Mark your calendars, September 20th will be a special Pechakucha evening - Global Night: Hidden Heroes. We'll be joining 100s of PechaKucha cities around the world for Global PechaKucha Night.

The idea with this Global Night is to give us a chance to celebrate our city! We're not saying all of the presentations need to follow this theme, but it's a good opportunity to dig into our community, and give those "Hidden Heroes" a chance to shine. So we want to invite people that have something interesting to say and share about the place we call home. People that don't normally get a chance to tell people what they do, but have an interesting story to tell. Mayor, planners, artists, architects are welcome too.

We are looking for up to 10 presenters for the evening and we will be following the 20x20 format. (20 slides (mostly pictures) that advance automatically every 20 seconds) Which means you have 6:40 to tell your story. It's really a lot of fun


So send your presenter/presentation ideas to me.


Katie Felten




Poster for PKN Milwaukee Vol. 10

Milwaukee will celebrate its 10th PechaKucha Night next month, with the event set for April 12 at MOCT (which is a new location for that city's PKN series). You'll find the list of presenters with links on the official event page.

Flyer for PKN Milwaukee Vol. 7

If our internal -- and international -- clock is working correctly, PechaKucha Night in Milwaukee Vol. 7 is just about to kick off at Sugar Maple. You'll find more details and the list of presenters with links on the official event page.

PKN Milwaukee Vol. 5

Attendance may have been lower due to the summer holidays and local festivals, but this week's PechaKucha Night in Milwaukee Vol. 5 boasted some of the best presentations yet. Organizer Jon Mueller reports:

Todd Sattersten talked about the future of the book -- what will we call that type of content, and what forms will it take. Matt Abbondanzio talked about changing perspectives and how product design affects our lives. DeAnna Radaj talked about how choices one makes in selecting cake, clothing, and decoration design (for entertaining) can have a major effect on the experience people have. Ron Faiola talked about his hotel door hanger collection (this was really hilarious) and commented on how these communicate strange messages to both guests and service workers at the hotels. Chris Stutzki talked about the amazing projects his company has been involved in designing structures made of glass, and the use of glass within architecture. Milan Zori talked about being the fourth most famous person from Steubenville, OH (another hilarious presentation), and Ben Turk talked about a communist perspective in performing revolutionary theatre. Wow, what a night!



Tom Crawford of Milwaukee gives a presentation on the Kaszube Ornithological Concern International -- otherwise known as "KOCI" -- at that city's first edition of PechaKucha Night, held in June of last year.

PKN Milwaukee Vol. 2 Pecha Kucha Night received some media attention in Milwaukee recently, with a piece appearing in M ("Milwaukee's Lifestyle Magazine"), and now available online. This of course acts as a good reminder that PKN Milwaukee Vol. 4 is just around the corner, coming to you Tuesday, February 24 at Sugar Maple -- more info here.