, PKN Memphis Vol. 1 and 2, PKN St. Albert Vol. 1, PKN Mallorca Vol. 1, and then PKN Maribor Vol. 9, which is pictured above. We sure love that Maribor tagline: "Come and meet our amazing guests. Creativity is their middle name ;-)" Below, a look at both sides of the flyer that was produced for last night's PKN Norwich Vol. 4. PKN Norwich Vol. 4 PKN Bilbao Vol. 12 Photos We like this spray painted crate we spotted here, located at the entrance of this past week's PKN Bilbao Vol. 12. Below, a look at the old school billboard entrance to the theatre where last night's PKN Winnipeg Vol. 10 was held. PKN Winnipeg Vol. 10 Calendar It's Friday (June 22), and so here's what you can expect in terms of events over the weekend, starting with tonight: PKN Zilina Vol. 19, PKN Sendai Vol. 2, PKN Miami Vol. 2, PKN Gisborne Vol. 9, and PKN Seattle Vol. 37. It's a quiet Saturday in PKN land, but Sunday will see PKN Pueblo Vol. 5.

PKN Norwich Vol. 2 PechaKucha Night in Norwich Vol. 2 was held last week, and here are a few photos from the event, sent to us by organizer Jason Bill (and he assures us that the presentations were quite visible in the venue, but disappear here because of the flash on the camera). You'll find the full list of presenters with links on the official event page. Pictured below is Anna Ulak, who talked about the architecture of villains in the James Bond series. PKN Norwich Vol. 2 More...

Flyer for PKN Norwich Vol. 2 PechaKucha Night in Norwich Vol. 2 is happening this Sunday (January 15) at Cinema City Norwich, and here's a look at both sides of the flyer that was produced for the event. Also, you'll find the full list of presenters with links on the official event page.

Flyer for PKN Norwich Vol. 2

Poster for PKN Norwich Vol. 1 The city of Norwich recently held it very first PechaKucha Night -- that's the poster for the event you see above -- and it sounds like it was an amazing launch. We'll soon have photos to share, but in the meantime, here's a report from organizer Jason Bill (and you'll find the full list of presenters with links on the official event page).

[PKN Norwich Vol. 1] was a success. Lots of positive feedback, and well received. Whilst the Norfolk Association of Architects kindly funded renting the cinema screen, the director of the small arts cinema thought the event was great and has offered their bar to host future PechaKucha nights. Speakers for the event included Russell Brown of Hawkins\Brown [who recently completed a study for the Norwich School], Stefano Dal Piva of Acme architects [recently completed Hunset Mill], Hugo Keene of Mole Architects [and their involvement in this region with the projects], and John Winter, who designed a beautiful little Beach House in Norfolk. I know in principal that PechaKucha is an event for 'young designers' to meet, and I feel I have maintained true to that spirit with John Winter's youthful mind, but I wonder if last night we hosted the most senior PecahKucha presenter? I understand John is 84...! Also adding a little interest, as we switched from digital media to analogue...