Call for Presenters for 19 November 2014!

November Call for Presenters coming soon, all you Martians, dreamers, DJ scientists, educator designers, Finnish gardeners, MOOC reviewers, welding consultants, data cartographers, new parents, champion nappers, typography critics, and sommelier swing dancers —whatcha up to / working on / thinking about?

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PKN#20 in New Haven!

Be part of Spring... edition!  Your 20x20 at PKN#20 on 30 April:  submit here.

Connecticut's local entertainment portal recently published a recap of PKN New Haven's Vol. 15 (check out their event page for some great photos), and looks forward to their Vol. 16 -- coming up this Wednesday, April 17.

Here's a snippet from the article:

On a Wednesday night, Orange Street's Bentara is overflowing with people. Some are seated around the Malaysian restaurant's long tables, talking loudly and waiting for food to arrive. Others sit in rows of chairs arrayed in front of a projector screen that hangs on a high brick wall. But most people are talking in tight clusters, some pushed up against a small bar, and as more patrons trickle in it's becoming clear that tonight's event will be standing-room only...

Check out for the full write-up.

Redesigning Food, Anime-inspired Jewelry, and a Tinkerer Travels

PKN Tokyo Vol. 96 Presentations Today, we share the final set of presentations from last week’s Tokyo Designers Week edition PechaKucha event (PKN Tokyo Vol. 96). Please note that all of today's presentations are in Japanese. Ayako Suwa (food creation) brings her delicious food-induced designs to the PKN stage. Nagisa Kidosaki, a Yokohama-based architect, covers a few projects produced with students from the Kyoto Institute of Technology Naka Lab. Jewelry designer Mikiko Minewaki shares her unique accessories, often built using pieces from plastic Gundam models. The always inventive "tinkerer" Muneteru Ujino shares some of his projects, and takes us on a wonderful trip. PKN Tokyo Vol. 96 PKN Tokyo Vol. 96 PKN Hong Kong Vol. 13 Posters We have two new posters on the Tumblr blog today, for PKN Hong Kong Vol. 13 (pictured above) and PKN New Haven Vol. 14. For the Hong Kong poster, that pixelized profile you see is for none other than PechaKucha co-founder Mark Dytham, who will be on hand to MC the event. Video Here's a video to give you a feel for what Winnipeg's latest PKN (Vol. 11) was like. It happened in September, and you'll find the list of presenters with links on the official event page. Calendar Here's what to expect tonight (November 7): PKN New Haven Vol. 14, PKN Bozeman Vol. 5, PKN Helena Vol. 3, PKN Toronto Vol. 18, PKN Austin Vol. 15, and PKN Tehran Vol. 3. These are the six events in the calendar for tomorrow: PKN Augsburg Vol. 2, PKN Shanghai Vol. 19, PKN Columbus Vol. 23, PKN Taos Vol. 8, PKN Milwaukee Vol. 12, and PKN Dayton Vol. 13.

Thoughtless Drawing Experiments, Invisible Elements in Good Design, and Providence's 40th

PKN Mallorca Vol. 1 Presentations Tyler Weiss says he doesn't draw much anymore, but in his presentation (from PKN Williamsburg Vol. 1) he takes us on tour of some of the drawn art he's produced over the years, explaining where the inspiration came from. Susanna Cots is an internationally renowned interior designer from Barcelona who, in her presentation (in Catalan, from PKN Mallorca Vol. 1), explains the importance of invisible elements in a good design. PKN Des Moines Vol. 7 Posters New additions to the Tumblr blog today include a few older posters, like the one for PKN Des Moines Vol. 7 you see above, as well as posters for last week's PKN Bemidji Vol. 14, last month's PKN Providence Vol. 40, and May's PKN New Haven Vol. 12. httpv:// Video As we mentioned above, we added the poster for last month's momentous PKN Vol. 40 in Providence to our poster blog, but here's also a 2-minute video produced by the Providence Journal that will give you a peek of what the outdoor event was like. Calendar We have two PKNs on tap for tonight (Friday, August 24): PKN Nagoya Vol. 12 and PKN Guangzhou Vol. 11. On Saturday, you can catch these two events: PKN Nagano Vol. 21 and PKN Gibsons Vol. 3. 

PKN Bangor Vol. 4 Presentations In this presentation (from PKN Bangor Vol. 4), Alan Comeau is joined on stage with the cast and crew of the film The Road Back: Alan Comeau, Acadia Hospital communications officer and producer of the film; Faith Bishop, Hermon High School student and screenwriter/director of the film; Natalie Johnson, Hermon High School student and “Allie” in the film; and Lucas Holmes, Hampden Academy student and musician/composer for the film. There are many things to see and do in Panamá, and one of them is to check out the sea turtles. Carla Ortiz and Franklyn Arana talk (in Spanish, from PKN Panama Vol. 9) about a foundation that rescues turtle eggs and also helps save those who were recently born. Here's a special presentation, "Listen With Your Eyes," that was done at Amsterdam's recent PKN Vol. 22, which we share in video form for reasons you'll soon see. PKN New Haven Vol. 13 Posters Today's addition to the Tumblr blog is the poster for New Haven's upcoming -- and hopefully "lucky" -- Vol. 13, set for August 29.  Calendar Today (July 31) we have PKN Dnipropetrovsk Vol. 2, and tomorrow we kick off August with the following two events: PKN Glasgow Vol. 9 and PKN Azores Vol. 3. 

Poster for PKN New Haven Vol. 11 Vol. 10 had a dog, and now here we have the poster for the upcoming PechaKucha Night in New Haven Vol. 11 with a cat instead. The event is set for February 8 at Bentara.

Poster for PKN New Haven Vol. 10 PechaKucha Night in New Haven Vol. 10 is set for November 16 at Bentara. Check the event page later for the list of presenters, and other details.

Poster for PKN New Haven Vol. 9

PechaKucha Night in New Haven Vol. 9 is set for August 24 at the BENTARA -- the event page is not up yet, but check in later for more details. The poster is made up of a shot of past presenter Sabrina Marques by JoAnne Wilcox, and then was put together by George Corsillo (Design Monsters).

PKN New Haven + Inspire Japan New Haven, in collaboration with the local chapter of Architecture for Humanity, will host an Inspire Japan event on May 19 at BAR Pizza -- you'll find the full list of presenters with links on the official event page. Here's more from organizer Greta Hotopp:

The event is a benefit for the reconstruction of Japan and to encourage this country which has long inspired artists and architects in the world. In PechaKucha style, speakers will focus on 4 main themes: INSPIRE, JAPAN, THE ISSUES, and RECOVERY. These could be things of inspiration, great ideas or solutions that help deal with the issues at hand or experiences and understandings of Japan. A $10 suggested donation will be collected at the door. BAR is providing their space at no cost. One hundred percent of the proceeds will go to Architecture for Humanity’s Japan Reconstruction appeal.