The city of Moncton -- this writer's hometown -- is getting ready for its upcoming 9th edition, and here's a look at the poster that was produced for the event. The event takes place as it usually does at the Aberdeen cultural center, and presentations should be a mix of English and French -- you'll find more details on the official event page.

To see more great posters from PechaKucha Nights all over the world, check out our Tumblr blog.

PKN Toronto Vol. 15 Presentations Erin Riley was curious about the role of military chaplains, and so she set out to find the stories behind these people. Her presentation (from PKN Toronto Vol. 15) reveals the results of her interviews and photographs. Tyler Weiss follows up his "Thoughtless Experiment" (from PKN Williamsburg Vol. 1) with an exploration (from PKN Williamsburg Vol. 2) of what creativity means to his artwork. PKN Moncton Vol. 8 Posters We end the week with two additions to the Tumblr blog, starting with what you see pictured above, for PKN Moncton Vol. 8, part of the International Festival for French Cinema in Acadia (FICFA). The other new poster is for last night's PKN Taos Vol. 8. PKN Castellon de la Plana Vol. 2 PKN Castellon de la Plana Vol. 2 Photos Here's a photo gallery [Flickr] for PKN Castellon de la Plana Vol. 2, which was held just over a week ago. You'll find the full list of presenters with links on the official event pageCalendar The weekend starts with the following events tonight (November 9): PKN Shanghai Vol. 20, PKN Oulu Vol. 19, PKN Las Palmas Vol. 8, PKN San Luis Obispo Vol. 18, and PKN Honolulu Vol. 16. On Saturday you'll find PKN Williamsburg Vol. 3, PKN Auckland Vol. 32, and PKN Olsztyn Vol. 1, and then PKN Azores Vol. 4 on Sunday.

PKN Toronto Vol. 16 Presentations Tom Bernard manages to mix two of his interests -- leadership and pop culture -- into a presentation (from PKN Pittsfield Vol. 3) that he freely admits veers on the "nerdy" side. In overcoming OCD and a variety of other anxiety disorders, Mark Freeman was shocked to discover that all people have brains. This presentation (from PKN Toronto Vol. 16) is the story of that discovery. PKN Toronto Vol. 18 Posters Our final additions for the week to the Tumblr blog include the poster for Toronto's upcoming Vol. 18 -- designed by Trevor Embury, and part of the DesignThinkers conference -- and two older posters from PKN Moncton (Vol. 5 and 6).  PKN Hong Kong Vol. 12 PKN Hong Kong Vol. 12 PKN Hong Kong Vol. 12 Photos Today's photo gallery [Flickr] is for PKN Hong Kong Vol. 12, which was held this past Tuesday. From what we hear, it was a packed -- and intimate -- gathering, and the atmosphere was fantastic. HK's next PKN ("lucky" Vol. 13) is already set for December 5, and it will be held at the same venue (XXX Gallery).  Calendar Here are your weekend PKNs, starting with tonight (October 19): PKN Nishinomiya Vol. 14, PKN Adelaide Vol. 4, and PKN Hakata Vol. 4. On Saturday, you'll find PKN Maastricht Vol. 16 and PKN Nara Vol. 4. 

PKN Tokyo Vol. 95 Presentations Adelaide-based architect Tanya Court took to the stage in Tokyo (at the city's Vol. 95) to talk about an urban renewal project she was recently involved in, part of a government-launched competition. In their presentation (in Czech, from PKN Plzen Vol. 1), Dana Lukasova and Olina Dankovicova reveal the interests, activities, and willingness of the people in the city where they live, using a very unique visual backdrop. PKN Moncton and PKN New Orleans Posters Today's new addition to the Tumblr blog is the poster for last night's PKN Moncton Vol. 4 (on the left), and on the right you'll find pictured the poster for PKN New Orleans Vol. 7, which was also held last night. PKN Hamptons Vol. 1 PKN Hamptons Vol. 1 Photos Today we have a photo gallery [Flickr] to share from the recent PKN Hamptons Vol. 1 -- all photos were taken by Michael Pintauro. Calendar The weekend kicks off tonight (October 5) with PKN Osijek Vol. 1, PKN Kosice Vol. 23, and PKN Tulsa Vol. 2. On Saturday there's Bandung's Vol. 15, and then since Monday is a holiday and so we won't be updating, let us mention that day's event, PKN Fresno Vol. 11.

PKN Tokyo Vol. 92 Presentations Here's how Nick Bruscia describes his presentation, "Marking the City," from last week's PKN Tokyo Vol. 92:

An impromptu and ad-libbed Tokyo fiction deriving meaning from a mundane observation -- street annotations and mysterious tags, both written and physically placed. It is imagined that these tags embed another layer of information into the city by casting invisible perimeters within which encoded experiences are left behind and felt by others through ubiquitous mobile / augmented-reality devices. Tokyo is remapped through visual and physical sensations that overlap, fade away, and are activated by the weather or proximity, and offer an ephemerality akin to Tokyo's ever changing urban fabric.

Our second presentation of the day is quite a different one. "Be kind to your elders" is a phrase we hear time and time again, and in "Building Bridges" (in Portuguese, from PKN Curitiba Vol. 1), Roseli Bassi talks about a project that has the goal of encouraging better interaction between young people and the elderly. PKN Toronto Vol. 16 Posters The new posters on our Tumblr blog today are for PKN Guimaraes Vol. 2, PKN Bucharest Vol. 9, PKN Moncton Vol. 5 (which happens tomorrow night), and PKN Toronto Vol. 16 (pictured above).  PKN Guimaraes Vol. 2 PKN Guimaraes Vol. 2 Photos and videos Today we take some time to share plenty of Guimaraes content, for the city's recent Vol. 2. As we just mentioned, the poster for the event was added to our Tumblr blog, and you'll also find two photo galleries, one with photos taken by Joao Octavio Peixoto (two of them are pictured above), and one by Luis Coelho and Joao Abreu [Facebook]. We already shared with you the promo video for the event (and we loved it so much we played it last week's PKN here in Tokyo), as well as the teaser, but here's also an intro for the presenters. httpv:// And here's a lovely outdoor billboard ad for the event: PKN Guimaraes Vol. 2 Links A couple of event reports from around the web. 

Calendar First, a reminder that tonight (June 6) you can catch the following events: PKN Coquitlam Vol. 7, PKN Bielefeld Vol. 10, PKN Genoa Vol. 2, PKN Aarhus Vol. 13, and PKN Edmonton Vol. 13. Tomorrow, look to these cities for some PKN satisfaction: PKN Eindhoven Vol. 2, PKN Moncton Vol. 5, and PKN Utrecht Vol. 4.

PKN Moncton + Global Cities Week Moncton -- the hometown of your humble blog writer -- will be taking part in our Global Cities Week, with its PechaKucha Night Vol. 4. The event is planned for February 23 at Café Aberdeen, and you'll find more details on the event page, as well as PKN Moncton's Facebook page. The poster was designed by Julie Forgues, and there are four colored version, each based on the Global Cities Week banners we made available to all our organizers. More...

PechaKucha Night in Moncton We love catching PechaKucha coverage around the world, and here's a sampling of a few recent articles we spotted on the web. "An Evening of Civil Creativity" (Here NB) -- PKN Moncton "'I think we have a lot of creative people in Moncton. We might not realize how many we have, and a lot of the creative people might feel isolated,' Goguen said. 'Pecha Kucha is to get people to feel good about the people in their city.'" "PechaKucha Hits Pittsburgh" (Morning Sun) -- PKN Pittsburgh "PowerPoint presentations are boring and bland, and human brains don’t retain the information they discuss well. But by making presentations visually stimulating, they can become interesting and engaging. That’s the message the creators of Pecha Kucha want to bring to millions of people worldwide, and what a growing number Pittsburg State University faculty, students and community members are sharing in increasing numbers." "PechaKucha a Simmering Saucepan of Food, Art and Ideas" (Vancouver Observer) -- PKN Vancouver "'There's a lot of young, creative people who are frustrated with the larger corporate system that seems to dominate the world,' he mused. '(PechaKucha)'s a forum where people can come together and share ideas.'"

Poster for PKN Moncton Vol. 2 Moncton will be hosting its second PechaKucha Night later this week, with the event set to happen on September 16 at Café Aberdeen. The poster was designed by Julie Forgues, who presented at a PKN here in Tokyo a few months ago.