"Nothing is more painful to me than the sight of an abandoned old house..."

David Dominé believes that old houses are like old people - if you listen to them, they'll have a story to tell. David moved to Louisville in 1993, where he was immediately taken by the abundance of vibrant, classical architecture. He began writing books about old houses in the neighborhood, bringing to the forefront their colorful and interesting pasts, and in "Love an Old House" from PKN Louisville Vol. 11, you'll hear a few of those stories. 

December has begun its strut down the street, and amongst the chilly air, snowflakes, and holiday spirit (or heat and humidity perhaps, if you're in the Southern Hemisphere) drifts a small stack of five very special presentations: November 2013's top 5!

Have a cup of cheer on us!


"Sushi for Smiles" by Takayo Kiyota.

"Perfecting Portraits" by Ian Taylor.

"Turnaround" by Aubrey Williams.

"Make It So" by Shannon Downey.

"Live for Today" by Shay Howe.

Did you know? To this day, 95% of all bourbon whiskey is made in the state of Kentucky. 

In today's Presentation of the Day, "Damn Fine Bourbon" from PKN Louisville Vol. 7Conor O'Driscoll makes it clear from the get-go: he's here to talk about bourbon. The subtleties of the spirit are not by any means lost on Conor, who goes into great depth on the history of bourbon's origins. He then goes into detail on the process of crafting a truly great bourbon -- down to the type of wood used (charred white oak) to make the barrels! 

Pickpockets, muggers, transients; all sorts of doers of dirty deeds lurk down alleyways, right?

In today's Presentation of the Day, "In Defense of Alleyways" from PKN Louisville Vol. 7, Brandon Klayko knows that alleys have always garnered a seedy image, and he's out to change that. He provides numerous suggestions to most effficiently and safely put alleyways to better use, and gives us some great examples of locations already doing so.

This harrowing real-life story is worth a listen to be sure.

In today's Presentation of the Day, "Turnaround" from PKN Louisville Vol. 7, we hear of Aubrey Williams' young life growing up in poverty. When he was 14 he began selling cocaine to make money. He was later caught and jailed, but continued his ways when he got out. It took a gunshot to turn his life around. From that point on he got his GED, got two college degrees with honors, and has now become a motivational prescence within his community, working to improve the lives of those who are now where he was.

In today's Presentation of the Day, "Responsible Fatherhood" from PKN Louisville Vol. 9, author and father of four Shawn Gardner works with 2NOT1, an organization focused on emphasizing the importance of fathers in the family unit.

Through this organization he is trying to change the lives of children for the better by encouraging fathers to take responsibility for their kids' upbringing.

September has begun *cues up Earth, Wind & Fire* which means the beginning of the end of summer *cues up the theme to JAWS*, and a great set of presentations from the month of August! *back to Earth, Wind & Fire*

1. "The Fear of Sharks

2. "Books in the Age of the iPad

3. "Toilets of the Future, Now

4. "Creating Legends"

5. "Old into New

We all have our fears; some rational, some not so rational. 

In today's Presentation of the Day, "The Fear of Sharks" from PKN Louisville Vol. 3, in a rather comedic manner Paul Sirek confesses his irrational fear of being attacked by sharks ... while in the swimming pool. Paul goes beyond Spielberg's Jaws, reveals the true nature of sharks, and confronts his fear in the ocean.

Another month has passed and we now find ourselves in the warmth of August -- at least in the Northern hemisphere -- and that means it's also time to share a hot and fresh serving of top 5 presentations (for the month of July). All the presentations are embedded below, or follow the links to watch them on their proper presentation page -- and you can make sure to receive this list every month in your mailbox by subscribing to our global newsletter (in the footer below).

"Dating by Design" by Ayla Newhouse


"Learn Like a Beginner" by Vincent Cabansag


"Three Six Five" by Michelle Lam


"The Most Valuable Skill" by Mike Busch


"What's the Big Idea?!" by Will Russell

Where do good ideas come from? What does a bad idea looks like? How can you turn an idea into reality? 

In today's Presentation of the Day, "What's the Big Idea?!" (from PKN Louisville Vol. 10Will Russell goes into detail on his wacky, weird, and wonderful ideas (failures and successes) such as international Big Lebowski gathering Lebowski Fest, retail store and unoffical fanclub for the city WHY Louisville, Pee Wee Over Louisville, and his failed attempt to create a Kentucky Rushmore (Muhammad Ali, Colonel Sanders, Abraham Lincoln, and Triple Crown winning racehorse Secretariat were to be included). 



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