Shining a spotlight on PechaKucha Manila who released this beautiful design for their Vol. 6. We liked this simple design so much, we put it on our official PechaKucha Poster tumblr! Click through to see more amazing poster designs and be inspired to design one for YOUR city's PechaKucha! 

"We want to turn the Philippines into a powerhouse that can really produce world-class bamboo products for the rest of the world."

In Filipino Bicycles with a Bamboo Soul from Manila, Vol. 5. Social entrepreneur Bryan McClelland showcases Bambikes - bicycles made from bamboo - to promote sustainable, environment-friendly, and high-quality Philippine-made bikes for the world.

Get ready to roll!

City Focus: Manila

The City Focus heads to the Philippines and one of Asia's most vibrant cities, Manila, to highlight some great presentations, from the city's most recent PKN, Vol. 5. Everything is more fun in the Philippines!

PKN Manila is Back!

After five long years, PechaKucha Night Manila is back for Vol. 5! The event which happened last May 22, 2015 at A Space Manila an unforgettable night of inspiration, fun, and energy. We featured some of Manila's most creative and progressive minds, namely graphic novelist and animator Arnold Arre, international designer and KKK CEO Brian Tenorio, writer and JollyRogerRogers founder Karen Kunawicz, social entrepreneur and Bambike founder Bryan Benitez McClelland, regional director and The Red Whistle admin head Evan Tan, Department of Budget and Management undersecretary Clare Amador, Parkour organizers Kris Bay and Kitty De Leon Ureta, Curiosity founder and design researcher Birdie Salva, and A Space Manila founder Matt Morrison. 

PKN Manila + Inspire Japan

Manila will be a part of the Global PechaKucha Day - Inspire Japan event on April 16, with its PKN taking place at Nomnomnom Happy Food -- see the list of presenters on the poster above. Admission will be free, and donations will come from food purchases at the event itself.

PKN Manila in Boracay

As a follow-up to yesterday's poster for PechaKucha Night in Manila Vol. 1, organizers Marielle Nadal and Dang Sering have sent us two more posters to add to the collection. First is the one that was created for a "pocket event" held on the island of Boracay back in September, and then the poster for last month's Vol. 2. We'll be featuring photos from the December event here later this week.


Poster for PKN Manila Vol. 1

The first PechaKucha Night in Manila was held back in June of 2008 -- which was before we started blogging here -- and after seeing the great poster that was produced for the event, we thought we'd share it now.

PKN Manila

PechaKucha Night in Manila Vol. 2 was held earlier this week -- we can probably expect a photo report sometime soon -- but we just now found the very cute graphic pictured above from the website put together by local organizers to help promote the event. We really love that tiny little figure "informing" us of all the presenters, and hope to see him again when Vol. 3 comes around.