Kolektif Revey Twa

Presenting at PechaKucha Night in Mauritius Vol. 2, AIDS/HIV activists Kolektif Revey Twa brought their message to the audience. Organizer Stephen Ng talks more about the association, and what it means to the country.

Kolektif Revey Twa -- literally "The Wake Up Collective" in Mauritian creole -- is an association of artists who are fighting against AIDS/HIV in Mauritius.

It is estimated that there are 15,000 HIV positive people in the country -- for a population of 1.2 million, this number is actually quite alarming. One of the reasons for this number is the lack of sensitization and education about the disease and how it is spread, but also a lack of initiative from the authorities to tackle the problem effectively.

The "Zarbiens," a group of creative people led by Stephan Jauffret-Rezannah, Nicolas Bastien-Sylva, and Emilien Jubeau (who presented at Vol. 1) have created this collective with the objective getting things moving, along with other associations.


Ravi Jetshan

Ravi Jetshan (Ravior) has been a jewelry maker since 1982, and he presented some of his work at the recent PechaKucha Night in Mauritius Vol. 2. That city's organizer, Stephen Ng, writes this about Ravi:

Volume 2 was certainly highlighted by Ravior, a jewelry making company led by Ravi Jetshan since 1982 -- "or" means gold in French and in Creole, Mauritius' very own dialect that Ravi uses when naming some of his collections.


PKN Mauritius Vol. 2

Last week saw a second edition of PechaKucha Night in Mauritius, and organizer Stephen Ng again reports on a successful event.

For me, being the organizer, Vol. 2 was a much better orchestrated event. This time, I had an actual idea of how the event should be running and what to expect: from technical difficulties to last minute changes from presentators, things went pretty smoothly.

With a public of around 150 who were still mostly new to the concept, it was with amazement that they discovered how Mauritius needed this kind of event to promote designers/artists/creators. Feedback was all positive.



As we posted last week, PKN Mauritius launched its inaugural edition recently, and already we're seeing some nice press coverage. Above, a blurb on organizer Stephen NG -- or maybe we should call him the "Pecha Kucha Master" from now on -- in Legratuit. Below, a piece in Expresso.


Big thanks to Stephen for sending these in.

PKN Mauritius Vol. 1 Pecha Kucha Night truly is a global celebration, and one of the latest additions is PKN Mauritius. Vol. 1 was held last week at Le Patio, and here's what that city's coordinator, Stephen Ng, had to say:
Coming back to my country after five years in Melbourne -- where I discovered Pecha Kucha -- I thought Mauritius lacked a lot in creativity, specially amongst designers. That was so wrong. The thing here is that the main authorities don't do much to encourage us Mauritian designers, which is the main reason why I wanted to organise PKN here. My name is Stephen Ng, young freelance designer and part-time waiter at one of the most hip cafes in town, making Pecha Kucha Night happen in Mauritius! To my greatest surprise, I met a lot of creative people who were demanding to share their passion, and damn they were good! Volume 1 found designers like Sebastien Langevin and Jonathan Naigon, two of the first students to graduate from a digital arts degree in Mauritius; Elie Bernager, who is an experienced photograph and has worked for various fashion magazines in France; and even better, Veer Gopal, who calls himself a mixologist. He makes "molecular cocktails," and his slides were absolutely stunning. Emilien Jubeau also impressed us with his conceptual fashion design work.
Stephen promises that PKN Mauritius Vol. 2 will be held sometime in April. Elie Bernager Elie Bernager, photographer. Sharonne Parfait Sharonne Parfait, photo manipulator. Veer Gopal Veer Gopal, bartender presenting his "molecular cocktails." Stephen Ng PKN Mauritius ambassador Stephen Ng (left) and an installation by Creation Attitude (right).