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Virtual reality, genetic mapping, self-driving cars... Science, technology, engineering and math are disrupting and re-shaping almost everything around us at warp speed.

Join us as we hear from Madison's top STEM professionals, researchers and educators as they share amazing stories of discovery and passion. You can leave that dusty old textbook at the door - STEM today is all about the experience.


Featured Presentation


Dave McCabe

LRIG - Laboratory Robotics Interest Group in Madison, WI

Biotechnology can be understood as a transition from art to industry. There are amazing questions that will allow us to better understand the mechanisms that enable us to function. There are also real challenges that exist in providing scientists with the right tools, while makeing sure they ask the best questions. Dave McCabe highlights this transition from learning about mechanisms of life to developing tools that enable others to do better science.


My Click Addiction

@ VOL 20 ON DEC 01, 2016

You know the feeling when you experience a shift in perspective, or when you suddenly “get it,” in a flash of understanding? Vivian Lin’s addicted to it. She calls those moments “clicks.” It’s why, on the surface, she looks like a collector of hobbies and why people think she’s building up an arsenal of skills to survive the end times. The truth, she’s just chasing clicks.


Picking Architecture

@ VOL 20 ON DEC 01, 2016

Wesley T. Reynolds speaks about his daily love for his career in architecture and his hidden passion for finding lost objects. Picking is a term that many of us now know from the reality series American Pickers. Wesley shares objects that have influenced him and design outcomes that are embedded with materials that have been reclaimed.


Frank Lloyd Wright: Do I Know Him?

@ VOL 20 ON DEC 01, 2016

Catherine Boldt explores her preoccupation with all things Frank Lloyd Wright. She will present original photographs of her workplace, Taliesin. The photos will help tell the story of the time and resources she has invested learning about FLLW and his designs. But the questions stil remains: Do I know Frank Lloyd Wright?


One Designer's Brutal Opinion About a UW Icon

@ VOL 20 ON DEC 01, 2016

"It's not trying to be something it's not. It's not hiding behind anything else."

In One Designer's Brutal Opinion About a UW Icon  at PechaKucha Night Madison Vol. 20,  Rachel Wallace shares her fascination with Brutalism and her peculiar connection to the UW Humanities building located in Madison, Wisconsin. We learn how this building led her to appreciate this "raw" style of architecture.





Goats, Gourds and Grandmas

@ VOL 20 ON DEC 01, 2016

Brend Baker's work as a visual artist and Director of Exhibitions at Madison Children's Museum is inspired by motherhood, childhood and the minutia, humor, playfulness and mundaneness of family life. She is inspired by the stories of the incredible people she meets, and the relics, smells, tastes and sounds of the world around her.


I AM a Bag Lady

@ VOL 20 ON DEC 01, 2016

"One of the things we want to do is bring people together."

In I AM a Bag Lady  at PechaKucha Night Madison Vol. 20Lesley Sager shares the stories of the Kenyan women whom have inspired her while volunteering in Africa. They are smart, creative, and hardworking but what they do not know is that they are artisans. With their beautiful hand crafted bags, they have woven their ways into Lesley's heart and have uplifted their community with their creativity and passion for education. 

Lesley is a Faculty Associate and Interior Designer for the University of Wisconsin, Madison and also owns a NPGO called MGS. 


Art to Industry: Stumbling into the Business World and Sticking the Landing

@ VOL 18 ON AUG 24, 2016

When you're an artist, one of the biggest challenges when starting out is navigating the business of selling your art. Eventually a paradigm shift happens and the effort becomes making an art out of working your business. Sculptor and entrepreneur Alisa Toninato has found some reconciliation with the often stressful transition of being creative and makeing a living from her craft. The key to a successful career in the arts might have less to do with writing a buisness plan, and more about tenaciously defining your passion. Alisa will bring us through her story as an artist running a production company, and how she ended up in the cookware industry.


Improv Madness: What I Learned from My Time Travels

@ VOL 17 ON APR 14, 2016

Improv Madness: Comedians from 2 local Improv Troops made 20x20 presentations for each other. The audience suggested the topic, in this case, "What I Learned from My Time Travels." Hilarity ensued.

Edmond Ramly born in Beirut, he grew up hearing fantastical stories of a place where the streets were paved with cheese. He decided early on to leave behind the Mediterranean climate of year-round comfortable mild weather and feta scented breezes to travel to the harsh and godforsaken land of Wisconsin where cheddar was the only currency. It was here he realized that tragedy + cheese = comedy at which point he joined Atlas Improve Company by winning the gladiator-style laugh-to-the-death called “The Cut” in 2013. Edmond is still working to improve his usage and pronunciation of common Wisconsin flavored idioms “Youbettcha,” “Oh den dare now” and “Whachagonna do?”



Pinball - The Great Resurgence

Inspired by the French game “Bagatelle,” Harry Williams is credited with introducing the first coin operated pinball machine in 1931.
For the next 60 years pinball machines were commonplace in America until they were supplanted by video games and redemption machines. Today pinball machines are rarely seen and are usually poorly maintained.
In “Pinball - The Great Resurgence” from PKN Madison, WI Vol.12 Sean Spindler speaks about Madison Pinball, a team of local pinball enthusiasts who are bringing pinball machines to the Madison area so everyone can play with and enjoy these marvelous contraptions!

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