Nagano will take part in the PechaKucha Global Night with its Vol. 25 on September 20. Visit the official event page for more details, including the list of presenters.

A Special Presentation from Nagano Please take a look at this special presentation (in English) from the PechaKucha Night in Nagano team, that focuses on the village of Sakae in Nagano, and how it was affected by the earthquake.

PKN Nagano + Inspire Japan

PKN Nagano + Inspire Japan Nagano is of course taking part in today's Global PechaKucha Day - Inspire Japan event, but here's a look at the poster that was created. The city's Vol. 16 will take place at the Gishodo-Suwako watch and clock museum from 18:30, and we'll be connecting by Skype during our event here in Tokyo.

PKN Nagano Organizer Interviewed

It may be in Japanese, but for those who can read it, here's a great interview with Hitoshi Toyoshima, organizer of PechaKucha Night in Nagano. He talks about his relationship with PKN, and what it means for him to be organizer. The latest PKN in Nagano (Vol. 12) was held May 15, and the next one is set to happen August 29.

PKN Nagano Vol. 10

PechaKucha Night in Nagano Vol. 11 happens this Sunday, but here's a look at Vol. 10 -- held earlier this month -- with a report from PKN Nagano team member NanaAkua.

Are there any other cities that have a PKN on "tatami" (traditional type of Japanese flooring) and comes with a ticket for the onsen (hot spring)? We held PKN Nagano at "Katakura-kan" in the city of Suwa in the Nagano prefecture on November 8th. It was co-hosted by Zoola and Nagano Creators' Network.


Flyer for PKN Nagano Vol. 11

Nagano is prepping up for yet another event this month, with Vol. 11 happening this Sunday (November 29) at Ajito MOON. Above, the flyer for the event designed by NanaAkua -- we featured her presentation on tenugui a while back.

PKN Nagano Vol. 9

PKN Nagano Vol. 9

Nagano is getting ready for its 10th edition (November 8), which should be quite special considering the venue: Katakura-kan, an old hot spring facility. In the meantime, here's a look at the city's Vol. 9, with comments from Sayaka Boa-Ampong (aka NanaAkua).

PechaKucha Night Nagano Vol. 9 was held August 29th at club "Five pennies" in the city of Okaya in the Nagano prefecture. The hall was packed and the audience enjoyed the 14 varied presentations.

PKN Nagano Vol. 9

Team HACILA is a group of architecture students who love Nagano and architecture.

PKN Nagano Vol. 9

They are studying not only at school (Shinshu University) but also all around town, where there are so many attractive sources, such as local culture, design, and so on. "Sharing the Individualism" is the concept of their works.

PKN Nagano Vol. 9

Masahiro Hara: Takumi Project in Shimosuwa introduced old town scenery in Shimosuwa. This small town is has a vast array of architecture and buildings dating from different period, up to 200 years ago, all in a 1km square area. The project created a great map for going on a walkabout in that area.

PKN Nagano Vol. 9

This is the first presentation by a parent and child: NanaAkua and Nana Jr. in Nagano. They create fun things on ordinary days. Drawing pictures, traveling the world, enjoying art, and more. Nana Jr. introduced his original picture story book named Adventure of Owl. There's more to see in this Flickr photoset.

There was a big surprise for Nana Jr. at the end of their presentation. It was his 10th birthday! He got 100 people's happy birthday!

PKN Nagano Vol. 9

For the other presenters, there are more photos in the PKN Nagano Flickr group pool.

PKN Nagano Vol. 7

PechaKucha Night was back in Nagano prefecture earlier this month -- in the city of Matsumoto to be more exact -- with another great turnout, even garnering some press in the area's Shinshu newspaper. The list of presenters was an eclectic one -- as is the norm at a PKN event -- with media artists and fashion students joining forces with a kimono coordinator, an apple farmer, and even one guy looking for a wife.


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