PKN Mar Del Plata Vol. 2 Presentations Richard Groden is one of the founders of Island Sky, and in his presentation (from PKN Miami Vol. 15), he talks about its project to extract water from air and turn it into pure drinking water for areas where water is scarce or contaminated. Their goal is not just to produce drinkable water, but also to educate people on the important of sustainability in developing countries. Martín Várbaro is a plastic material artist who started his career by designing surfboards in Argentina, and later in more Latin American countries, including Peru and Brazil. As this presentation (in Spanish, from PKN Mar Del Plata Vol. 2) reveals, he also works as a scene decorator for theaters, museums, and public centers, and is now producing work in South America and Europe. PKN Las Palmas Posters We have no new posters to share on the Tumblr blog today, but that gives us a chance to highlight the beach-friendly poster from last week's PKN Las Palmas Vol. 7. Food Design Photos and report We've got galleries for two firsts to share (in Castellon and Augsburg), but let us also point you to this blog post from Core77 about a recent PechaKucha event in London, part of the International Conference on Designing Food and Designing for Food. It was produced by PKN Brussels organizer Alok Nandi, and the photo above reveals the intriguing "Carrot Pavillion." 

Calendar We're kicking off the week with the re-start of the PKN series in Bangkok, with the city's Vol. 5 happening tonight (July 9). Tomorrow, there's one event on tap in the form of PKN Huancayo Vol. 10. 

PKN Tokyo Vol. 93 Presentations UNESCO designated Indonesian Batik as a "Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity" on October 2, 2009. As Yudhinia Venkanteswari explains in her presentation (from PKN Tokyo Vol. 93), what distinguishes it from other manual wax-resist dyeing technique is that traditional Indonesian Batik uses "canting," a bamboo pen with copper wax container, as a tool to draw a pattern with melted wax on a piece of cloth. Another technique used is "cap," which is to create a shape of melted wax with a copper stamp. The waxing and dyeing is then repeated to get the desired colored patterns. Pablo Martínez has won numerous skateboarding championships in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Uruguay, and has adapted skateboarding to his own philosophy of life, which he shares with his sons. In this presentation (in Spanish, from PKN Mar Del Plata Vol. 2), he talks about how great it is to travel with them around the world for skateboarding. PKN Bordeaux Vol. 7 PKN Bordeaux Vol. 7 PKN Bordeaux Vol. 7 Photos Kicking off the week, we have a few photo galleries to share from around the web, some larger than others. The photos above are all from last week's PKN Bordeaux Vol. 7. Please note that the link for the Pittsburgh event also includes a report of how things went.

And instead of a photo, below is a wonderful illustration by PKN Longmont organizer Dwayne Wolff of the audience at the city's very first PKN, back in 2011. PKN Longmont Vol. 1 Links We have a couple of links to share today, one covering PKN Muscat, the other PKN Charleston

Calendar Here comes July, and as is usually the case during the summer, we start seeing fewer events due to the holidays. There is an event tonight (July 2) though, and so you can look to PKN Pittsboro Vol. 11 for some PechaKucha satisfaction.

Inspire Japan Donation Urn

When we mentioned PechaKucha Night in Mar del Plata Vol. 2 a couple of weeks back, we mentioned that organizers had prepared special urns to collect donations throughout the month of May for our Inspire Japan efforts. Here's a look at said urn, as designed by Nicolas Fossatti, who was also a presenter at the event. And remember, Inspire Japan-related events are still happening throughout the month of May, and you can still leave donations directly on the Inspire Japan site, or pre-buy the ebook (with all proceeds donated to the reconstruction efforts).

Flyer for PKN Mar del Plata Vol. 2

Flyer for PKN Mar del Plata Vol. 2 Mar del Plata held its PechaKucha Night Vol. 2 a few days ago, and as you'll have noticed by the use of the "Inspire Japan" logo on the flyer above, the event contributed to raising awareness and funds to our reconstruction efforts. It was quite the night as well, as organizer Sebastian Ianantuony tells us:

You won't believe what happened to us... but our 2nd PechaKucha Night was AMAZING!!! Here we start at 20:20, and at 19:57 we had a outage in the area (affected area of 120km all around). But luckily, the problem was solved at 20:55, and we could run the event. It was a crazy thing. And the people who were invited stood on the sidewalk, in the dark, waiting with us for the lights come back again.

We're glad that the show did indeed go on. The flyer above was designed by Nicolas Fossatti, who was also a presenter at the event, and designed urns that are being used to collect donations throughout the month of May.

Goodies from Mar del Plata

Goodies from Mar Del Plata

We just wanted to share a big public thanks to the organizers and all of the presenters of PechaKucha Night in Mar del Plata for the amazing care package they sent to the PKN HQ here in Tokyo -- it included a little something from each and every presenter who participated in that city's first volume back in January. I can assure you that it put a great big smile on everyone's face.

PKN Kites in Mar del Plata

We've been raving about those PechaKucha Night-branded kites seen in the imagery of the Mar del Plata's flyer, and co-organizer Sebastian (pictured right) sends in this photographic evidence of an actual physical version of the kite. That's it, we want one! And don't forget that the inaugural PKN in Mar del Plata happens on Thursday of this week (January 14).


<p><img src="" width="560" height="397" alt="Flyer for PKN Mar del Plata Vol. 1" /></p>
<p><img src="" width="560" height="397" alt="Flyer for PKN Mar del Plata Vol. 1" /></p>
Flyer for PKN Mar del Plata Vol. 1

Mar del Plata will be hosting its very first PechaKucha Night this coming Thursday (January 14), to be held at La Normandina. Here's a look at the flyer for the event -- here's hoping these PKN-branded kites can one day see the light of day -- with all presenters listed on the back side.