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Call for Presenters!!! Summer 2015 Edition

And you thought summer was going to go by without a PechaKucha. We are not only sneaking one in, we can call this one a back-to-school show too.  Who says we can’t have it all?

Spend one of your final summer evenings with us as PechaKucha continues its 2015 world tour of New Haven, landing this time at the The Spaceland Ballroom on Wednesday, September 16 at 7pm.  But wait, you might say that The Spaceland Ballroom is out at The Outer Space, that fabulous lounge with all the live music.  And we would say, yes, yes indeed.  And you might say that is in Hamden and not New Haven, and we would say, technicalities.  Borders mean nothing to international phenoms like us, particularly when large rooms at venues that can serve beer/wine and food are involved.

What we need now are presenters to go with the adoring and applauding crowd that will be waiting for your next slide.  A ready made crowd that needs to hear your ideas, your words, or your story about your project or passion, your research or what is on your easel. A crowd that needs to see your 20 slides illustrating your points, or is it that for you, your words will illustrate your slides?  Either way, this is your chance.

Much more information is here or just sign up here!  You know you want to. 



Autumn edition on 19 November

Call for Presenters for 19 November 2014!
November Call for Presenters coming soon, all you Martians, dreamers, DJ scientists, educator designers, Finnish gardeners, MOOC reviewers, welding consultants, data cartographers, new parents, champion nappers, typography critics, and sommelier swing dancers —whatcha up to / working on / thinking about?
Be part of Autumn in New Haven on 19 November.  Sign up at PKN-NewHaven.Org/Present

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