What if your chair could prevent theft?

In today's Presentation of the Day "Design Against Crime" from PKN London Vol. 1, designer at the Design Against Crime Research Centre Spike Spondike argues that designers and criminals have a lot in common: they look for opportunities, they're risk-inclined, and they have a "wonky way of thinking."

She asks: Can the design of shop furniture, products, packaging, retail space large and small, display areas, security procedures, retail management and the myriad of other factors in this environment – even the experience of shopping itself – reduce shoplifting and improve ambiance without turning a small newsagent or a large department store into Alcatraz?

It's that time again -- here are the top 5 viewed PechaKucha 20x20 presentations for the month of June 2013!





First off, we have Ideapreneurs; a presentation on the development of new education methods for creatives.

Second is A Quest for Adventure: hear what it's like to ride your bicycle around the world, walk the length of the Kaveri River in India, and canoe 500 miles down the Yukon. 

In third we have Table Talks presentation Crossover Innovation, in which we hear of the design processes behind disruptive, iconic products.

Coming in fourth is Guilty Pleasures -- herein we learn that pleasures (that don't harm others) ought never make us feel guilty.

And finally, rounding out our top 5 in June is Curiosity Leads to Creativity: see how one woman's inquisitive nature has lead her down countless creative paths.

To see more fantastic 20x20 presentations, kick back for a quick six minutes and forty seconds and check out the PechaKucha WATCH page. 

As Alastair Humphreys says, "Go somewhere you've never been. Do something you've never done. See something with fresh eyes, and you'll find that adventures are all around us."

In this edition of Presentation of the Day (from PKN London Vol. 1), you'll see that Alastair is certainly one who practices what he preaches -- he has cycled around the world (it took him 4 years), raced a yacht across the Atlantic Ocean, canoed 500 miles down the Yukon River, and walked the length of the holy Kaveri river in India. 

Is education working for those who are focused in fields related to art and technology?

In this edition of Presentation of the Day (from PKN London Vol. 2) principal Richard Adams believes he has the answer to this question. He discusses the School of Communication Arts, a trail-blazing school for advertising in London, was shuttered for a decade. Richard talks us through the reasons for its rebirth, and its unique approach to learning through creativity. 

For our last "Presentation of the Day" of the week, it's time to expand your knowledge of the vibrator, and after watching Johanna Agerman's presentation on the topic -- in which she takes us on a historical tour of the device -- you'll know much more than you ever thought was possible.

Due to their immense popularity these days, one may not know that the Gibson Thunderbird bass guitar (and its six-string equivalent, the Firebird) were actually the black sheep of the guitar industry upon their debut in the 1960s. 

In this edition of Presentation of the Day (from PKN London Vol. 4), Eero Koivisto discusses the unique history of the German-designed American guitar: he discusses Gibson's desires to spice up their brand in the 1960s, their commissioning of auto-designer Raymond Dietrich to accomplish this goal, its subsequent failure (in terms of sales), and rise to popularity over a decade later. The Gibson Thunderbird has since been used by numerous bands of note, including The Who, Sonic Youth, The Cure, Aerosmith, Guns and Roses, and many more. Eero tells us of his experience growing up in wonder of this particularly unconventional bass guitar, and how it inspired him both musically and in terms of design. 

Tom Lloyd is a designer, but also a thinker. In today's edition of Presentation of the Day (from PKN London Vol. 4), Tom thinks about how objects, architecture, and stories are constructed; how we get from point A to point B.

He speaks on the concept of "heroic failures", and asks why certain failures are looked back on with an air of love and nostalgia -- failures like the AMC DeLorean, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the rickety bridge archetype, and so forth -- when other failures are simply abject. Tom postulates that it could be the sense of innocence in the design process that makes us love odd products, 1980s fashion, or architectural eye-sores like the Singapore Marina Sands. This failure through innocence is somewhat nostalgic (as we have failed often in our youth) and come to empathize with it.

Interestingly enough, these ideas group up quite well with Ariel Schlesinger's thoughts on "Minor Urban Disasters" (Presentation of Day, January 23, 2013). We start to align ourselves with these failures, even when they're inanimate, and cheer them on much like we do an underdog. 

Moritz Waldemeyer is all about light-emiting diodes and light amplication by stimulated emission of radiation.

What's all that nonsense? Oh right, LEDs and LASERs. And who can blame him?

In the latest issue of "Presentation of the Day" (from PKN London Vol. 1), Waldemeyer demonstrates the various fashion, design, and performance-related uses he's devised for these glowing, electronic beauties. In his presentation you'll see luminous coffee-tables, shining stereos and shoewear, glimmering leather jackets worn by U2's Bono, even a crown adorned with red radiant beams! 

PKN Plzen Vol. 1 Presentations Barry Wilson is a landscape architect, and in his presentation (from PKN Shenzhen Vol. 11) he hopes to show how we can work to make our city streets function in a better and more efficient way. Animánie is an innovative project with the goal of spreading the possibilities of animation to the general public. As you'll find out in this presentation (in Czech, from PKN Plzen Vol. 1), it promotes artistic expression by children and youth in the field of animation. London Design Festival Posters On the Tumblr blog today is the poster for this month's special London Design Festival edition of that city's PechaKucha Night series, taking place on September 21 at the Designjunction venue (The Sorting Office 21-31 New Oxford Street). The event has a fantastic lineup, including Lee Broom, Ben Rousseau, William Hall, Anthony Burrill, Moritz Waldermeyer, Amos Merchant, Jason Bruges, Giles Miller, Joe Doucet, and Andrew StaffordPKN Sacramento Vol. 18 Event Report Here's a report from PKN Sacramento organizer Claire Obenson on the city's recent Vol. 18:

Held for the first time at the amazing Hot Italian Restaurant, it featured several presenters: John Krempel and his stunning art; self-possessed College students, Olivia, Rachel and Kelsey who showed photography and art; Robina Conway and her awesome wall paintings; Scott Vaughn with his bamboo tatooed leg and his fishing exploits; Entertaining architect, Dennis Dong and PK Night Poster Designer extraordinaire, Julie Vatuone, who presented work from her new business - Dirty up the Dress - with her business partner, Sonia Hidalgo. Sonia in her first jaunt as an MC was sparkling with her off-the-cuff kind remarks about the presenters and her ad-libbed presentation. It was simply awesome! Sonia will also be MCing Pecha Kucha Night Vol 19 during Sacramento's first ever Architecture Festival - stay tuned!

Calendar Tonight (September 11) we have PKN Toronto Vol. 17, with tomorrow night featuring the following four events: PKN Cleveland Vol. 16, PKN Ekaterinburg Vol. 5, PKN Bozeman Vol. 4, and PKN Stockholm Vol. 35.

PKN Champaign-Urbana Vol. 9 Presentations For nearly 8 years Steve Jaros has been lucky enough to be a working writer in the video games industry. Most recently he was nominated for best writing at the Game Developers Choice Awards for his work on the game Saints Row: The Third. Naturally, he lost to Portal 2. In this presentation (from PKN Champaign-Urbana Vol. 9), Steve shares some of his guilty pleasures. Akio Aoki (Miru) covers (in Japanese, from PKN Tokyo Vol. 93) a few of his projects and products, and also shares some of the exhibitions that have featured his work. PKN Shenzhen Vol. 11 Posters We kick off the week with a few new posters on our Tumblr blog. Covered are the following events: PKN Halifax Vol. 11, PKN Memphis Vol. 3, PKN London Vol. 8, and PKN Shenzhen Vol. 11, pictured above.  PKN Amsterdam Vol. 22 Photos and video We have one new gallery of photos [Facebook] to share with you today, from last week's PKN Amsterdam Vol. 22. Pictured above, a look at the warehouse-like venue. When we approve a new PKN series, we ask the new organizer (or team) to send us a greeting video (PK founders Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham do the same for the city's first event). Here's the wonderful video from the organizers of PKN Osijek. Links Today's links include a few tips on making a PechaKucha presentation, and some nice coverage of Tulsa's recent first PKN.

Calendar It's going to be a slow week -- summer has officially hit -- but don't let that stop you from catching the events that are being held, like tonight's (July 17) PKN Jacksonville Vol. 20.