Past Liège Event: VOL 4



November 24, 2016
@ Val Benoit -Salle Millau

Open Science is the concept of opening up all aspects of scientific research, to allow others (professional and amateurs) to follow the process, collaborate and contribute. There is no formal definition of Open Science, it is an umbrella term covering:

1. the removal of major obstacles to accessing, sharing and re-using the outputs of scholarly research (Open Access) - ex.: Plos, Arxiv, PeerJ, eLife...

2. public availability and reusability of research data (Open Data) - ex.: The Human Genome Project, Scientific Data, figshare, Global Open Data Initiative,

3. alternative solutions to the traditional review processes provided by journal publishers, in order to improve transparency and quality in this field (Open Review and Post-publication Peer review) - ex.: GigaScience, PeerJ, eLife, F1000Research and The Winnower, Science Open...

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