PKN Minneapolis Vol. 2

PechaKucha Night in Minneapolis Vol. 2 was held in August, and as the photo above reveals, not only featured an amazing venue -- that would be The Lab Theatre -- but also a terrific turnout.


PKN Minneapolis

Nice cut-out sign for PechaKucha Night in Minneapolis Vol. 2, held earlier this week.

Tyson Lien

The Minneapolis' Star Tribune gives coverage to that city's upcoming PechaKucha Night Vol. 2 (tomorrow night, August 12) with a nicely titled piece ("PowerPoint on speed? You pecha") that looks at the successful first event, and what people can expect from Vol. 2.

PKN Minneapolis has so far had a strong design spin to it in terms of presentations, but it sounds like organizer Jonas Schaefer is really hoping to move beyond that.

We want to expand it to innovative ideas in any industry. We want to see what happens when fresh thinkers from all different communities get together and share their fascinations over a beer.

The piece's writer has a great follow-up line:

Now if you could just persuade your bosses to adopt this strategy for the next quarterly sales meeting.

Amen to that.

PKN Minneapolis Vol. 1

PechaKucha Night was held in Minneapolis for the first time last month -- see this post for more on the launch -- and here's a great gallery of photos taken during that night's proceedings.


PKN Minneapolis

PechaKucha Night is coming to Minneapolis: Vol. 1 will be held this Friday, April 17. The event is already getting some nice coverage from Minnesota Public Radio -- you can listen to the report and read a piece here.

Pictured above, PKN Minneapolis co-organizer Jonas Schaefer (left) and photographer Wing Young Huie, who will be one of the presenters on Friday.