Manizales is getting ready for its PechaKucha Night Vol. 6 -- set for May 10 -- and here's a look the lovely graphic poster that was produced for the event. It was designed by 6479 ESTUDIO DISEÑO.

Manizales is taking part in the PechaKucha Global Night on September 20 with its Vol. 5, and has not one, but two posters to publicize the event, both designed by Alex Cano. One is included in this post, and you'll find the other one on the official event page -- which is also where you'll find more details on the event, as well as the list of presenters.

A very momentous PechaKucha event is in store this coming Saturday, in Manizales, Colombia. Not only will this weekend hold PKN Manizales Vol. 4, but we'll also see a special Kids edition of PechaKucha earlier that day! 

This fresh paper-craft style poster was put together by the talented designer Mariana Alvarez Matijasevic.

To see more great posters from PechaKucha Nights all over the world, check out our Tumblr blog.

El equipo PECHA KUCHA MANIZALAES continua interesado en promover encuentros donde la creatividad se exponga, promoviendo el talento local y difundiendo sus creaciones con el fin de generar redes de reconocimiento y fomento del arte y sus artistas.

Para esta ocasión promueve una feria de publicaciones independientes donde tendremos a editoriales comprometidas por el arte y el libro desde Bogotá y Armenia como: La silueta, Laguna Libros, Jardín Ediciones, Tyrannus y Editorial Robot, además de publicaciones Manizalitas como "Lomo de Gato", "Fausto" y "Lo hice por amor".

Para estos dos dias tendremos el ultimo libro de dibujos de Powerpaola "Por Dentro", el calendario 2013 de "las chicas del calendario" dibujado por 12 artistas mujeres: 6 argentinas y 6 colombianas, papeles de regalo diseñados por la artista LadyBionika, "La distancia entre extraños" un encantador relato visual de Londres de Monica Naranjo, el increíble "Carelibro" de Mateo Rivano, El diccionario ilustrado de palabras alucinantes y bacanas de Tyrannus, el ultimo lanzamiento de Jardín ediciones "Mi destino en tus manos" encantadora correspondencia de Maria Isabel Rueda y Marcos Castro, además de los "Ejercicios Académicos" de Lucas Ospina, Agendas Kika y libretas de dibujo de Volcan Ediciones y muchísimas cosas más!

Todo un manjar de libros independientes, obras de arte hechas para papel al alcance de todos!

Miércoles 19 de Dic 2-6pm en el Museo de Arte de Caldas, Salon Naranjo, Teatro Fundadores. 

Y el Sábado 22 de Dic 2-8pm en Taller Abierto, CR 23 No 71-117 Ed Balcones de Milan, Local 4.

A Guide to Landscapes, Improving a Train Station, and Rampant Inspiration in Gothenburg

PKN Barnsley Vol. 4 Presentations João Nunes is an architect, and in this presentation (in Italian, from PKN Catania Vol. 10) he talks about the challenges involved in working with landscapes. This usually means having to balance elements such as time, conditions, and the type of terrain, along with very different materials. In "A Rough Guide to Wakefield Kirkgate" (from PKN Barnsley Vol. 4), Sharon Shepherds shares a few ideas on what could be done to make the historic Wakefield Kirkgate station look better. PKN Manizales Vol. 3 Posters We've got two new additions to our Tumblr blog, including the poster for PKN Manizales Vol.  3 you see pictured above, as well as the two sides of the PKN San Antonio Vol. 6 flyer. PKN Hanoi Vol. 1 Photos We have quite a few photo galleries to share with you today, some from PKNs that happened a while ago (so not necessary from a city's latest volume). Pictured above, PKN Hanoi Vol. 1.

PKN Gothenburg We shared a report by PKN Gothenburg organizer Jesper Larsson recently (about the city's recent Vol. 31), and here's a follow-up on the topic of instant inspiration:

Sometimes inspiration travels fast. The day after PKN Gothenburg Vol. 31, presenter and sushi chef José Seruda went out in the city to find edible ingredients inspired by Klara Hansson who presented about "The edible city" the same night, and during the beer break served up a 'Kokoro salad' based on wild city plants. José's own hunt resulted in a brand new starter dish using Daisy, Garlic-mustard flower and Dandelion Leaf served as part of the omakase offering the same night at his restaurant Hoze. I'm guessing it's this kind of passion for experimentation with ingredients and flavors that might be the reason many consider Hoze one of Sweden's best sushi restaurants. Below is a video of Klara going hunting for wild plants in Gothenburg city on a previous occasion and within 30 minutes serving up a fresh mushroom salad. How has a PechaKucha presentation inspired you?

Calendar As we covered yesterday, tonight's (Wednesday, May 23) calendar includes PKN Prague Vol. 29, PKN Ekaterinburg Vol. 3, PKN Leksand Vol. 4, and PKN Copenhagen Vol. 20. Tomorrow is a big Thursday (May 24), with the following events on tap: PKN Istanbul Vol. 14, PKN Seattle Vol. 35, PKN Helsinki Vol. 21, PKN London Vol. 6, PKN Kosice Vol. 18, and PKN Yerevan Vol. 16.

Let's take a look at what's happening in PechaKucha today. Presentations As we promised yesterday, we continue to share presentations from last Friday's special PechaKucha event at the Magazine Library exhibition. Today you can hear Antonin Gaultier talk about his new digital Tokyo fashion magazine, De Rigueur (available for Kindle), and Tokyo-based designer Ian Lynam shares some of the magazine titles that have had a big impact on him. PKN Koszalin Vol. 9 Posters Two new posters today on our Tumblr blog, starting with the one (above) for the upcoming PKN Koszalin Vol. 9 (on May 25). You see a piece of the amazing venue where it will be held in it, and below, a better look. You'll also find the beautifully illustrated poster for PKN Barcelona Vol. 16. PKN Koszalin Vol. 9 It's the Koszalin Amphitheatre, and it can hold 3000 spectators -- that's PKN Tel Aviv territory! PKN Beirut Vol. 8 Events We of course have a few new galleries of event photos to point out, and the photo above is an oldie but goodie, from PKN Beirut Vol. 8 (the most recent event in that city was last week's Vol. 14).

Here we have a report from PKN Nishinomiya organizer Brent Jones on the city's recent PKN Vol. 12:

Friday, April 13 (that's right . . . Friday the 13th) was another raucous night of creativity and fun at CUBE in Nishinomiya. We continue to attract an eclectic mix of presenters, and this beautiful Spring night was no exception. We started the evening by showing Mark Dytham’s PechaKucha Global Events presentation from the PKN website. We explained to the audience that we are locked into our set events (because our venue is a school), but that we try to promote these events as much as we can. Our first live presenter was Teruko Ashida, who introduced her organic fruit farm in Amagasaki and the events she holds there. Peter Sterlacci followed up with a lively introduction to Personal Branding. Shuji Narita came next with a humorous look at common English mistakes made by Japanese, and he was followed by Carmen Tamas and Shawn White swapping musings about the charms of Japan and Romania. Our Beer Break was followed by a PKN formatted workshop on Old School Hip Hop by Warren Decker. Natsuko Shiraishi then introduced her work with groups of indigenous Mangyan on the island of Mindoro in the Philippines. The audience was then treated to the trials and tribulations of learning how to scull by Richard Miller, and Wes Lang rounded out the night with a poetic look at Unkai, or the sea of clouds that can be viewed from various summits in Japan. We again enlisted the help of several students in introducing the presenters and keeping the evening full of unexpected twists and turns, and are already looking forward to PKN Nishinomiya Volume 13 on July 6th.

Calendar As we mentioned yesterday, tonight (May 15) you can look forward to PKN Helsingborg Vol. 8, and then tomorrow night (May 16) Wagga Wagga will be hosting its PKN Vol. 6.

We're experimenting with this new post format again, trying to give you more bang for your buck in terms of offering a daily snapshot of what's happening in the world of PechaKucha, and trying to save you from the endless streams of feed notifications that seem to clutter our lives. Presentations As we recently covered on the blog, we had a special PechaKucha event this past Friday here in Tokyo, as part of the 10th edition of the Magazine Library exhibition. We invited 5 presenters to cover topics that touch on magazines and print culture, and we'll be sharing all of them online today and tomorrow. Today, you get to hear Audrey Fondecave talk about the upcoming issue of TOO MUCH ("the magazine of romantic geography"), Mike Abelson talk about his stationery brand Postalco, and a recent printing project he embarked on, and Luis Mendo tells us how Tokyo turned this editorial designer into an artist. PKN Manizales Vol. 1 Posters We've got another new batch of PKN posters and flyers up on our Tumblr blog, including a few examples of what was produced for PKN Manizales Vol. 1 (above, a flyer), as well as from PKN Muscat Vol. 1, PKN Beirut Vol. 13, PKN Buffalo Vol. 12, PKN Cagliari Vol. 2, and PKN Moscow Vol. 12. PKN Sao Paulo Vol. 10 PKN Sao Paulo Vol. 10 Event Photos We know you love seeing event photos -- to get a feel for how PKNs are being done around the world -- and we're going to be sharing even more, by posting links to even more galleries than in the past. Pictured above, a scene from March's PKN Sao Paulo Vol. 10, as well as a few happy attendees during the beer break.

Links A few PechaKucha-related links from around the webosphere.

  • A fun call-for-entries video (above) for the upcoming PKNs (Vol. 2 and 3) in Genoa 
  • An interview (in Russian) with our friends from PKN Moscow at Theoryandpractice
  • We don't usually like to give too much instructions on how to do a presentation -- we like to see how each person approaches the format -- but for those in need a few tips, this post might help

Calendar It's a quiet Monday with no PechaKucha Nights happening tonight, but tomorrow night, Helsingborg will be hosting its PechaKucha Night Vol. 8, happening at the Helsingborgs Stadsteater. 

Poster for PKN Manizales Vol. 2

The next PechaKucha Night in Manizales (Vol. 2) happens tomorrow night (May 11) at the Fundacion Fellini. You'll find the full list of presenters with links on the official event page.