PKN Madrid + Inspire Japan

PKN Madrid + Inspire Japan Madrid will be taking part in the Global PechaKucha Day - Inspire Japan event tomorrow (April 16), with the city's Vol. 10 taking place at the ESPACIO UTOPIC_US, from 20:00. See the list of presenters on the poster above.

PKN Madrid for Haiti

Continuing with our series of event reviews from this past Saturday's "PechaKucha for Haiti" events, here's a look at the very cool venue that hosted Madrid's PKN, which was also the city's Vol. 8. We've selected a few photos to share, but there's a lot more to see in this Flickr photoset.


PKN Madrid + Haiti

Madrid's event on the 20th for the "Global PechaKucha Night for Haiti" will take place at HUB Madrid, kicking off at 20:00. We've included a few more details from organizer Jaime Oliver, in Spanish.


Flyer for PKN Madrid Vol. 6

Things are always pretty "mad" when it comes to PechaKucha Night in Madrid, and you can expect things to continue that way at the upcoming Vol. 6, happening October 22 at Union Room.

PKN Madrid Vol. 5

We all know just how much Madrid is "mad" about PechaKucha Night, and now we get a peek at what last month's cozy Vol. 5 -- held at the Union Room -- looked like.


PKN Madrid Vol. 5

PechaKucha Night in Madrid is quite literally "Mad" about its events, and the next one, Vol. 5, happens tomorrow night (May 13). Note that the venue has changed from previous volumes, moving from Studio Banana to Union Room.

Mad PechaKucha

PechaKucha Night in Madrid Vol. 5 is just around the corner -- Wednesday, May 13 -- and so time to show off just how "Mad" that city's event really is (click on the various "volumes" on the PKN Madrid info site to see more examples). If that's enough to tempt you to attend, here's a Flickr gallery slideshow from Vol. 4.