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March 29, 2018

@ Innovation Works

HEY, LONDON! Join us as we celebrate our sixth installment of PechaKucha Night #ldnont! We launched this super fun event in 2017 and here is our inaugural year in numbers:

  • 4 PechaKucha Nights
  • 4 Trips to the London Food Bank
  • $150 Raised for the PechaKucha Global Fund
  • 20 presentations: www.pechakucha.org/cities/london-ontario
  • 270 Registered

PechaKucha 20x20 is a simple presentation format where the presenter shares 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically, and the presenter talks along with their images.

PechaKucha Night #ldnont vol. 6 will be on Thursday, March 29, 2018 at Innovation Works at 201 King Street.

With PechaKucha Nights now happening in over 1000 cities around the world, PechaKucha Night #ldnont has placed our city on the international stage through the PechaKucha platform and website. This is yet another way to network and engage our community thirsty to share their ideas, passions and interests. This will be a night of powerful, concise talks. Join us and be inspired.

REGISTRATION - Please register here so we can keep track for capacity.

Admission to PechaKucha Night #ldnont vol. 6 is free, but we ask for a $1 donation to the PechaKucha global fund that goes to such things as maintaining the global website that hosts all of the talks from around the world. 

We are also collecting items for the London Food Bank

DEADLINE FOR PRESENTER PROPOSALS - Friday, March 9, 2018 by 4pm EST. Please submit your proposal here

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High-fives and fist-bumps all around! We are so excited to see you on Thursday, March 29, 2018.

Janic & Andrew


Soup as a Metaphor for Organizational Culture: Best Recipe

@ VOL 5 ON FEB 01, 2018

Wendy Arnott makes the case that the best ingredient for shaping organizational culture - whatever you need that to be for your workplace -  is to capitalize on the transformative nature of behaviours. 


Finding "A Place Set Apart"

@ VOL 5 ON FEB 01, 2018

Tracey Jones shares about the history and benefaction that Camp Wendake contributes to the community. Camp Wendake is a one week residential camp for people living with HIV/AIDS, and it is considered by all to be "A Place Set Apart". Free from judgement and stigma, this volunteer-run camp brings together the most incredible community of campers, volunteers, and stakeholders. Find out more about Camp Wendake here and how you can be involved! 


What Colour Is Your Grief?

@ VOL 5 ON FEB 01, 2018

In her presentation, Christine Cosgrove delivers a montage depicting different people who have suffered loss of varying degrees and how they describe their grief through hues of colour. 


My food journey

@ VOL 5 ON FEB 01, 2018

Arriving from England, the last thing Amy Mathias expected to be different was the food. Everything looks the same, tastes the same, but is most definitely not the same! 


Why We Love Elephants, A Convenient Truth

@ VOL 5 ON FEB 01, 2018

Elephants are magnificent creatures that capture our attention, but why? Elephant ambassador Alexander Leonard reveals personal stories and valuable information about these captivating beings and the help that they need in their environment.


I'm Not Afraid of Who I Used to Be

@ VOL 4 ON OCT 25, 2017

Glendalynn Dixon poses the questions: What does our life looked like when told backwards? What could you have guessed about a person's past by knowing them today? Missed opportunities and lucky breaks present themselves in a different light when you already know how a story ends.


The Power of Clarity

@ VOL 4 ON OCT 25, 2017

Michael Doyle's presentation is motivating, uplifting and geared to empower the people in the room to dream big, take action and live fully!


Dead Focused. Learning to Live

@ VOL 4 ON OCT 25, 2017

Tania Thomas speaks about living in a world where fear of dying suppresses our ability to live completely, authentically and with passion. 



Announcing Our Presenters for Volume 5 - February 1, 2018

We are super excited to announce our next line up of speakers for our fifth volume of PechaKucha Night #ldnont. On Thursday, February 1, we will have SEVEN super cool presenters.
Here is the lineup (in no particular order yet):
Alex Leonard: Why We Love Elephants, A Convenient Truth
Wendy Arnott: Soup as a Metaphor for Organizational Culture: Best Recipe 
Ben Porchuk: Man, the Change (Needed) Now
Amy Mathias: My Food Journey
Christine Cosgrove: What Colour Is Your Grief?
Tracey Jones: Finding "A Place Set a Part"
Shobhita Sharma & Adam Caplan: Towards London
Join us at Innovation Works London at 6:20pm on Thursday, February 1. Get Your FREE Ticket Now.
On the night of PechaKucha Night #ldnont vol. 5, please consider making a $1 to the PechaKucha global fund and/or bring an item for the London Food Bank.
High-fives and fist bumps all around!
Janic & Andrew

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About the City's Organizers

  • Janic Gorayeb

    Founder of Ripple Effect Leadership and a Royal Roads University Masters of Arts in Leadership (Health) graduate, Janic is a workshop designer, facilitator and presenter with 17 years of experience working with organizations in various industries including non-profit, pharmaceutical, retirement and long-term care facilities. Janic learned over the years that organizational values are imperative to embed into workplace culture to nurture inclusivity and diversity, while strengthening teams.

  • Andrew Kaszowski

    Andrew Kaszowski is an award-winning communication and engagement specialist who combines extensive experience with a drive to stay current and fresh through innovation and continuous development. Andrew’s work has been recognized by the International Association of Business Communicators and Health Care Public Relations Association, including a “Best of the Best” award. His communication and marketing work has included roles with Western University, St. Joseph's Health Care London, United Way of London & Middlesex, Lawson Health Research Institute and Mount Sinai Hospital. He is currently Communications Lead for connecting South West Ontario at the South West Community Care Access Centre. He also does consulting in communication, branding, design and online engagement. In 2008, Andrew lived out his dream of traveling the world. He took his writing and design experience to sea, setting sail as Publications Editor aboard Crystal Cruises’ four-month World Cruise. He has been to 38 countries. Andrew earned an Honours Bachelor of Applied Arts in Media Studies and a Diploma in Public Relations as part of the inaugural class of the University of Guelph-Humber in Toronto – the intensive concurrent program of the University of Guelph and Humber College.