Past Lahore Event: VOL 1



November 11, 2017
@ Gloria Jean's Coffees Z Block

The young artists of today will be the torchbearers of cultural and creative activities of Pakistan, tomorrow. Their beliefs, practices and manifestos will shape the spirit of our time and future of our upcoming generation. It is important to create visibility and give voice to the creative individuals and promote their practices emotionally and intellectually. The art and design community needs integration and representation in the public sphere. We want to create means to bring these creatives together to support, and connect with each other over an evening of Pecha Kucha style sharing of their ideologies and practices.

An object by definition is a material thing that can be seen and touched. In our world of mass production and consumption we rarely tend to notice everyday objects like the coke bottle or the ballpoint because they work so well. On the other hand whether it is the handcrafted uniqueness of the Sindhi Ajrak, the innovativeness of the Careem App, or the opulence of the Serena Hotels, the territory of objects of desire is tenfold today. So what is it about an object or environment that we crave to have?
If you are a maker, product designer, sculptor, or simply a collector, join us in the line-up of presenters. 

Rehan Bashir
Artist in Lahore
Affan Bhagpatti
Artist in Lahore
Manal Abdullah
Architect in Islamabad
Shazia Mirza
Artist/educator, National College of Arts,Lahore in Lahore
Furqan Habib
Amina Rizwan
Artist in Lahore
Mehr Husain
Writer in Lahore
Sarah Mumtaz
Artist in Lahore