"We obviously can’t give citizens the role to do everything. It’s just about recognizing their part in the process."

In Triumph of Human Adaptability from PechaKucha Night LondonVol. 11Harry Knight details his unique experiences over the past few years and how they were shaped by the events of 22 February 2011 when a major earthquake struck his hometown of Christchurch, New Zealand. Knight talks about the triumph of human adaptability as well as the power of community spirit!

In July 2016 the Mayor of London launched the #LondonIsOpen campaign, sending a vibrant message to the world that London is a united city where everyone is welcome. 
Pecha Kucha is proudly joining this campaign with our 12th London event: #PKNLDN12. Taking place at London's museum of the home, the Geffrye Museum, the evening will host inspirational talks from 12 speakers on the theme of WELCOME. It also happens during London Design Festival - an annual event showcasing London's design heritage, when the world's design community comes to town.
Hosting the evening is author and journalist Sarah Thompson. Among other subjects, Sarah has written about the surprising homes found in some particularly unwelcoming buildings, and about the mixed-up experience of welcoming a child into the world. Welcomed by Sarah, our 12 speakers will then offer their interpretation of the word WELCOME. In true Pecha Kucha style, each speaker has 20 seconds to talk us through 20 slides. With only six minutes to share their thoughts, talks are always fast, funny and fascinating. 
Our wonderful line up of speakers includes - 

Sarah Buxton / Observational Strategist / In 20 slides Sarah will explain how to tell a great story, to build a narrative that will conjure a feeling of instant connection, and a sense of belonging - no matter the medium you choose to use /

Rachel South / Upholsterer / Drawing on her experience travelling and working with weavers in India, Central America and Europe, Rachael has added exciting flair to her approach to furniture and upholstery. Her aim is to apply traditional technical excellence with a contemporary execution /

Adam Bray / Interior Designer /Adam has a reputation for making comfortable rooms that are luxurious, eclectic and unpretentious is based on a deep interest in comfort, practicality and the intelligent use of materials /

Kirsty Minns / Creative Director, The Future Laboratory / Kirsty’s multi-disciplined approach has continued throughout her career, which includes experience in graphic design, product design, product development, art direction and curating. Kirsty is heavily influenced by a strong contrast between her concept-led degree course and her practical eight-year commercial experience /

Donna Churchman / Headspace Mentor to Creative Professionals / Donna teaches an understanding that shows creatives how to navigate the blocks, spend more time in the flow and continuously thrive at being creatively awesome /

Maria Jeglinska / Freelance Designer / In 2010, Maria Jeglinska established her Office for Design  & Research, working on a wide range of commissions: industrial design projects (furniture, lighting to products), spaces, filmmaking, writing as well as research-based projects /

Alicja Patanowska / Ceramacist / Polish artist and designer whose collection of  collection of hand-thrown ceramic plant pots that fit inside old glasses so both stem and roots can be seen wowed the design wordl! /

Andreas Helland / Freelance Photographer and Freelance Nurse/

 "A building is more architectural in the process of constructing itself than it is as a monument to the inhabitation that it then follows."

In Better Than Ridley Scott?!! from PechaKucha Night London Vol. 11Jonathan Gales shares some of his wonderful digital creations that focus on future cities. Gales is an architect and the creative director and co-founder of Factory Fifteen. His real passion is for design and visual storytelling using film, animation and visual effects. As you will see, he not only has a passion, but he has serious talent! You will see for yourself that the images Jonathan produces are truly amazing. And, as Mark Dytham (founder and host of London PechaKucha Night Vol 11) pointed out, they really give Ridley Scott a run for his money!


"In a very fast paced world, I think film is a very good tool to learn how to stop for a moment and acknowledge it."

In Take Time to Stop, Take a Photo, and REALLY See the World fromPechaKucha Night London Vol. 11Ksenia Zizina shares how shooting film makes her better at seeing and appreciating the world. Zizina is a designer with a passion for all things creative - architecture, photography, art, design, travel - you name it! She works in architectural practice and uses the rest of her time to make photographs. Photography has become second nature for Zizina. It is an essential part of her 'storytelling' which involves preparing the film stock, shooting, developing negatives, scanning and archiving. She considers all parts as one creative approach to photography.

Ksenia not only shares some of her beautiful images but also conveys her passion for all the small and interesting aspects of the world and how taking photos helps her appreciate these things. By the end, you will want to pull out your camera and take some snaps of your community, your environment, and your world!

City Focus: London

"Keep Calm and PechaKucha!" says the capital of this week's City Focus, London. Having taking a short hiatus, PechaKucha Night London is back on the map and in full effect, so much so that PK co-founder, and once Londoner Mark Dytham joined their recent Vol. 11. Stay tuned for presentations coming soon! 

Good morning PechaKucha London,

This Thursday, 16th of June, we are hosting our third London PechaKucha at Protein Studios in Shoreditch, with special guest Mark Dytham from Japan. Mark is an acclaimed architect and the global founder of PechaKucha and is in town showing at the Royal Academy of Arts. Also supporting this special edition we have an amazing line-up of the following speakers.

We are happy to extend to our subscribers a discount code of PKN50, which will give you 50% off the £8 ticket price (£4) - please feel free to share this among your friends and colleagues.

The link to the event, including tickets -


Thibaud Hereman illustrator who specialises in creating architectural drawings with an incredible level of hand drawn detail.

Ronald Jones: an artist, critic and educator who gained prominence in New York City during the mid-1980s. 

James Poulter: social media leader at the LEGO Foundation.

Ksenia Zizina: a designer with a passion for all things creative.

Sarah Thompsonfreelance journalist, blogger and author. She writes for newspapers and magazines on themes including relationships, health and parenting.

Jonathan Gales: creative director and co-founder of Factory Fifteen. Jonathan’s work focuses on design and visual storytelling using film, animation and visual effects.

Marcus Bastel: a London based photographer originally from Germany, who loves to tell stories through pictures.

Harry Knight: Community Host at WikiHouse. WikiHouse is reinventing the housing industry by digitising the whole supply chain with the help of a global community.

Karen McPhersonMember of the Legislature - Alberta, Canada. As part of her commitment to contributing to the community Ms. McPherson has served as Secretary for Old Colony Habitat for Humanity.



In just a few days we will be heading along to the Geffrye Museum on Kingsland Road in Shoredtich for a wonderful evening of inspiring talks and we have now reached full capacity. The wonderful venue, the Geffrye Museum will be buzzing with 200 plus people!

As a reminder about what is happening on 12 May at the Geffrye Museum - 

This time around we have the theme "Home". It will totally up to the presenters interpretations of what they talk about - what "Home" means to them. With housing numbers and social housing a key concern for England's future; what the term "Home" really means is most definitely a personal perspective. Everyone has a different idea and varying experience of "Home", depending on where it is, who owns it, and what they do in it. Also, we think Home is topical subject for the month of May, given the mayoral election will have just taken place on 5 May 2016.

‘Home’ - a place where you long to go back to, longed to leave. Is it house, a yurt, a caravan or are you just a long way away from it. It is the one global thing we all share, no matter what our race, income or religion, we all want a place we can call ‘Home’.

Further the venue of the Geffrye Museum - the Museum of the Home, which explores the home from 1600 to the present day has also influenced the choice of this theme.

We can't wait to see you there!

Claire and Brogan

Pecha Kucha London


London is back up and running at full steam ahead into 2016. We are now up to Volume 10!

For Volume 10 we have adopted a theme - ‘Home’, which the speakers will have to get their tongues round. What does ‘Home’ mean to them from a personal perspective. ‘Home’ - a place where you long to go back to, longed to leave. Is it house, a yurt, a caravan or are you just a long way away from it. It is the one global thing we all share, no matter what our race, income or religion, we all want a place we can call ‘Home’.

Hosting this brilliant night is The Geffrye. A good choice we think, as that is exactly what the museum sets out to do, explore the home from 1600 to now. You never know quite where you’re going with a PechaKucha night, which is all part of the format, so come and have a couple of drinks grab a chair and settle in.

The brilliant LINE UP so far with 12 speakers on the night...

Tweet us @indytute or @geffrye #PKHOME

1. Peter York : “Peter is one of Britain’s pre-eminent social commentators, a prolific broadcaster and writer and co-authored ‘The Official Sloane Ranger’s Handbook’ in 1982.
Tweet @peterpeteryork

2. Kirsty Whyte : Award winning UK product designer. Product & Design Manager at HEAL'S
Tweet @kirsty_whyte

3. Will Rowe : Founder and CEO of Protein in Shoreditch. THE trend forecasters.
Tweet @protein

4. Charlotte Abrahams : Freelance writer, curator and editor specialising in design. Charlotte is launching a book in October on the ever so cosy Danish 'Hygge' philosophy.
Tweet @styleinsider

5. Anna Murray : The cult pattern pioneer, photographer and art director. Founder of Patternity, the world's leading specialist organisation dedicated solely to pattern.
Tweet @patternitweet

6. Holly Clarke : Airbnb Holly has been working for Airbnb for 2 and a half years, long enough to remember the logo being blue bubble writing. She's held many different roles and is currently heading up social media for EMEA.
Tweet @airbnb @hollyclarke

7. Sarah Thompson : Take a look at inspirational interiors in ex-council homes. Sarah is a freelance journalist and copywriter, a blogger and author. 

8. David Dewing : The Geffrye Museum. Director. Founded as a furniture museum in 1914, David has kept the Geffrye Museum's unique qualities while doubling its size and visitor numbers to over 100,000 a year, making it a beautiful, memorable and must-visit museum.
Tweet @geffrye

9. Future Cities Catapult : Solving problems that cities face by developing and testing new products and innovative services.

10. Reza Merchant : The Collective, creating better places for young people to live, work and play.
Tweet @collective_llp

11. James Fruzer : Parasitic Architecture. James has been awarded several International Architectural awards. Most recently winning first place in an international design competition for his ‘homes for the homeless’ design. His work has been featured from AD Magazine to The Architects Journal.

12. Andy Geezer :

13. Dominick Veasey : Associate Director, Nexus Planning. Dominick has extensive experience in preparing and analysing demographic and socio-economic population and household projections, particularly in relation to determining objectively assessed housing need.

Secure your £8 ticket here -

Note the £8 is put towards covering the cost of the evening and the Pecha Kucha Global Fund.

Feel good about contributing to the Global Fund and valuing what PechaKucha Nights bring to London! It's what ensures we can keep this website and giant network going to host and keep the spotlight on London's creativity. And at the pace we're growing, the Global Fund is the only way we can continue together so please keep contributing. A very big PK thank you to London for your commitment on this!



Embassy of Japan, 101/104 Piccadilly, London W1J 7JT

6.30 pm Wednesday 23 March 2016

This event is FREE but booking is ESSENTIAL (please see below for details) as spaces are limited.

Apply for your place at a special evening of presentations INSPIRED BY JAPAN using the PechaKucha 20x20 format at the Embassy of Japan. With a selection of the best Japanese sake and beer and shochu cocktails, this evening promises to be the best place in town for a pre- Easter break knees up.

Celebrating Japan and the UK, this evening’s speakers come from a variety of disciplines including architecture, design, food, music and theatre.

To register, please email 
with PK 20x20 in the subject, giving:


• your name • telephone number • organisational affiliation and title


within the body of the message. 
You will be sent a confirmation email with instructions for entry to the Embassy of Japan.




Happy to announce the upcoming Vol.9 is at full capacity!

Thanks to all those keen beans who secured their free ticket. For those who missed out watch this space for more events in the coming months.

See you all on the 22nd :)